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I read the first book in this series and found it mostly tedious but I was curious about the mystery surrounding the bad guy so I read the other two I did a lot of skimming I was ind of let down too when the all the mystery was revealed A simple trip to the desert to finish up fact finding for a lecture it should be uick and easy uick and easy turns into being deserted threatened and ends with a gunshotArcher is a man on a mission That mission falls to the wayside as he falls under the spell that is Meredith

"As A Common Rule "
a common rule it really does not seem to faze him only changes his priorities and completing his assignment is definitely not at the topMeredith has had to guard herself and her two half sisters most of her life Now that they are grown and happily married she feels free for the first time and is very reluctant to release that despite the alarming Events At The Beginning Of The BookRichards Has Done A at the beginning of the bookRichards has done a job of creating characters with depth and making you feel like you are right there with Meredith and Archer The tension and unanswered uestions will have you finishing The Deepest Sin in one sitting As the third book in the series it ties up nicely but is easy to follow if you missed the first two But be warned you will want to go back and read the first two if you haven t yetIf only Goodreads let us give half stars This book really deserves a 35 rating A novel with various highs and lows THE DEEPEST SIN by Caroline Richards has a few problematic elements Overall though Ms Richards pens an intriguing story mixed with an enjoyable romanceMeredith Woolcott has seen her two wards settled and married finally allowing her to enjoy her own freedom Thinking her troubled past is far behind her she sets off to Egypt completing research for an upcoming paper to be delivered at Burlington House in the following month When. Perfect Revenge Just when Lady Meredith Woolcott thinks she is safe the nightmare returns A madman who will stop at nothing has her in his sights once This time she must escape his clutches forever or die trying Dangerous Deceit Protecting Meredith was never part of Sir Richard Archer's. Trouble finds her she is surprised to find Sir Richard Archer coming to her rescueArcher nows the trouble has everything to do with Meredith s former lover but she believes him dead and refuses to accept the possibility that he is haunting her still With Meredith s and refuses to accept the possibility that he is haunting her still With Meredith s in danger and Richard her valiant protector they must work together to find the true reason behind the threats Yet with the fiery passion simmering between them Meredith uickly realizes the deepest sin may be giving her heart to a man she is not entirely sure she can trustIt pains me to admit it but unfortunately my interest in THE DEEPEST SIN would come and go as the novel progressed The detail and description of it all was so overwhelming that I would become distracted and find myself re reading paragraphs Ms Richards also includes a few flashbacks which I felt were not cohesively included in the storyline It was sometimes uite distracting and lengthy which made the transition back into the current story line difficultThe hero Richard is certainly difficult to warm up to While he appears heroic at first you come to realize there is beneath the surface Too much detail of past transgressions ie mistresses and vices make it difficult to find him endearing He comes across as somewhat of snob but to an extent so does his heroine Meredith could really be classified as a heroineshe was determine to change women s role in education and society and usually forceful with her position Yet sometimes she seemed so distracted or oblivious to the situation around her She does her best to pretend that no problem persists which was sometimes frustrating to read about I haven t read the previous installments in this series so there may be details that help understand the true nature of these charactersIt is impossible to consider this an innocent or charming love story. Assignment His duty is to pursue her follow her every move and let her be the bait that draws a murderous villain out of the shadows and into his grasp The Ultimate Risk Against his orders and his every instinct Archer refuses to let Meredith endanger herself and she refuses to relent fo. Both characters are somewhat long in the tooth for the time period and are not strangers to games of passion and love and are not strangers to games "OF PASSION AND LOVE THEIR SHARED "passion and love their shared was Explosive Sometimes It Felt Misguided With Their sometimes it felt misguided With their came reckless abandonment and instances where the couple acted as if they were forced together for means of distraction and self gratification Not necessarily because of any feelings they may or may not share which wasn t really all that romanticWhile I did have some disappointments there were plenty of highlights to this novel Richard and Meredith did have plenty of fun and playful banter The dialogue between the two characters was spirited and intelligent There were a few times where their clever phrases or muttered replies left me laughing The villain and story line was developed very well and overall intriguing and entertaining Also underneath it all was a charming romance that had its fair share of sweet and tender moments that any historical romance fan will adoreTHE DEEPEST SIN has a fascinating plot intriguing adventure and a passionate romance but it just doesn t get everything right While I finished this novel and found it enjoyable there was just something uniue missing that failed to fully captivate me I am a reader that relies heavily on character description and development yet I couldn t form a strong attachment to these characters I really felt like I was on the outside of this story looking in and not immersed in the magic of it all It s easy to see Caroline Richards has a strong voice with descriptive prose and thorough nowledge of her subject and time period So while this novel may not be my favorite I would not hesitate to try previous or future works from this author Originally posted on The Romance Reviews Exactly what the genre calls for but light fun reading never the less Not bad for a dollar store pick Rcing them to partner together to ferret out the threat But the inferno of passion between them has its own seductive dangers putting their trust to the test at every deadly turn A finely wrought tale rife with twisting secrets and dangerous hungers Exuisite Sylvia Day on The Deadliest The Deepest Sin

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