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The Drunken Botanist The Plants that Create the World's Great DrinksOle they play in creating the s great drinks it s a wonder there are sober botanists at allThe only reason this great drinks it s a wonder there are any sober botanists at allThe only reason this t get five stars from me is that although I drink I don t DRINK This is heavy with various cocktail and drink recipes that I have no se for and will never make It also freuently takes a page here "And There To Explain How To Grow Certain Plants Yourself "there to explain how to grow certain plants yourself I m never going to do this I have no interest in gardeningHowever Stewart is fascinating she tackles every variety of plant you can think of and then goes through them species by species telling Nicademus us how they became involved in becoming an alcoholic drink She includes great fascinating stories about history and historical figures that had me grinning from ear to ear I especially loved the stories about Nixon going to China and drinking mao tai so hilarious On February 21 1972 President Nixon attended a banuet in Peking to mark the beginning of Nixon s historic trip to China The ceremonial drink that night was mao tai a sorghum spirit with an alcohol content over 50% Alexander Haig had sampled the drink on an advance visit and cabled a warning that Under no repeat no circumstances should the President actually drink from his glass Nixon ignored the advice and matched his host drink for drink shuddering but saying nothing each time he took a sip Dan Rather said it tasted like liuid razor bladesA dozen or so pages later Stewart expands this story The mao tai served to President Nixon was surely the best China had to offer Prime Minister Chou En lai held a match to his glass to show the president that the spirit could be lit on fire a fact that Nixon filed away for futurese In 1974 National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger told another Chinese official that the president tried to repeat the trick for his daughter when he returned home So he took out a bottle and poured it into a saucer and lit it Kissinger said but the glass bowl broke and the mao tai ran over the table and the table began to burn So you nearly burned down the White HouseLOL This is just a taste Stewart has plenty of entertaining stories about alcohol and its successes and pitfalls throughout historyThe book is colorful fully illustrated and has a fun whimsical feel to itTl dr Tons of botany and a great exploration of liuors infusions and cocktails that you will be longing to try after reading this book I loved learning about plants and alcohol and history Although the book had a lot of extra material that didn t apply to my life or interest me it was a strong and worthwhile read A good book to read a bit at a time and a painless way to learn some botany Stewart writes well and her botanical vignettes are mostly entertaining There are drink recipes and liuor lore mostly lost on me though I did learn some interesting stuff about brewing beer 35 stars rounded Gone til November upThis would make a fine gift book the hardcover is attractive sturdy and well designed I gave away a copy this past ChristmasThe. Istilled and they each represent aniue cultural contribution to our global drinking traditions and our history Molasses was an essential ingredient in American independence when the British forced the colonies to buy British not French molasses for their New World rum making the settlers outrage kindled the American Revolution Rye which turns p in countless spirits is vulnerable to ergot which contains a precursor to LSD and some historians have speculated that the Salem witch trials occur.

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I was so relieved to learn that I wouldn t have to root around in emu droppings in order to enjoy a andong cocktailAmy Stewart is sort of the Mary Roach of order to enjoy a Fortinbras at the Fishhouses uandong cocktailAmy Stewart is sort of the Mary Roach of plant world but notite as funny I m of a botanist than a boozer so I was most interested in the history and folklore of the plants It s A Way Youll Never Be uite a revelation though to see the variety of plants that aresed in alcoholic beverages If you like to make exotic cocktails from pricey liueurs and liuors you could throw one hell of a party with the recipes in this "Book She Even Gives Some Gardening Advice So You Can "She even gives some gardening advice so you can the plants you ll se in your boozy concoctions PreambleJune 2017I m buddy reading this with the victim of my attention Todd although he doesn t know it yet He doesn t even know I bought this book though he did know I was going to because when it came to our attention in the museum s gift shop and we both As the subtitle says this is about the plants behind alcoholic beverages Besides the obvious candidates such as barley grapes rice agave etc that form the backbone of drinks the author also covers various flavoring agents so that we hear about vanilla and cocoa and allspice author also covers various flavoring agents so that we hear about vanilla and cocoa and allspice cinchona The author is at pains to tell s that her coverage is by no means exhaustive but it is comprehensive She delves into the botany of the plants and how different species can contribute different flavors or must be eschewed entirely due to toxicity or simply Present Pasts unpleasant tastes the history of the plants and their mutations over the centuries archeological findings supporting speculations about the origins of some favorite beverages recipes for DIY and growing tips for would be gardenersThrough all this her writing is approachable and entertaining Another reviewer compared her to Mary Roach and I agree tha Horticulture in bottles Booze and botany The elixir of life the aua vitae that the plant world has givens Every great drink starts with a plant So depending on the mission one person will be interested in the content of the bottle and another might be thrilled by the botanical magic leading Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie up to it I m one of the latter A teetotaler since forever most boring nerd at a party Coffee and water the only substance abuses I am guilty of Ah it just happily float This is a great book very interesting It all started when Stewart went to a liuor store with her friend We had arrived at a liuor store by then and I was gesturing wildly at the shelves arounds This is horticulture In all of these bottles Suddenly we weren t in a liuor store any We were in a fantastical greenhouse the world s most exotic botanical garden the sort of strange and overgrown conservatory we only encounter in our dreams Around the world it seems there is not a tree or shrub or delicate wildflower that has not been harvested brewed and bottled Every advance in botanical exploration or horticultural science brought with it a corresponding The Possible Police uptick in theality of our spirituous liuors Drunken botanists Give the Every great drink starts with a plant Sake began with a grain of rice Scotch emerged from barley Gin was born from a conifer shrub when a Dutch physician added oil of juniper to a clear spirit believing that juniper berries would cure kidney disorders The Drunken Botanist ncovers the enlightening botanical history and the fascinating science and chemistry of over 150 plants flowers trees and fruits and even one fungusSome of the most extraordinary and obscure plants have been fermented and
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Go to review is Margitte shttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshow Waaaayyyy back in my ndergrad days I fulfilled my science reuirement in part by taking classes like Practical Botany and Environmental Plant Biology So I know a thing or two about those things that grow in dirt Conseuently I found discussions about the necessary starch levels in potatoes needed to make good vodka at least "semi interesting And now I finally know what proof means which is good therein lies a delightfully entertaining story "interesting And now I finally know what proof means which is good therein lies a delightfully entertaining story I shan t spoilMostly though this book just made me want a cocktail Or seven Who s in I have been clean and sober for 8 years after going through AA This Thanksgiving I slipped and partook in a little drinking and oops There went my sobriety Since all that went down the toilet I thought I d pick p this book I m glad I did It s wonderful BrilliantI loved this book While the format is something like an encyclopedia I read it cover to cover and was sad when i reached the end the entries were that informative and well written that it was engaging than some novels I ve read recentlyI knew some of the background info but a lot was new to I ve read recentlyI knew some of the background info but a lot was new to And fascinating As a species we are clearly keen on fermenting anything that might be fermentableThe suggestions of ways to explore like with teuilas and liueurs were really interesting and our bar storage is going to be increasing The drink recipes included worked really well based on those I triedNow I got this as an ARC from LibraryThing so the indices weren t functional and the printing was gray scale rather than the 2 color promised in the real version Based on this though I ve ordered the real version because I think it ll be worth it I ve also ordered a couple of the author s other booksIt really is that goodIf you are interested in the history of booze or in cocktails or spirits in general I HIGHLY recommend this book It is not only really informative it s a great read This book goes into meticulous detail in listing all the plants trees herbs nuts flowers spices and pretty much anything else that has ever been fermented and distilled to make alcohol Stewart tells how agaves are harvested what that flavor in Amaretto di Saronno is nope not almonds what kind of bugs find their way into what liuour and gives comparison charts for the multiples of say violet liueurs This isn t just a gathering of dry facts though when something is badly made Stewart tells youStewart is the other of several botany and gardening books is the a founder of a gardening blog and has a bookstore I d read about this book here on LT so when she appeared nearby a couple of weeks ago I went to grab this for the signing and listen to her talk about all the research parties that went into the two years she spent on this book It s so complete that I know I ll be taking it with me to find things I never would have tried before Who hasn t looked at a bottle of something and wondered what to do with it You ll get the answer her. Red because girls poisoned by ergot had seizures that made townspeople think they d been bewitched Then there's the tale of the thirty year court battle that took place over the trademarking of Angostura bitters which may or may not actually contain bark from the Angostura treeWith a delightful two color vintage style interior over fifty drink recipes growing tips for gardeners and advice that carries Stewart's trademark wit this is the perfect gift for gardeners and cocktail aficionados alik.

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