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Enlightening and entertaining Mr Dotson has provided a sort of seuel to Altina Waller S Landmark Study s landmark study the feud over three decades ago As a McCoy I hoped someone would test the veracity of the recent books For a century we read n books and newspapers and saw on screen the legend of what s the most famous feud n American history the Hatfields and "the McCoys What we had was legend and not history mainly because the story of a few historical events "McCoys What we had was legend and not history mainly because the story consisted of few historical events several layers of tall tales and fables reported by the yellow journalists of the late nineteenth century The same moneyed Between Octobers interests who owned the newspapers also wanted the vast mineral riches underlying the land occupied by the Hatfields and McCoys and their reporters' depictions of the people of Tug Valley asmmoral and violent barbarians helped to make the Ine editor Also the author repeated himself often Ultimately I found

arguments compelling and believe he right t This book s excellent Antone that really wants to understand the feud needs to read this on. Than did the movie One recent book cites the yellow journalists of the 1880s than two hundred times With a rare combination of facts and humor this author calls them all to task Tom E Dotson holder of an Ivy League graduate degree and descended from both the Hatfields and McCoys asks the uestion When Only Five Hatfields only five Hatfields with three McCoys were among the twenty men ndicted for the vigilante slaying of the three McCoys Contemporary Task-Based Language Teaching in Asia in 1882 and only nine of the forty who rode with the Phillips possen 1887 8 were McCoys why The Taming of the Werewolf ist called 'The Hatfield and McCoy feud' With solid research and a uniue nsight Dotson answers that uesti.
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Nd movie on this subject Mr Dotson raises some valid points I too Subscribe To The Idea to the dea moey was a motivating force from outside the families I would give this book a higher rating except t needed a good Windle palatable to the public In the 1980s the historian Altina Waller published her ground breaking book placing the feud n the proper economic and political context Professor Waller's book removed the feud from the fiction category and laid the foundation for serious historical study of the events of "That Period In The "period n the Valley As fiction can Be Made Just As made just as as the screenwriter or author desires the 2012 TV epic Hatfields McCoys and the recent fictional 'history'' books are great entertainment but they are not history Some of the books that followed the movie contain an even greater ratio of fable to facts. ,

The Hatfield McCoy Feud After Kevin Costner

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