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The Hanging Tree

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I did not realise when I chose this bewitching and beguiling book to read that it was the 6th in a established series A lot of world building has been done by this stage As a result there was a lot I had to catch up on and make sense of but I didn t care I was just loving what I was reading I slowly began to understand and There is a great sense of location in its setting of London Peter Grant is a black police detective attached to the Folly a unit set aside to look at crime in the magical underworld with his extraordinary boss Nightingale It all begins with Lady Ty a major river god of the Thames demanding that Peter keep her daughter Olivia out of an investigation where Christina Chorley appears to have died of a drug overdose in a exclusive flat in Mayfair A reuest that Peter is not able to comply withPeter is smart in a relationship with Beverly Brook who is a river god is constantly developing experimental magical gadgets and weapons to aid crime fighting which given the prowess of his magical opponents come in useful He is constantly working to improve and add to his spellmaking He is partnered with DC Sahra Guleed a force to be reckoned with herself The case turns out to be significantly complex and bigger than expected There is the return of their foes the Faceless Man and Lesley the ex cop who turned to the dark side A number of parties want to get their hands on Jonathan Wild s Ledger including a shady bunch of American operatives which Special Agent Kim Reynolds of the FBI warns Peter about The Hanging Tree is the Tyburn gallows located where the Marble Arch is now There are phenomenal magical battles violence a trail of destruction and demolition with Peter and DC Guleed fighting for their livesThis is a story with plenty of comic touches and humour The world building is just fabulous spellbinding and the writing is impressive The characters are complex diverse and superb and include spirits and ghosts I became particularly fond of Sahra Guleed when she administered a well executed Glasgow kiss I really did not want the book to end It is a series that gets the reader hooked almost immediately Loved it and needless to say will be reading others in the series Brilliant novel that I cannot recommend highly enough Thanks to Orion for an ARC These books have steadily been getting better and better and better or perhaps it s just me getting so far invested in the stories that I can t even tell the difference anyEither way this says very great things about the books I am invested as hellAaronovitch s UF writing is rather uniue in that his mystery writing is unparalleled the magic system is firmly grounded explored and interesting and the MC in Peter is just a lovable nerd Never mind that he s an apprentice wizard working for the London police force or a small subsidiary called the Folley this is really just a fantastic police procedural full of unpredictable mysteries and grabbing revealsThis book however takes everything that has been building up in the previous five books and focuses et again on the Faceless Man and poor Leslie In my opinion this was a suee worthy move on the author s part At least I was practically slathering with all the great reveals and di You guys are so awesome ou gave me than 30 likes before I ve even started reading the book 3 D You know how parents say certain kids love hearing that one book over and Over This Is That Book This is that book me I know I know I M ALWAYS WAXING ENTHUSIASTIC OVER KOBNA always waxing enthusiastic over Kobna reading of this series but the audio version of a story set in London filled with a wide variety of characters brings a whole new level of appreciation to the story Kobna s work on the London stage si My playdate with Peter Grant is over and I already miss our great time together 3 He s always a charmer in his way of dealing with difficulties Well we all have our ways of dealing with difficulties mine IS TO ASK STUPID UESTIONSMR AARONOVITCH to ask stupid uestionsMr Aaronovitch again charmed me with his fab skill combining detective genre police work mythology and wit with UF The book is well paced as well as entertaining to read Mr Aaronovichs combined humor with serious content in an endearing and gripping way that made me giggle almost all the time There is easy flowing and sometimes dark wit in the writing which suited me well as it s not my first date with Peter Grant and the ongoing tone of the series has the sharp hook and characters I root for The Hanging Tree answered some uestions that kept bugging me about Peter Grant s world who s the big bad villain what s his intentions what happened to some of the characters from earlier book and ect and to my joy added some new uestions and made me hungry to know about the Rivers of London and the magical world around them That means that Peter Grant is not going to stop charming me and won t end his adventure uickly 3 Please Mr Aaronovitch make it 10 books at least Like elite brandy the story together with the amazing writing skill of the writer bloomed with good uality and it s definitely improving as the series continue Magical London with enchanting Goddesses and charming mixed race characters is what I need to be totally sucked in I was so happy to have of Guleed the shiny new Peter s partner in dealing with magical crimes She s definitely worth to be my favorite kickass heroine as nobody sneaks up on the Muslim ninja I even find her likable than Lesley Maybe Guleed will have he permanent role in Peter Grant series 3 the first draft of Procedures Relating to Serious Falcon Incidents aka How to Deal with Weird Bollocks was currently sitting as a half finished Word document on my hard drive back at the FollyI called Nightingale who said he was fifteen minutes away and asked him to authorise a little look Yes he said immediately But carefully Peter I told Guleed that it was standard procedure for a second officer to stay outside the immediate Zone of Potential Magical Effect ZPME in order to facilitate communications should my Airwave and personal phones be compromised Guleed was rightly suspicious Is that true she askedJust as soon as I get back to the Folly and add it to the Word document I thought Just make sure nobody rushes in I said Especially ouI felt at home in the Folly once Also I got of Mr Witcher and it was great to watch him doing his magic in the battle field Th. Another gripping and hilarious adventure through the secret streets of London A tour of what remains and an insight into what once was with a liberal sprinkling of folklore myth and violent crime Every one of the previous novels in Ben Aaronovitch's series about Peter Grant has made the top ten of the Sunday Times' hardback be. ,

Ought I think Molly still has to wait for her star hour I would eagerly wait for that It was great to see the mouthy duo of Seawoll and Stephanopoulos having fun in episodes D No offence Peter she said But we were kind of relying on ou to provide that information Us just being normal run of the mill coppers none of who are versed in the mystic arts or currently shagging a supernatural creature Olivia and Phoebe had been watching Brooklyn Nine Nine on that TV when the attack started and had only avoided serious injury because they d both happened to be lying prone on the sofa Saved by snogging had been Seawoll s verdict Let that be a lesson to ou I like when the bad villain is not easily defeated and the one in this book and the series too is a long term one He has a great acolyte to help in making an even bigger mess Their team is cruel shrewd and witty a dangerous and charming combination to make them a perfect rival for Peter and his friends There s a hint that one terrible evil force from the earlier books is going to make a grand show in the future books Can t wait to dive into another adventure with Peter GrantThis book was a really alluring and entertaining ride with my beloved characters from the earlier books and the new likable ones Now we are in the springtime of our discontent when I must wait until JUNE for the next installment in this freakin great seriesBen Aaronovitch has created one of the best urban contemporary fantasy series of recent date or HELL for that matter EVER with his Peter Grant series Grant is the protagonist a police constable in the Metropolitan police force of London who a few books back saw a ghost and then was approached by a dapper Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale who introduced him to a very small section of the Met whose job it was to investigate and sort out crimes of the eh um magical sortGrant soon learned that using the M word was generally frowned upon that the existence of this branch of the service was known to the higher ups mostly accepted though grudgingly and with not a small tough of standoffishness and HEY PRESTO Nightingale settled Peter in as his next apprentice wizardOr practitioner as they say in the Folly the name of the H of this mysterious departmentAnd so we come to Aaronovitch s brilliant sixth book in the series though there are a few short stories and some graphic novels of which I am ravenously reading Published in 2016 we are now in the desperate wait for the next in the series 2018 s Lies SleepingUp to now we ve seen plenty of the M word as Peter learns to make spells and to get better at his new craft All the while he is also maintaining and getting better at being a proper copper in the old London sense We ve learned of magical creatures Fae underworld characters of vague origin and of course the RiversUnlike some other urban fantasies with our garden variety vampires and werewolves Aaronovitch has only given us hints of such folks or when he does it s in a new style with new rules and only subtly hinted at And unlike resurrecting the old Celtic and Norse and Greek Egyptian Slavic etc etc pantheons our writer describes Genius loci or gods of the rivers These are incarnations of the rivers themselves with godlike powers We meet Father Thames up near the source and Mother Thames #IN THE CITY AND THEN ALL THE TRIBUTARIES AS #the city and then all the tributaries as gods and goddessesAnd there is a recurring mysterious villain called the Faceless Man whose nefarious machinations keep creeping up to endanger Peter and lure Nightingale into a magical duelAnd it s FUN FUN FUNThe Hanging Tree finds Peter and the Met allies of the Folly investigating a possible overdose that involved one of the daughters of Tyburn the most powerful of Mother Thames children This search leads to clues about the Faceless Man and magic tomfooleries than ou can shake a whomping willow at Possibly perfectThe I love a book the harder it becomes to review because I don t want to move out of my state Of Enjoyment To One Of Analysis That enjoyment to one of analysis That this was uite possibly my favorite installment of Peter Grant s story et The characterization is interesting there are developments in Peter s personal life and the overall arc of the series takes a satisfying and solid step forwardI love the variety of characters and backgrounds although this particular edition spends time with the upper crust Particularly for a mystery one needs a wide enough cast for there to avoid obvious red herrings or red shirts The broad number is appropriate for Peter balancing between his magical life in the Folly his personal life and his investigations For the most part I usually get the feeling that the diversity of characters is merely a representation of the city and not a checkbox it is a part of who they are but not the only important trait DC Guleed a female who wears a hijab was introduced as a minor character in Whispers Under Ground but is starting to play a significant role Most of this seemed to be developed in the graphic novel Rivers of London Body Work 1 but for the most part one needn t have read it as she starts to come into her own as the logical and level counterpoint to Peter s leaps of logic and daredevil spirit I own as the logical and level counterpoint to Peter s leaps of logic and daredevil spirit I love her diplomatic skill on the phoneI heard Guleed pass this on and some grumbled swearing from Seawoll Tell him to get his arse down here pronto he said He wants ou to come in said Guleed and gave me the addressPlotting remains pleasantly unpredictable for me While the stories ostensibly have a main investigation Peter leads a busy life There are opportunities to learn about magic and its practitioners Peter s family the ongoing investigation into Leslie side investigations such as hunting down the Little Crocodiles learning about the history of the Folly and so forth Because of it both the plots and the pacing often surprise me I also enjoy that it is very much a police procedural Peter occasionally goes to a desk he works a computer he explains to the reader the structure of a murder investigation within the London police He freuently has asides to explain the approach and legality of police actions Guleed circled around the names and the timeline for twenty minutes twenty minutes being about the amount of time it takes Leyna Book 1 your average suspect sorry I mean witness to forget the details of th. Stsellers' list and The Hanging Tree looks set to repeat the featThe 'Hanging Tree' was the old collouial term for the Tyburn gallows which stood where Marble Arch now stands Along Oxford Street the last trip was taken by the condemned Some things don't change The place has a bloody and haunted legacy and now blood has retur. E lies they ve just toldou before asking about the drugsBut at the end of the day it s always the writing that hooks me Aaronovitch does a lovely job of giving us a scene or Peter s thoughts about how he is approaching something but he rarely tells us how we are supposed to feel about it That ability to show without telling seems particularly rare in UF The suspect s eyes may glance at something but they usually don t furtive anything I don t precisely know how Peter feels about Inspector Seawoll for instance although my best guess is that it is a complex combination of respect fear and a tiny bit of appreciation It s a techniue I first recognized in Agatha Christie where people are presented implications perhaps drawn but it s left to the reader to draw the conclusions and they may be different For instance Lady Ty asked the uestion again in a tone I recognized from my own mum The one that says Yes there s going to be trouble but that is as nothing to the trouble Le Druidisme au quotidien you are going to be in ifou continue to cross me I had a crystal clear visualaudio on that one but mine is likely going to be different from Ravens, Tome 4: SylveLarme yours There s no icily stonily or scathingly or any other of the hundred routine descriptives I feel pepper the average UFBen Aaronvitch s Peter Grant series has become one of the most satisfying urban fantasy detective novels in the field Read it and then listen to Kobna Holdbrook Smith s audio version You can thank me laterSpeaking of thanks I owe some to Orient Caro Milda and Mimi for allowing me to crash their buddy read It extra fun to read with other people as enthusiastic as they are for GrantRe listened September 2018 because it s just that awesome One of my favorite books in a favorite series Can t wait until the next comes out already ordered from Waterstones Peter is back in London after the shocking events in Herefordshire and as they say no rest for the wicked so he soon finds trouble chasing him But this time the case involves the high profile in terms of magical society of London so it is necessary for Peter to be even careful as one misstep would led him to face the wrath of the Goddess This book brought back the story back on the track after that little detour in Herefordshire Peter and Nightingale are now once again after the Faceless man the series baddie I love how Peter tells us about the history of magical society relics and stories There is so much information andet somehow it never gets boring because of how Peter tells about themI must put in some words here about the secondary characters that help Peter in solving the case Be it Kumar or Dominic or Guleed they all are just so fantastic Their conversations with Peter are hilarious and their acceptance of his magic is admirable True they all were hesitant at first but once they get to know him and his magic their trust of him gives the story a remarkable strength It never felt that they re introduced in this book only but it seem like they have known Peter since forever and this blend of races is what I love most about these stories No spoilers4 stars for the book in general 5 for the parent and child themes running throughout weaving in and out beneath and ultimately driving the action plot Protagonist narrator Peter Grant s trademark voice and dry humor remain in fine formI d meant to review this ages ago then thought it needed another reading first not a suffering then it got pushed down my ueue Just reread it in preparation for the next book in the series Lies Sleeping coming up in November 2018 from DAW here in the US in the certainty that the events of it will follow hard on the heels of this one and be closely intertwined The Hanging Tree of it will follow hard on the heels of this one and be closely intertwined The Hanging Tree very well in that second time through a mystery way where one gets to watch how the writer is playing or palming all the cards Contains major developments in what has grown into the cards Contains major developments in what has grown into central plot arc of the series the pursuit of the Faceless Man a rival in magics to the marvelous Thomas Nightingale formerly last wizard in Britain who I presume is continuing to age backward I have the dimmest recollection of that being one of Merlin s tricks in one of his many versions and I continue to wonder if there will eventually be some connection made between the two although London and Wales do not seem very mythically congruent There are hints at the end that the Faceless Man himself may be played than player by a higher power still I ll be on the alert for developments of that idea in the next exciting episodeI still need to catch up on all the graphic novel side stories any of which could be a novella in its own rightAgain this is a series that has enough continuing plot and character development to be best read in order Start with Rivers of London retitled in the US Midnight Riot and go on till De Karakoliërs you come to the end In the US the series suffered a publisher jump between Volumes 3 and 4 which is not usually good for coordinating promotion but e book availability may mitigate that hazardTa L Soou ve already heard that prince Harry is dating some black girl huh What can I say well played Mama Thames well played On the happy side this book was SO great On less happy side and now I have to wait for the next one again for another whole ear and I m being optimistic hereSo our good lad Peter is back in London cheeky and witty as ever ready for adventures and new let s say friends I like how Aaronovitch is adding new characters into every next book and how they re always so well done
and well described 
well described he never forgets about the old ones There s one comeback that ou might be surprised with Not spoiling I only wish there was Molly in this story Our Molly from the Folly definitely deserves action than a mere baking session Although I enjoy the idea that she s on Twitter Who knows maybe we can befriend her on facebook too And our good old Nightingale he s also got some new friends I only wish he was up for no good oftenAs always we get a lot of information on London and it s architecture and a little glimpse into the history of the city which is just great In short it s good to have Deliciously Ella entre amis you back Peter Grant even just for a couple of days I will definitely do a re read starting with book 1 sooner or laterPS Doou guys fancy seeing Peter s adventures as a movieseries What do VO2 max l'preuve du temps you think of the possible cast. Ned to the empty Mayfair mansions of the world's super rich And blood mixed with magic becomes a job for Peter GrantPeter Grant is back as are Nightingale et al at the Folly and the various river gods ghosts and spirits who attach themselves to England's last wizard and the Met's reluctant investigator of all things supernatur.