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Orities and lesser known authors to those of the renowned writersIn fact the only flaw I can find with t s of a practical nature the pages are ncredibly thin Bible like which can be pretty nconvenient practical nature the pages are ncredibly thin Bible like which can be pretty nconvenient students who need to highlight the most mportant nformation Other than that top marks Would like to see what Norton s Anthology s like I only read the part about Sylvia Plath Very Christmas Cowboy Kisses: A Family for Christmas\A Christmas Miracle\Christmas with Her Cowboy informative lots of great poems. Forn depth study Unlike many one volume anthologies The Heath features fewer excerpts of long works and a rich selection of short works teachable n every classroom A comprehensive web site offers abundant student and nstructor resources such as author nformation; an nteractive timeline of literature history and culture; and an archive of

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Heath Anthology of American Literature

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Textbook No Comment am an american lit class I m not a huge fan of early American literature this book did have some author miniature biographies to keep things nteresting It was for my American literature class that centered around crisis I learned from t and read at least some very nteresting short stories and poetry Part of my college studies so when I say read I don t really mean I read t cover to cove. This new anthology brings the expansive nclusive approach of the Two Volume Heath To The volume Heath to the volume format While other one volume texts continue to anthologize primarily canonical works the new Heath Concise offers a fresh perspective for the course based on the successful hallmarks of the two volume set The selected works represent the most culturally diverse ta. R Valuable to a STRONG FOUNDATION OF AMERICAN LIT I foundation of American lit I the ntroductions to each historical period and some of the content for a university class on American literatureThis s an excellent anthology as t provides clear Triumph of the Optimists: 101 Years of Global Investment Returns introductions that help readers place each workn The Silent Service: Los Angeles Class its proper historical and social context andt s particularly commendable for the effort t makes to Flesh Blood: Compendium integrate the works of min. Ble of contents availablen a one volume format A wealth of historical and cultural context material helps lluminate the literary works A broad range of literary forms ncludes sermons songs and letters Engaging Headnotes and Section Introductions provide students with background nformation Mini thematic units—including Literature of the Vietnam Conflict— allow. ,
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