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紅樓夢 Hónglóu MèngIn discordant frenzies of syntax made me feel I was finally picking up on the imperfect exigencies of someone desperately attempting to ape Xuein s style It must be admitted though that this hyper religious conclusion does indeed hearken all the way back to the mystical initiation of the story s first volume so perhaps events would have fallen out similarly had the author survived to take his take in hand save with hopefully a compassionate touch The world and I will unfortunately never knowI mentioned in my review for the previous volume that I was morbidly ooking forward to the Jia family s downfallview spoiler although that turned out to not be nearly as drastic as I had been The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data led to believe by both the text summary and the author s ownife hide spoiler In the first chapter of this volume Chapter 99 I already felt a panic attack coming on Jia Zheng not the most socially adept misreads the situation in the provinces and allows his porter Li Ten to commence greasing the wheels or extorting proceeds for himself with the ocals Then news that Xue Pan has been found guilty after all and that the Jias were known to have tried to affect the outcome of the case Bao yu is still idiotic Xi Feng can so obtuse regarding Bao yu s heart first she thinks he will be fine after discovering he didn t marry Dai yu after all and then she tells that since Fivey resembles Skybright he can just ook at her instead whenever he misses Skybright Gao E s writing continues to vacillate between utilitarian and superb This Tempting Eden leads me to believe that he did often have fragments or notes to work from I was disappointed in howittle is written about Tan chun s departure Bao chai visited Tan chun and talked with her at some Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, length offering what support and advice she could We need not describe their conversation in any detail Uh yes I do I need as much dialogue from Tan chun as possible The characters strong voices are gone especially Bao chai who is mostly irritated rather than her previously unemotional but caring style but also Adamantina who had such a distinct way of speakingI could not believe the inventory during the confiscation my eyes widened with each item on the inventory 123 gold headdresses with jewels and precious stones I ve never been a huge fan of Grandmother who I saw as wasteful and blinded by her sentimental feelings toward the wrong people Her prayer admitting guilt for not having properly taught the younger generations is completely true Throughout the novel I have winced every time she decided to have a party employ outside actors or allow herself to be flattered by Xi feng Still it was nice to see Grandmother act uite magnanimously toward Xi feng giving her some material possessions to make her feel better Alas Poor Xi Feng That I can even utter such a thing is a testament to the psychological complexity of this novel Blamed for everything and put in an impossible situation by Ladies Xing and Wang withholding money she really wanted to do her best for Grandmother Jia s funeral Li Wan became aate favorite of mine Although she Is Docile And Traditional docile and traditional raised her son well and she sees through everyone s hypocrisy and sympathizes with Xi Feng Interesting how she thinks that if Tan chun was still around the servants would behave I am happy to know that years from now things will work out for Li Wan As our primary witness to the family s decline I am sure she will try to put her house on an even footing MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD I was so happy for Tan chun s return and am always glad to hear whatever she has to say I totally don t buy the eleventh hour or 119th hour save wherein the prince reinstates everyone s titles I can t imagine that is what Cao intended I feel that the moralistic tone of the book demands that Sir She and Cousin Zhen get their comeuppance I much prefer the idea that Jia Lian has become truly responsible and that he and Jia Zheng and Talking to Dragons later Jia Lan will do what they can to face the future admirably I imagine that this sanitized ending was influenced by several factors the editors not feeling sure of having too downbeat an ending especially since there were few works of Chinese fictionike this by the Three Times the Love late 18th century plus the fears spoken by editorsfamily members Rouge Inkstone Odd Tablet that Cao should not appear too harsh to the Emperor Iove Granny Liu s saving the day with Patience and iao jie I would venture to guess that Cao might have intended iao jie to actually get sold to a Mongol but I think this gives a minor but memorable character a chance to shine and one of our beauties a shot at a happy ife I m uite moved by Jia Zheng "s arc finally coming to understand his son and his unlucky place in the grand scheme not at all "arc finally coming to understand his son and his unlucky place in the grand scheme not at all as interpreted by doting Grandmother Jia If Jia Zheng is permitted to run the Rong guo side without tomfoolery from Sir She in addition to Grandmother s undermining and Xi Feng s subterfuge the house may actually become respectable in all senses And Aroma always wondering what would happen to her finds out it s not so badReading this novel has been on my to do ist for twenty years It is one of the most worthwhile reading projects I have ever done Someday I will read the Gladys Yang translation of the most worthwhile reading projects I have ever done Someday I will read the Gladys Yang translation only to see if there is such a noticeable difference in writing uality once Gao E takes over Now I am going to revisit the 1962 and 1978 Shaw Brothers films and watch the 36 part CCTV from 1987 Maybe The Bride of Willow Creek later Il watch the 2010 series I will post here in a comment my opinions about those The best part is when there is wild weeping and banishing of crooked males. Ruin marriage decadence and corruption his karmic journey unfolds Like a sleepwalker through GREAT INVESTMENT, THE life Bao yu is finally awakened by a vision which reveals to him thatife itself is merely a dream 'as moonlight mirrored in the water. .

Three Times the Love

review 紅樓夢 Hónglóu Mèng

Had read the first 3 volumes That mysterious feel of an intelligence guiding events from behind the scenes and moving everything towards a conclusion you can t even imagine is gone Instead the narrative builds on what you already know and heads toward a predetermined conclusion that feels arbitrarily plucked from a host of possibilities Still very much worth reading all 5 volumes however The following review is my review for all five volumes as a whole I m going to put forth an argument that books can be compared to relationships There are books that are guilty pleasures with no iterary value beyond straightforward entertainment such as potboiler mysteries or the much maligned Harleuin style romance These are your one night stands of the book world Then there are brief forays readers take out of curiosity or biblio style peer pressure such as best seller The Lively Art of Writing lists or perceivediterary acclaim Examples of this could be a summer spent reading Swedish detective fiction or reading the atest Young Adult series Hunger Games Trilogy perhaps or whatever Oprah s new favorite thing is These would be your flings or summer romances They are short term pleasures which you may outgrow or simply move on from after finishing And then you have a book ike The Story of the Stone This is a ong term relationship It sucks up your soul and being and perhaps becomes a part of you It is impossible to start another book after this without giving yourself time to process the experience at east it was the case for me When the final page of this journey is turned you are physically and maybe even emotionally drained The Jia family with whom you get to spend 2500 pages with becomes an extended family of your own At the core is Jia Bao Yu a spoiled somewhat effeminate boy who is than just a boy He is the human incarnation of a rock fashioned by a goddess in her efforts to repair the sky but is never used Left alone for eons this stone begins to ponder the purpose of existence until it is given a chance to ive as a human The story proper begins when Bao Yu is around 13 He is a member of a wealthy family who spends his days wiling away his time with his numerous girl cousins maids and even a Buddhist nun The narrative follows the daily ife of his extensive family their staff and many hangers on An astounding number of characters make up the cast from the 80 year old Lady Dowager who is the matriarch of the family down to her great granddaughter aio Jie but the amazing thing is the author s ability to make each of the many characters feel fully human and real with hopes desires talents and weaknesses of all their own As can be expected with such an immense novel the narrative structure is complex It is often episodic bouncing around from one plot ine to another The main plot ine concerns Bao Yu and the uestion of which of his two girl cousins he "Ll Marry The Ethereal "marry the ethereal Lin or the ideally modest and respectable Bao Chai Surrounding this ove triangle are the various soap operatic endeavors of the and respectable Bao Chai Surrounding this ove triangle are the various soap operatic endeavors of the family members and surrounding the family dramatics is the decline of the family fortune and its rapidly growing debts And above all of these worldly concerns is a spiritual and philosophical exploration from the Buddhist and Taoist point of view all of The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness life is a fleeting illusion Ironically despite the novel sength it can be considered an unfinished or incomplete masterpiece The original novel was never published in the author s The Leadership Gap lifetime For thirty years the novel consisted of the first 80 existing chapters being passed around in manuscript form The first printed edition which came out in the 1790s was published with 120 chapters with the editors claiming to have pieced together the remaining 40 chapters from fragments and the author s notes The first 80 chapters make up the first three volumes of this translation and the remaining 40 chapters make up the final two volumes Il Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) leave the uestion of authorship of the final 40 chapters to the scholars Whether it is different authors or as the translators suggest perhaps the author died before revising the final 40 chapters there is a decided difference between the two sections The first section is chock full of poetry and character driven narrative while the second section is plot driven workmanlike and flat as if there is a stated goal in wrapping up all of theoose plot Serenity Role Playing Game lines in as tidy a manner as possible The difference between the two sections is accentuated by the fact that one translator worked on the first 80 chapters and another translator worked on the final 40 chapters While there is a difference in translating styles nothing is diminished from the impact of the book It is a big commitment to read this book but one well worth the experience Bao yu and his family willinger for a Save the Cupcake! long time in my imagination 3552566 pages and 134 days45 monthsater this epic tale is finally complete In terms of my reception of various behemoths over the years this fared better than Journey to the West and worse than In Search of Lost Time a Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, large part of those varying judgments due to my disparate amounts of familiarity with the milieu the culture and ultimately the construction ofiterature present in each of these Tressed to Kill long and winding tales ofove death religion politics and above all fallibility and redemption as is performed in human beings However this ast section did become increasingly proselytizing to the point of completely rejecting the sympathetic viewpoint the narrative had thus far cultivated when it came to a number of its women and girl characters That along with certa. Gao E some decades ater It continues the story of the changing fortunes of the Jia dynasty focussing on Bao yu now married to Bao chai after the tragic death of his beloved Dai yu Against such worldly elements as death financial. The ast of five volumes that comprise The Story of the Stone Because no single volume really stands alone in this massive story my review will stand for all fiveI rated the first volume The Golden Days with only 3 stars because it starts so slowly and reuires practically the e SPOILERSin Ke ing s warning to Xi feng all the way back in volume one has gone unheeded The household s primary concern is still the enjoyment of wealth karma of an unfortunate kind thus follows In volume five many chickens have come home to roost many characters are arrested many items confiscated and Bao yu ooses his Jade only to have it returned by the Taoist monk who encourages him to enlightenment But all ends well oose ends are neatly tied almost ike a fairy taleThis is the final volume in Cao Xuein s masterpiece so instead of giving a run through of events ike I ended up doing reviewing vols 1 4 I l try to summarize my thoughts of the piece as a whole Readers often refer to a spell cast which asts from start to finish my this is true I was doubtful that such a The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School long work was going to hold my attention buto here I am There s a trick to writing well Some people write well in a florid sense which can be very stunning But Cao s spell is cast by delivering a package of drama and philosophy in a way which effortlessly beckons that its reader continue further and further along the Stone s Bao yu s journey through the mortal world The cadence of the story is gentle intriguing and above all that which we may rightly call beautiful While Cao s portrait of 18th century ing Dynasty China is fascinating in its period detail its true merit is the way his characters are ively portrayed in this illusory folly of the mortal plane Therein ies the transcendental uality of Cao s artMy thoughts of Dream of the Red Chamber run similar to my thoughts about Tolstoy s War and Peace not just when considering their The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School length or complex cast of characters but when considering the essentially conservative outlook of their philosophy If I were to have any issues with this story this would be it Cao s message is a very conservative Buddhism centered around the mechanics of fate Bao yu s enlightenment is indeed a secession from the world giving up the ephemeral pleasures of material goods and the statesman sife taking a whatever will be will be sort of attitude to ife While some may see this as admirable I found it off putting call it my politics call it some sort of Western curvature of my thought but I am committed to the belief that worlds are created on this mortal plane that Justice is a creative act constructed by the mortal deed of the vigilant and considerate spirit To give up on this mortal world is to give in to evil Our eternity must be reverberate across the mortal ages not complete karma Bao yu s enlightenment fell short for this reader Though isn t it strange how the most conservative writers have a knack for constructing such a compelling network of characters and their mannersDespite this Dream of the Red Chamber has a heavy degree of truth to it even if I might be reading
"It In A Way Which "
in a way which my own sensibilities The profound couplet Bao yu finds in the Land of DisenchantmentWhen fiction departs and Truth appears Truth prevails though Not real was once Real the Real is never unrealreally hits something I truly believe that fantasy truth reality are very fluid terms properties which at different times embody different things yet are constantly at play any serious discussion involves these three elements Truth is a sort of revealing Much ike The Stone had to travel through the fiction of the mortal world in order to reconcile itself with itself on Greensickness peak Truth must necessarily pass through fiction in order to be recognized as Truth Reality is the fiction we take for granted and cannot see and yet it is the unfathomable Real itself which reveals to us Reality s un truth From here Cao and I depart ways but I feel we may be kindred spirits neverthelessIn the final chapter of the story Zhen Shi yin whom we met at the beginning "of this saga remarks to Jia Yu cunEven though I may seek to expound this I fear you may "this saga remarks to Jia Yu cunEven though I may seek to expound this I fear you may be able to understand it fully The Land of Illusion and the Paradise of Truth are one and the same Could two readings of the registers and a whole ifetime s experience fail to bring enlightenment Could he fail to see the Alp When grief for fiction s idle wordsMore real than human ife appearsReflect that ife s itself a dreamAnd do not mock the reader s tears 2500 pages ater one of the greatest iterary masterpieces I have had the pleasure of reading concludes When grief for fiction s idle wordsMore real than human ife appearsReflect that ife s itself a dreamAnd do not mock the reader s tearsIt finally ends after countless parties tragedies poetry recitals family events and 2500 pages By the end of it all I had grown to ike and dislike many of the characters in this sweeping story I did not The Cake House like Baoyu at first the spoiledazy boy that he was but he grew on me with each passing chapter The kindness he showed to all people regardless of rank I read the reviews on 2007 and I thought I should add something this novel is unbelievably beautifully written and the English translation is absolutely superb returnreturnYou cannot find any better example of novel writing skill in any The Essential Tantra: A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality language The change in authorship is very evident here as is a tendency to want to tidy everything up It s not exactly a disappointing conclusion but I had the sense that I could have written it it or indeed anyone who. The Story of the Stone c 1760 also known as The Dream of the Red Chamber is one of the greatest novels of Chineseiterature The fifth part of Cao Xuein's magnificent saga The Dreamer Awakes was carefully edited and completed by. ,

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