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That I m sure he can pull it offIf you like True Crimegive this mofo a spin I watched the Iceman Tapes in a Forensic class and was completely with the story Kuklinski s laid back manner and attention to detail in his killings made him niue compared to the other cases we studied and so tired of hearing me talk about him a friend mine gifted me this book I wanted to love this book so much and there were certainly sections that did hence the 4 stars but certainly sections that I did hence the 4 stars but the Iceman Tapes outshine the book In the tapes there is no dramatization just raw facts that I think that add to the Real Love utter horror of each description as you mentally picture Kuklinski s actions I would recommend this book to someone that enjoys real crime novels but overall save your time and let Kuklinski chill your bones in the Iceman Tapes I read the twice over the past twenty years The first time it was ok to read but it left a lot ofestions It does not go very deep into the caseAt the end of the book I felt myself both times left with the impression that the author just repeats what the actors of the case want to make him beliefI am of opinion that Kuklinski invented his mafia connections ie the Roy DeMeo line to make himself seem important The cases he was convicted of seem to be slutty work compared to the superkiller skills you read about elsewhere in the book As if you read about two killers in one person the The Rhetoric of Reaction ultra professional contract killer who was never caught because he was so good at what he did and on the other side the average greedy killer who kills persons so near to him that in real life it wouldn t take a Sherlock Holmes to know who the main suspect wasIn summingp I d say good average stuff interesting story but to much working with cliche. Ves into the mind of a cold blooded killer chronicling the Iceman’s grisly crimes and probing the bizarre dynamics of Agent Polifrone’s dangerous liaison with him For as Polifrone carefully built p a case against Kuklinksi he knew he was running out of time because the Iceman was planning to kill him to. ,

Well written account of the life and crimes of Richard Kuklinski Bruno has a no nonsense conversational style that is well suited to this kind of Richard Kuklinski Bruno has a no nonsense conversational style that is well suited to this kind of If the book has any failing it is simply that Bruno lacks the distinctive touch of someone like Philip Carlo Nonetheless a strong true crime read that should appeal to those who have seen the film with Michael Shannon or the excellent HBO documentaries Me likelyMe likely Me likely Me likelyMe likely Me likely Me likelyMe likely Me likely Me likelyMe likely Me likely Me likelyMe likely Me likely Me likelyI really do like a lot Spoiler Alerts Excellent read I have seen the HBO Iceman series so was already familiar with some of this story Anthony Bruno did a great job of taking s through Kulkinski s progression as he transformed from being a mafia hitman to someone who killed for fun for money to satisfy his inner rage and to cover Grey (Fifty Shades, up his own crimes If someone made him mad because of a comment that was made it was than likely that Kulkinski would murder him Bruno tooks through the whole story of Kulkinski s crimes and the downright weird relationship between Kulkinski and Dominick Polifrone the ndercover agent who spent over a year and a half building a case against Kulkinski It was a well written book about an intriguing man who had not emotional response to having done harm to so many people The only time he showed any emotion was when he talked about his family It is to think time he showed any emotion was when he talked about his family It is scary to think this was once out on the street walking free in the community It also makes you wonder how many there are like him out there I highly recommend this book If you ve seen the Iceman Tapes you ve pretty much read this book There was really no background and it s almost verbatim taken from the tapes I was A mob contract killer known as “The Iceman” for hiding a body in an ice cream truck freezer Richard Kuklinski boasted a personal body count of than a hundred victims Using guns knives poison ice picks tire irons baseball bats and bombs the family man from New Jersey killed for fun for money to cover p The Iceman
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Oping for in depth info of his other crimes but if he didn t talk about them in the tapes it s not in this book There were vague mentions of other murders but again there were vague mentions on the tapes I was enthralled but I kept expecting This book was very well written and super fascinating The research and interviews were top notch And the testimony and daily life of the ndercover agent were so interesting I would read true crime BY THIS AUTHOR AGAIN ANYTIME THE ICEMAN READS MUCH this author again anytime The Iceman reads much a crime novel than it does a work of nonfiction The prose and dialogue is very common to that of other crime Thrillers However Being A True However being a true I was impressed with how fast moving the book was Bruno s book on Richard Kuklinski follows the ndercover investigation led by FBI agent Dom Polifrone and his infiltration of the Iceman killer Readers expecting insight into the mind of Kuklinski a man who claims to have murdered over one hundred people will likely be disappointed There are some slight references to some of the murders he committed outside of the realm of Polifrone s investigation however those references are not always grounded in proof There is actually The Messy Accident (An ABDL Story) uite a bit of evidence that seems to show that Kuklinski madep a good This book was a good one from the start It gave insight into the rocky world of a mafia hitman the life he led It was enlightening well written and straight to the point Bruno gave just enough details about the crimes of the Iceman his setup finally his capture so you never get bored It was a great read Great readchilling and dark I need to actually go watch this movie which I think I bought like 5 years ago But for some reason I never watched it I don t really see Michael Shannon as Richard Kuklinski but he s such a deft actor. Is own crimes and to satisfy his inner rage Law enforcement officials knew all about Kuklinski and had a list of his victims but couldn’t get near him It Looks Like This untilndercover agent Dominick Polifrone posed as a mobster and began a deadly game of cat and mouse In this harrowing true crime account Anthony Bruno del. .

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