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The Improper Bride Sisters of Scandal #5Much of a feel for her but that ot better over time If I had one criticism it would be that she still remains somewhat elusive throughout the story oddly enough I felt like I understood Henry 35 and had a far better Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine grasp of him than I did the heroine Regardless though I loved herumption and that she wasn t ashamed of her background Her fear of falling in love again and being hurt as she was when she lost her first husband is a very real one and it is well writtenHenry is a fantastic hero and easily made it onto my favorite heroes list First I love that we re told he s arrogant snobbish and ungrateful and he actually IS arrogant snobbish and ungrateful I know I m a broken record but so often we re told the hero or heroine is a certain way and we never actually see it and especially when it s supposed to be something they transform FROM that s vitally important Also Blue Guide given the event that kicks this all off and leaves him recovering from severe burns after almost dying it s that much believable that he might wake up and realize what his priorities actually should be He s so tragic and lonely in so many ways it was heartbreaking that even though his parents are alive which is rare in HRs when it s a titled lord and he has a sister he doesn t let them know he was injured He doesn t even have a FRIEND whom he can tell Oh but Cassandra is such a balm to his soul and that s what s so terrific She offers care and challenge and love and affection and sincerity all these things he s always missed in his life She doesn t defer to him because of his position though their dynamic is realistic when they are in servantemployer mode By this I mean that it s clear their past interactions and those at the beginning were standard and when she withdraws from him which heets so frustrated about it s adorable and puts up that serene wall again you can see that is how it s been for the last 5 yearsAnd that s the thing it was very realistic in many ways In addition to the above you had secondary characters who are likable but somewhat offensive because no one is all ood or all bad it was focused solely on their relationship and their lives because kidnappings murders cases of amnesia impersonation etc are actually not that common they have living families that are a little fcked up but not horrible him or big and loving with 8 kids her and finally there s no jumping around the fact that there is a huge class difference between them HUGE She s his HOUSEKEEPER And while yes we always love the overness or companion or whatever turned countess or duchess or whatever so often the class difference is Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare glazed over a bit It s there but not really Here it s addressed head on and in Henry as well in the sense that he IS super snobby at the beginning and the very IDEA that he s becoming attracted to his housekeeper is something he finds absurd At the beginning I was actually a bit nervous about Cassandra because we find out that she s long been interested and attracted to him but that concern uickly disappeared because it wasn t turned into what I feared it would be and she takes the whole situation very seriously and also finds it somewhat preposterous though NOT by any means because she thinks she s below him but just because of how English society worked in that day and age It was the world they lived inSo basically it was wonderful and you should stop reading this review right now ando and start reading the book immediately Seriously it was one of those romance reads that had me Island Girls (and Boys) grinning from ear to ear or laughing out loud or biting my lip I was so nervous youet so wrapped up in the story It was also one of those ones where you find yourself rereading passages because you just want to bask in them a little longer Maxton is a terrific writer honestly and WOW can she write chemistry And terrific exchanges too the banter between them was just fabulous So basically Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier go read it NOWEnjoy An Excerpt There were so many uote worthy sections hence it being on the so uote worthy GR bookshelf that it would be impossible to choose from except that I decided to not pick one of the many delicious touching romantic emotional passages so that you can savor them in full when you read the story if you DO want to read some of them check out my million status updates below Instead here is one of their earliestreat exchanges I want to learn German she said obstinatelyWhyI suppose because it sounds Guttural he suggested UglyShe shook her head Powerful Unbending Guttural perhaps but beautiful in the way that harsh things are sometimes beautifulHe tilted his head as he watched her and his Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within gaze was so intent so unfathomable that she looked away overwhelmed by the attention Well he drawled sounding almost bored If German is what you want German is what you shall haveA thrill of unease went through her as she recalled the saying about being careful what you wished for Location 466And PS I love that it s German that she wants to learn How easy would it be to use a smooth and romantic language like Italian or French But no Maxton went with German Love itSisters of Scandal Series1 The Affair 35 stars Elizabeth Lady Thornhill beautiful widowed eldest sister and Cale Cameron bookseller and publisher2 The Wager 4 stars Anne Middleton outspoken middle sister and Michael Grey new Earl of Thornhill ex traveler now seemingly stuffy3 The Love Match 45 stars Olivia Middleton shy bibliophile youngest sister and William Cross ladies man and secret writerpoet4 The Mistake haven t read5 The Improper Bride 5 stars Cassandra Davis widowed housekeeper and Henry Eldridge Maruess of Riverton really not a niceuy This is a review of an ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisherWritten January 31 2016 I thoroughly enjoyed this story It s wonderful what the author can do when writing a complete and lengthy novel I ve read the first of this series without actually knowing that it was a shot very shot story and appreciated it but for the lenght Here we have a complete story where everything has been developed fullyThere s almost no action here it s character driven story And what characters both hero and heroine were WOWCassandra Ah if only all the heroines were like her Romancelandia would be a much nicer place She s an older woman a widow She doesn t have emotional bagage She was not mistreated by her family nor by her husband with whome she was actually deeply in love She s intelligent and smart She knows what she wants and how to et it She also know how to treat spoilt boys after all she has 7 siblings Henry What a character It takes a brush with death for him to "akcnowledge that he s not invincible It takes a disfigurment by fire to make him aware that not everything bends "that he s not invincible It takes a disfigurment by fire to make him aware that not everything bends him And it takes a willful housekeeper to awake his conscience and to help him row up He s a bad bad bad boy who thinks everything is due to him that he can take evrything that nothing is denied to him But he s due to some really rude awakening And he s oing to LOVE itI loved how their story developed How both of them faces step by step the challenges of life How they come together slowly slowly slowly but at the same time inesorably I also loved how both of them didn t run "Away From Their Obvious "from their obvious but faced them even when they were seemingly insurmountable At the same time they didn t avoid them either thinking they ll just disappearI loved how the whole book vibrated with passion I could feel if in the tip of my fingers when I scrolled the pagesOh please please if you haven t read this book do it right now I liked the book very much It is one of the best HR I ve read recently Imo a real kind of HR is hard to find that s why I return to read Mary Balogh s books consistentlyWhat I lik I am re reading all my 5 star rated romance novels There are 62 on my shelf and counting This is book 46 This is how my 46th re read held up I think I loved it even on my 2nd reading It s not perfect certainly not a light breezy charming read but pretty damn close It s romantic alright and so hot but it s also a bit achingly painful Simply because Henry and Cassandra are not perfect And their behavior is at times a bit difficult to be confronted with Henry can be such an ass but it seems very believable to the narrative of his time and upbringing He is also the most compelling character as he is the one who oes through a very needed and believable transformation I particularly love how he appears a certain way in some chapters and when the POV shifts you actually And thoughtful man beneath her employer’s hard façade and even surprised when she develops tender feelings for him But anything between lord and servant is impossibleand besides as a widow she knows love only leads to heartbreakHenry is changing as well His close brush with death has opened his eyes to his self imposed emotional isolationand has urgently reminded him of his duty to marry a

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Warning Wall of text incomingBuddy read with Lyuda45 stars5 star Bulletproof Feathers: How Science Uses Nature's Secrets to Design Cutting-Edge Technology goes to Henry for being such a dubious character The Improper Bride is difficult to review and even difficult to rate The plot is very easy to break down Housekeeper and Lord fall in love but that s about the only thing that is easily explained The rest however has me confused and conflicted and I can see why people would bang this book against the wall I however still absolutely loved itBeing a completely character driven novel Ms Maxtonives her MCs lots of space to develop for which I m rateful Otherwise I would have probably DNF ed it The main conflict between Mrs Cassandra Davis and Henry Eldrige Marues of Riverton is how two people can overcome their class differences This conflict is at the centre of the story right from the start unlike in other books where the hH fall in love and have a whoops we re master and servant but doesn t matter we don t care moment Cassandra and Henry do care and they care a lot especially Henry In the various stages of the book both characters mull over the options they have together as well as by themselves When they reach their HEA we see two people who are fully knowledgeable of the repercussions which makes their HEA believableThe writing is beautiful the scenes between Cassandra and Henry engaging funny in a toned down sort of way and full of chemistry There are so many brilliant moments between them I could uote and o on and on The pushpull between these two is vividly put into words Most importantly though layer by layer their true emotions are revealed and we re slowly Charlestown Blues getting an idea what makes them tick Three dimensional characters who find themselves in a tricky situation In my review to The Rogue Not Taken I made it clear that the one thing that s most important to me in regards to characterisation is the ability of the author to make me understand their motivations It doesn t matter if I like a character at the start of a story What matters is that I understand the character that I see where shehe is coming from Ms Maxton has done a terrific jobiving the reader enough information about her characters to Charlestown Blues: Selected Poems, a Bilingual Edition give them a chance But I ll come back to that laterCassandra is a 32 year old level headed caring and loving widow Thankfully she s not been abused by her husband nor does she come from a terrible family She truly loved every aspect of her marriage and she loved her husband A pleasant change from the many tortured heroines I read about these days Once she starts falling for Henry she needs to face the fact that she has put her dead husband on a pedestal and is unwilling to consider the possibility of falling in love again It is an incredibly tender moment when she does acknowledge it and saysoodbye to the man she s loved for so long I adored her strength and intelligence her Building the South Side guts to accept that she s a servant but that Henry is not her Master She uestions him pokes him without being either too obvious or too annoying She wants to understand the man she finds and fascinatingHenry Eldrige Henry Henry Henry What am I to do with you A fair warning here to all those who say scoundrels aren t scoundrels This man is truly a bastard Arrogant hard cold heartless That s how he starts off anyway I can already see people being disgusted by him Anduess what I loved him But then and I know I m constantly repeating myself Bright College Years give me a morally ambiguous hero with dubious motives make me understand him and I ll happily read along with a widerin on my face He has a few redeemable traits He s not intimated by Cassandra s intelligence and even admits to himself at one point that she s probably intelligent than him He loves her strength and her resolve He s actually uite insecure with Cassandra The class differences aside once he acknowledges his interest for her he s very careful not to spook her Even when he finally sees that she s just as much sexually attracted to him as he is to her he doesn t pounce on her There s no I want her she wants me I m Chicagos Urban Nature gonna shag her despite her doubts moment I truly loved that about HenryBut and there s always a but there s a different and uite damning side to him Just to be clear here there s no cheating involved but he s done things in the past that would put him firmly and uite easily in the villain category and as Cassandra so nicely puts it it s despicable I must admit when I read the scene I felt as if I had been punched in the face and oh dear what a tosser Obviously due to his personality his character development is substantial and it s delightful to see him brought to his knees Take that fucker In many ways he reminds me of Alastair de Grey from Fool Me Twice still love theuy which I know will raise red flags with some of my GR friends And to those I say this The author provides us with a solid background to Henry s story He s a child of his time brought up to think of himself first and foremost a lonely almost bitter man and I m ever so rateful to Ms Maxton THAT SHE DIDN T MAKE HIM WALLOW IN SELF she didn t make him wallow in self like King in The Rogue Not Taken every time he hurts the heroine However cruel Henry may seem "There S Always A Reason Behind It " s always a reason behind it much like with Alastair de Grey and Felix from The Luckiest Lady in London Oh my I have been throwing links to other books left and right here But seriously Henry is one of the most intriguing male characters I ve come across lately well since Alastair de Grey and kudos to Ms Maxton for creating such an unlikable hero Not easy to pull off but she s done it with verve And now to the uestion Lyuda and I have been wondering after reading what Henry was capable of Has Henry redeemed himself Is he even worth of redemption As unlikable as Henry is his journey is one of change Cassandra forces him to open his eyes and see that his actions have impact on those around him especially the servants Through her he changes through her he comes to appreciate things he has taken for ranted through her he sees that as much as he may be bound to Society s rules and judgements against those of lower birth his title and station in life does not make him a better man The despicable thing he s done He does say sorry for it he does regret it Is it enough Good uestion It s where I m struggling I would have loved to see a better resolution to it but that s the author s shortcoming not Chicago's Urban Nature: A Guide to the City's Architecture + Landscape giving Henry the space to reflect on his past actions and make it better I thoroughly enjoyed this book also because this was a buddy read with Lyuda Again Lyuda again again With Old Latin Teacheriving this five rarely ranted stars and GR friend Juliana Phillippa recommending it to Every single person alive who likes romances how could I pass up this new to me authorAnd my assessment is The Improper Bride is every bit as ood as they said Henry and Cassandra are a wonderful couple and we et to know them very well as the story progresses This is one of those books where not a lot happens except the maruess and duke s heir falls deeply in love with his housekeeper and we re right there with them each step of the way Character driven I believe is the term This cross class romance is entirely believable as each of them firmly believes that marriage is not an option Ah but this is Romancelandia and a happy ending is ensured I was absolutely lucky to et a copy of this book for review for Romantic Historical Reviews and although I thought I was not in the mood for Historicals this rabbed me from the first secondNormally the plot Aristocrat falls for servant is not one of my favorites and most of the time I try "to avoid it but I am really lad I didn t "avoid it but I am really How to Read the American City Close Up glad I didn t this caseThis was a true love story and it was perfectly done The development between the characters and for each character on hisher own wasreat and the love story was just swoon worthyRead my full review here All in all I loved it and recommend it highly to everyone who loves a Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans good love story This is my first book by Lily Maxton but let me tell you it will definitely not be my last This was such a lovely read in every single way all of the characters are complex and three dimensional the exchanges between the hero and heroine are a pure delight to read the chemistry is unbelievable and there are no insane murderers or random kidnappings thrown in as filler Instead weet a lovely emotional pure delicious love story between two very interesting intelligent and passionate peopleCassandra 32 yes I typed that right and you read it right was a wonderful heroine at first I didn t have. Cold arrogant and demanding Henry Eldridge Maruess of Riverton would never dally with a mere servant But when Henry is injured in a horrible fire his pretty housekeeper Cassandra nurses him back to health throwing them together day and night As he slowly heals from his burns their friendship blossoms and the class walls between them start to crumble Cassandra is surprised by limpses of a kind. ,

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