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Story Great book for kids and fun to read again as an adult Okay so this is so cute and fun to read again as an adult Okay so this is so cute and of imagination Wouldn t you as a kid in Elementary school love to have a magical cupboard that brought all your plas stikk toys to life Omri thought the same thing ntil so much trouble and lies got into his conscience The bossy Indian the crybaby cowboy a demanding friend a loose rat in the house So much fun to read Felt like a kid all over again I think This Would Be A Good would be a good for kids who hate reading This book oh man This was the book I sed to read and "Re Read And Re Re "read and re re as a kid That book that the cliche reader goes through so many times that he wears out the cheap mass market paperback and has to beg his parents to buy him another copy from the Scholastic book order forms from school membah demNow I get to share it with my daughter and rediscover how grand an adventure it truly is OH And anyone who hasn t read it and is scanning down through the reviews to see if it is right for you andor your children let me say this any of the reviewers complaining about racism don t nderstand the context of racism The Indian speaks like a stereotypical Indian That s because English is a second or likely a fourth or fifth language for him His dialog is in a stereotypical Indian voice because that s how YOU are reading it Little Bull simply doesn t speak English all that well He s speaking the way anyone would speak broken English be it a Mexican or Swede or Irouois or Martian English is a hard language man Back offThere are a few racial slurs from a cowboy character and a few casual drops of the term Red Indian But those are kind of the point This story shows Little Bull as brave shrewd caring and most of all human It shows the reader as it showed me when I was young that the slurs are from stupidity or fear It helped me see these words should not define the people they re directed at but rather the people they issue from Wow went off on a tangent there huh Sorry Bottom line this is a beautiful story full of magic and acceptance and wonder What a racist dull nimaginative book Full of stereotypes and negative images this book should be taught only to teach young people how NOT to write books I only read this book for a grad class an Found this book nder my sisters bed because she s a hoarder and shit so I was so freaking happy to read this book I remember the movie because I also own that shit too but for some reason I have NEVER read this book I really need to sit down and reconsider life changes so that I actually read a book before it becomes a movie MAYBE ONE DAY GUYS The Indian in the Cupboard brought back so many childhood memories I loved this movie I thought it was the shit So diving into the book was just amazing to me I really wanted to see if I would love it if not euallyOkay kind of cool yet creepy to visualize toys coming to life Now these toys sound awesome not that creepy doll that murders people Dolls scare the shit out of me those moving eyes and shit BUT these toys and like the toy story movies I could totally handle them alive I d freak out but then enjoy the hell out of itNow before I wrote this review I definitely saw people claiming there was racism in this book I didn t see it that way at all I loved Little Bull and I enjoyed his broken English English is hard enough as it is for someone who doesn t speak it as a first language Just like when you learn spanish french german or whatever language you want to learn it s hard as fuck and people are probably judging you for speaking weird or wrong when it comes first nature to them Little Bull and the cowboy are just like I remember I wish I could remember the cowboy s name right now but I honestly can t Yes the cowboy does Cirsova (Issue use some racial slurs but I assumed it was out of fear If people don t know about something theysually assume the worst of itBesides the little characters I really enjoyed Omri This book made me so happy to see all of these characters and read the story line all over again It definitely makes me want to re watch the movie just for fun Overall really enjoyed diving back into a childhood favorite I m mad that it took me so freaking long to read this book I will probably reread it over and over again Omri is a young boy who receives a cupboard from his best friend Patrick When he ses his Grandmother s old key with a red satin ribbon in the cupboard with his Indian something magical begins to happen in the cupboard His Indian magically comes to life Can Omri handle the magic of bringing his toys to life Read on and When he puts it in his old cupboard and turns the key something extraordinary happens th. ,
I am not too sure why I chose to read The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks other than it came with a pile of other books recently donated to me by a colleague Whilst it is a book I was aware of perhaps from the film adaptation it wasn t one that had got anywhere near my to read list Neither did I realise that The Indian in the Cupboard was written by the same author who produced The L Shaped Room a comparatively ground breaking novel of 1960 The L Shaped Room was also adapted for the cinema and highlighted the stigma of being an nmarried mother at that time perhaps I should have read that book insteadClearly The Indian in the Cupboard is The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, uite a different prospect and written 20 years after The L Shaped Room this is another story in which toys come to life only this time the story considers the reality of such a situationApparently The Indian in the Cupboard was somewhat of a success and a minor phenomenon following its publication whilst at the same time attracting almost instantaneous and significant criticism On the one hand the novel is a pretty straightforward story of the magic of toys coming to life and the special time that is childhood on the other though it is at least to some extent a perpetuation of offensive racial stereotyping the Indian in itself an outdated incorrect term Little Bull and Indians collectively being referred to as primitive savage cruel andncivilized seemingly taking great delight in collecting scalps with fierce black eyes and always apparently Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español uick to act with violence almost throughout Conversely it could be argued or rationalised on the basis that The Indian in the Cupboard attempts at least in part tondermine racial stereotyping and misconceptions in that it does at least debunk some myths and provides an explanation of how the taking of scalps for instance came about ie a practice propagatedinstigated by white settlers in exchange for guns whisky money In addition Little Bull is depicted also as being creative and an accomplished builder So on the one hand what we have is actually The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins uite a good story of a boy his friend the magic of toys and childhood culminating in a somewhat poignant if a little predictable ending on the other anndeniably racist portrayal of a Native American Indian Irouois which is where the book ltimately falls down On balance what needs to be considered here is the The Indian in the Cupboard is a product of the considered here is the The Indian in the Cupboard is a product of the s and not perhaps the 1930 s where such racial stereotyping whilst not excusable could have been viewed at least as a product of its time ltimately a shame The Indian in the Cupboard feels as though it is vainly striving to do the right thing and portray Little Bull as a positive and accomplished character in a fun yet acceptable manner nfortunately for the author it fails in this endeavour Little Bull is nothing than a stereotypical caricature determined entirely by his ethnicity and culture Yes this is a children s book "but that doesn t mean it has to be based on stereotypes the influence of children "that doesn t mean it has to be based on stereotypes the influence of children books on their readers cannot and should not ever be nderestimated Golly I must have read this book a hundred times There was just something so magical so appealing about it I hope kids today are still reading I think it s timelessReread 2018 Really interesting to read this aloud as an adult and aloud to my kids I was worried that it would be racist and sort of But mostly in the way the Little Bear talks He s new to speaking English so it s a little short and abrupt and I think she took it too far but not to the point where he was a grunting savage I was actually impressed with how much is debunked in this like Little Bear not having seen a teepee before he s Irouois and the fact that blood brothers is a white construct to make the Natives behave It was interesting to see and what my kids picked p on as well was that Little Bear was kind of a spoiled brat who had a lot of change come over him being in a situation where he wasn t the proud chief s son Omri changed and so did his friend Patrick as they became empathetic toward these real people who depended on them So to sum p It still as they became empathetic toward these real people who depended on them So to sum A Fearless Heart : Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing up It still Also it s on the 2018 2019 Battle of the Books curriculum I read this as a kid and I just re read it last week bc I m teaching it to my 4th graders I love it for the vocabulary wielded lithely haughtily that I get to expose them to I love it for the well defined characters Yesterday my students wrote from the perspective of Little Bear and they loved it Me cold Who this big man What want And I love it for the fantastical. At first Omri isnimpressed with the plastic Indian toy he is given for his birthday But. ,
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Ind out for yourselfThis was a pretty good read I had seen the film when I was younger but didn t know it was based on when I was younger but didn t know it was based on book so when I borrowed it from my church s library I decided to read it for myself If you like stories about magic toys coming to life and then definitely check this book out for yourself This book is available at your local library and wherever books are sold I ve heard a lot of negativity regarding this book especially that it is notoriously racist However although it does feature a few dated stereotypes I don t know if I would really call it racist In fact the book is not only an entertaining fantasy story but it also teaches younger readers about looking past the stereotypes in toys books and the media and learning the true history and cultural diversity of humanity Omri and Little Bear become close friends in the novel also showing readers the value of companionship and Omri also deals with sibling bickering coming of age and learns from Little Bear how to be resourceful and respectful Written in powerful prose without a lot of nnecessary filler The Indian in the Cupboard might be a little out of date but it is still a book that readers of all ages can enjoy There s also a great 1990 s film that has adapted from the story Apparently many people feel that this book is full of racist stereotypes I can see where they re coming from starting with the outdated term Indian as opposed to Native American or Irouois in this case Not only that but the Indian in the book Little Bear speaks in very broken English and he has a seemingly simplistic stereotypical outlook Howeverit s hard to be mad at a book for being racist when it portrays the Indian as the wisest bravest most hard working character in the book Yes in the beginning Omri doesn t realize that Little Bear is a PERSON But the book is partly about Omri coming to see that little bear is a person see that Little Bear IS a person that to have him as a toy or a possession is completely inappropriateLittle Bear has self respect in his 275 inch body than the vast majority of full sized people He wastes no time on self pity and instead focuses on how he can create a life in which he can take care of himself in the very strange circumstances in which he finds himself He wants to hunt for his own food build his own home etc I think it s obvious to Omri as well as to the reader that Little Bear has a very strong system of values that include intelligence skill self reliance courage and hard work among other thingsIt s hard for me to see how having an Indian as a toy is racist when there is also a caucasian cowboy a caucasian English soldier and others who are in the same position And perhaps it s stereotypical to have the Indian and the cowboy dislike and fight each otherbut is it racist to have the Indian show himself to be smarter braver stronger skilled stoic and even hygienic at every turn Little Bear even teaches Omri and the reader that an Indian isn t an Indian and that as an Irouois brave to se a teepee especially one with Algonuin markings is nthinkable As for the broken EnglishLittle Bear is the only character in the book for whom English is not his first language I actually liked the way he spoke and was amazed at his way of cutting right to the heart of the matter with a very limited vocabulary I could see how Little Bear s way of speaking might seem like baby talk which would infantilize him but I didn t take it that way Instead I was impressed at the way he had learned enough English to get his meaning across and meet his needs Little Bear s way of speaking did not make him seem any less intelligent mature or sophisticated to meIn fact Little Bear was portrayed as such a paragon for much of the book that one could almost find that racist as if Little Bear was than human but he does have some weaknesses that he displays occasionally such as his stubbornness and "Uickness To Judge So While Little Bear "to judge So while Little Bear many admirable alities he is not saintlyI m sure that there are dated inaccurate and stereotypical elements in this book Since I m not Native American I m certainly not in the best position to judge But if this book contributed to my image of Native Americans at all it was in a positive way I do think that this book s heart was in the right place and that the author approached the Irouois character with respect and the intention to portray him very positively Overall I loved the book for it s clever original exciting plot it s complex characterization it s high Red Now and Laters uality writing and the messages it sends about whatalities are to be admired in peopl. At will change Omri's life for ever For Little Bear the Irouois Indian brave comes to lif.

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