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Probably Zander s been threw "The Ringer With Being Manipulated " ringer with being manipulated Geoffrey announces his presence Zander has random moments of flying accusations of manipulation I was glad to see that Zander doesn t immediately roll over and show his stomach going with the flow No a little work is involved along with Zander learning to trust his mate This one there s not a lot of sex Actually view spoilera rub off and then their claiming was seriously glossed over As in this is what I want to do to you and then they go home and do xactly what was predicted I understand and ven kind of support the lack of sex right away but to not actually get the claiming sex AND "WHAT ABOUT GEOFFREY GOING THROUGH MOLT "about Geoffrey going through molt pregnancy MOVING to the mansion Well a few things are taken care of in the pilogue So I m left with my biggest peeve of the book no mating sex hide spoiler Disappointing Seriously disappointing I ve read Charlie s shifter stories for awhile now and have really njoyed them Until recentlyI was really looking forward to this because of Geoffrey His misunderstanding and hurt over Logan broke my heart and I really wanted him to bond with his real mate Zander I xpected Zander to have just a little doubt and hesitation after Juarez ven with the mate bond Then we don t ven get the bonding sex What we do get is a docking scene a random unnamed bigot wolf causing trouble an off page fight with no real resolution and then Zander states what he wants to do with Geoffrey to cement the mate bond and an pilogue As much as I love the beginnings of Kontra s Menagerie and her other associated series I m beginning to loose interest in continuing Especially if uality continues to decline. Sense tells Zander he hasn’t seen the last of Geoffrey He’s right When one of his billy goats becomes aggressive Geoffrey swoops in and saves him With Geoffrey keeping to the shadows they begin a dialogue The they talk the Zander realizes they may not be all that different after all Except he’s already been played by one paranormal Can he open his heart to anoth. Hey decided to move how did Geoffrey transformation happened ctit just feels liked the author ran out of IdeasI mean we get no name for the person who attack them or the fight or anything lse for that matter so disappointing o 0 I think

was kinda odd view spoilerWas only drink blood from Zander or did they also had sex For Juarez who defied his coven "Leader To Be With His Wife It Seems Rather Odd "to be with his wife it seems rather odd him to cheated on her like that hide spoiler For Zander being confusedscared of paranormals he sure worked it out fast nough I think I needed this to be longer for me to The Shadow Reader enjoy it I missed the relationship building between Zander and Geoffrey Sure we saw some of it but I wanted I wanted freak outs from Zander I wanted time alone time between the two of them I wanted to see so much view spoilerlike what did Zander say about seeing Geoffrey in roost form What about going through the molt How can Zander pick and move soasily I thought he liked his goat farm hide spoiler This was uh Well it was certainly short I am somehow not used to this sort of relentless brevity any This is the idea to a story sketched with a few uick scenes rather than an actual romance Hey I think they Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies even skipped most of the sex It s kind of bizarre reallyI think as fluffy as I like my romance I do reuire a little content than this character development Moreverything Something lse I was reminded of There are a few words such as appendage or cavity in this case that are simply unsexy to me possibly because they remind me stuff like tentacles and dentist visits So when some authors use them in a supposedly sexy context I always feel vaguely suicked out I wonder if this is really just me. O reveals a whole new world to him Zander learns that his lover is a vampire which is why he’d become so nad with him Then Logan hooks up with a wolf shifter and to top it off a massive winged creature the gargoyle Geoffrey according to Logan is claiming he and Zander are mates When Zander demands they all leave him alone save for Logan they agree Still some sixth.

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Bloodline It did contain a gap in info Talking alpha about kidnapping Wound have been nice to have set for this book "In 8 But Was A But was a story and covered most of the bases More of the same the story takes place over the span of only two days pure romance no depth The Power Of A Choice easy read Lots of information missing like why a certain person did what he did Juarez further actionstc Most books in this series take me about 1 hour and 45 minutes to read this one only took me 1 hour and 7 minutes So yeah a really simple read nice but a bit boring I loved this book and actually I love this whole series with it s different types of animal shifters and paranormals Zander was thrust into the paranormal world by being manipulated by a married vampire Later he finds out that a gargoyle I love them Geoffrey is his mate I think that Zander handled verything pretty well and I truly njoyed all of the characters in this story There s great personality in very character and I like how understanding they are with ach other and stick together It also felt refreshing to not have the plot drag on and on The pace moved nicely just how I like it Overall a sweet and fun paranormal romance Slight spoiler alertA little upset that certain scenes were cut out Would have liked to see the rescue scene from Geoffrey s POV as well as Zander s Also the claiming scene was completely "skipped Not cool I m starting to get and disappointed with ach book released in these series there are so " Not cool I m starting to get and disappointed with ach book released in these series there are so things wrong with this book it s not Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling even funnyI mean after all the miss understanding in Logan s book why this this book cut so short I mean we don t get so much information what happened when they mated when did Into the Paranormal World Sometimes getting a crash course in things unknown doesn’t alwaysnd in disaster Zander Wheeler knows they’re out there shape shifters vampires and other things Having lost his wife over a year ago Zander finds himself seduced by a married man Ashamed Zander asks his friend Logan McByrne to help him sever ties Logan agrees and in doing