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Ble he risks everything for nothing At one point the MC even wonders at why the young noble hates him and can t figure it out That is as good as the author admitting he has failed to give his main "Antagonist Motivation For His Actions And Where "motivation for his actions And where the big city nobles that look down on country nobles so lacking in honor as to lower themselves to fighting with commoners The author can t even be bothered with cliches to give his main antagonist that slight bit depth This is so prevalent throughout The Book That I book that I ust say that the author s world building is shallow For example the MC upon arriving at the sect is put to work Later he finds out that he was suppose register his work with a sect department The punctilious and petty erk in charge of registration department who is also a noble gives the MC an assignment likely to kill him as punishment for failing to register Never mind the fact that there was no way for the MC know about the department sooner or that this happens with enough freuency that the elder that put the MC to work had a bet with himself about how long it would take the MC to realize he had to register his work assignment Again the nobles are bizarrely uniformly petty but united Where s the underling that hopes to move up and so reports the registrar s inappropriate behavior to the registrar s enemies Such a ridiculously petty and vindictive individual would have made plenty of enemies at the sect but the author can t be bothered to put thought into anyone s actions but the MCsIn spite of the foregoing I enjoyed 34ths of this book since most of it focuses on the MC s ourney The problem is the poorly written antagonists are key to the story and virtually the entire focus of the final chapters Which leads me to this book s next problem a weak resolutionThe book has a small culmination with the MC accomplishing something fairly impressive However he does this by greatly antagonizing all the nobles since they are completely uniform in their actions and thoughts The nobles were already risking everything to ust bully the MC so this book essentially ends with the start of a serious class war This of course significantly undermines any sense of story resolution So this author appears to be yet another in a long line that attempts to get readers to come back for the rest of the story rather than because they are actually good writersBottom line Largely an okay read but not particularly inspired with truly poorly written antagonists NotesIt took a bit for me to get into the story but once I did I had fond flashbacks to Black Belt Theater other old school martial films Good fun I will try to read the next book but who knows when I ll get to it or finish it without audio P A wuxia for those not familiar with the genre Most of the time wuxia novels have this

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way of writing often would got lost in translation This novel is written in the ways western readers of epic fantasies could easily enjoy both in form and structure while staying true to the motifs and themes of wuxia stories This is a great way to introduce the genre with a relatable main character and conflicts that is very common in the genre This is one of the books I read for SPFBO 2019I have to say this book is uite different to a lot of the others in the batch It s a story which focuses primarily on martial arts with a strong influence from ChineseAsian cultures There is a magic called Cultivation where you infuse your body with healing magic and Chi and you can channel through the meridians The practice is almost like a meditation techniue but also something which you can. Scripted Given the opportunity to oin the Verdant Green Waters Sect Wu Ying must decide between his pedestrian common life and the exciting blood soaked life of a cultivator Join Wu Ying as he takes his first step on his Thousand Li ourney to become an immortal cultivator The First Step is the first. ,

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The First Step A Thousand Li #1Enhance with time and determinationWe follow Wu Ying a young peasant who is from a poor family "but striving to do better and oin the inner sect He "striving to do better and oin the inner sect He not rich or ualified in the same way many of his competitors are but he has determination and desire and is willing to push on through the challenges and obstaclesWhat I like Rating 40 stars Somewhat of a typical cultivation story with chineseasian society This society is set up into sects and then further separated with the nobles and the peasant scommoners Every person is this society is taught how to cultivate at least a little This is a process of purging the bodies of toxins and opening up meridians to allow greater growth and power This will give everyone at least a little strength to help with daily living Also there is a war that has been going on for what seems like forever between the sects and having even the peasants be able to cultivate a little will help them when they are conscripted to the military This is what happens to our main character Wu Ying He is conscripted to the military At one point he comes to the attention of an elder and is offered a position as a cultivator This is not something that he ever thought would happen While everyone learns to cultivate a little he never that he ever thought would happen While everyone learns to cultivate a little he never he would have the opportunity to do this for a living A true cultivator that progresses far enough can live for a very long time Yes the life is filled with dangers but the rewards are so great He finds out that ust progressing in his cultivation isn t the only fight he needs to win He is a commoner surrounded by nobles Most nobles feel that commoners are so far beneath them that they automatically should win regardless of actual ability They are all learning how to fight but whenever Wu Ying lands a blow on a noble there is an uproar about how he dared to strike a noble The martial arts and cultivating were very detailed and was interesting I didn t like the overall feel of the book though Wu Ying chose to try and become a cultivator and yet even though he is progressing I don t see him actually ending up happy surrounded by people that hate him Why would he want to stay with these people It was a little too over the top for my liking He is in a no win situation If he succeeds he will have even enemies than before AwesomeI ve been seeing a couple authors try their hands at this genre and I ve got to say that this is the author that seems to have done it besteven above some of my beloved and most favored of authors The author has managed to get all the beats all the culture all the character notes you d expect for this genre and uplift themits like seeing a gourmet chef make a 5 star version of captain crunch or pizza rolls5 star comfort snacksand I have to say as much as I get down on this author for putting both the reader and his characters through the ringer as I get down on this author for putting both the reader and his characters through the ringer works like these that really showcase how talented he is Cultivation stories seem to be the new trend for a lot of gamelit and litrpg authors Readers should do themselves a favor and read this book by Tao Wong to get an idea of what a good cultivation book looks like Personally I think this book sets the barI m not too into cultivation stories I prefer gamelit and litrpg instead However the progressive nature of a good cultivation story will give me a similar sense of satisfaction Fans of the Two Week Curse series will likely find a lot to enjoy here not the least of which will be the fact that the prose is well writtenWhile I eagerly await of Tao Wong s System Apocalypse series I am enjoying this one as well and looking forward to future installment. Novel in A Thousand Li series a book on cultivation immortals wondrous martial art styles and spirit beasts and will be loved by wuxia and xanxia fans The First Step is written by Tao Wong the bestselling scifi and fantasy LitRPG author of the System Apocalypse Adventures on Brad and the Hidden Wishe. Needle in the HaystackNormally finding a decent "English Translated Wuxia Novel Is "translated Wuxia novel is bit of a struggle Oftentimes I feel like it comes down to whether you are okay with grammatical errors or poorly written stories This has none of those problems and many of the positives The character is practical and doesn t benefit from some magical ring or item that makes him super talented Instead he is a grinder from the lowest rung of society who works his way up to stand on par with people who had every advantage of wealth or genetics The world has enough magic to be interesting but not so much that things feel ridiculous I like the simplified and dare I say realistic presentation of martial arts I love the less philosophical focus of the character on the great truths of the universe and of the very real dangers of his present I can t wait to see where this goes I wavered between 2 and 3 stars It was okay but it was excruciatingly well intentioned with delightful footnotes The actual storytelling was strained the character development limited and the wordsmithing weak but I did kind of like it so Goodreads three stars I liked itGood hearted farm bumpkin with a heritage of a mysterious family sword tradition is drafted into war and then offered the opportunity to oin a cultivating sect Politics abound but he finds a core of friends and opportunity to oin a cultivating sect Politics abound but he finds a core of friends and to vanuish the irrational entitled lord s son from his villageSo it s tropelicious but pleasant I got out of learning about cultivation novel tropes from reading this than I derived enjoyment from the actual story So if you treat it as a reference book than a novel it works a little betterAnd did I mention the footnotes That s what pushed it fully into the three star I liked it for me Okay so first for those who don t know me I am as I believe the author of this work to be an Asian American despite my European American name My Asian ancestors came from a different part of Asia than Mr Wong s but ust as he describes in his post scriptum I grew up watching Samurai movies and Hong Kong wire fu adventure tales in my case doubly because I enjoyed the action and because I was desperate to see faces like my own to figure out who I was supposed to be how I was supposed to act I have in the past read some really poor attempts at xanxia You may imagine my grateful surprise that this This is not one of those This is no story of the god touched the martial genius the one facing down all enemies with a sneer and winning almost without effort No this is the story of the Farm Boy Hero the one who perseveres and trains and reflects This is a young man of morals who follows the principles of Confucius Buddha and Lao tzu which are built into the society in which he was raised rather than letting his elevation and success turn him arrogantIn short I found this an excellent book for those who watched movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Hero or even House of Flying Daggers and wanted to enter completely into that world There are seven types of conflict in literature man v man man v nature etc Cultivating books are set up to be man v self except here Here the author pretty much ignores that in favor of a man v society approach The MC is a commoner who makes it into a CULTIVATION SECT AT THE SAME TIME sect at the same time a young noble from his hometown For some reason this noble takes this as an affront and seeks to do the MC harm Never mind that if the noble succeeds in harming the MC the noble risks being kicked out of the sect in disgrace ruining his own life In other words the major flaw of this book is laughably one dimensional villains Take the young no. Long Wu Ying never expected to oin a Sect or become a real cultivator His days were spent studying planting rice on the family farm and spending time with his friends Fate however has different plans for Wu Ying and when the army arrives at his village he and many other members of the village are con.