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Round not been cracked open by Denis Johnson s Jesus Son Breece D Pancake and others I haven t read like that Chuck P guy who also wrote about Alice Oliver fighting Just started Renata Adler s Speedboat whicheels like similar territory in tone and approach An enjoyable book all in all but so slim slight ultimately heftless with maybe at most a single uick LOL although it s sort of humorous throughout I wanted to root The Protestant Temperament for it but instead my single lingering impression is how did this get published No acknowledgments at the end as though to cover the tracks of some cronyism At one point he said he met professional writers in Boston Hmm File under raised expectations not uite met but I ll probably read what comes next I sometimes carry a notepad and write down random thoughts I have as if I mightind a use or them someday these little gems as I might think of them at the time And the truth is I have used them I eel like JD Daniels might do this too His essays seem to me to be his taking some of his random journal notes leshing them out
A Little And Then 
little and then them into a piece in some disjointed way And calling it doneI mean once in a while he arose to it and I enjoyed what he had to say It Can we knock it off with this macho neurotic essay thing or a minute Just a minute Long enough maybe or a ew of these Young Male Writer Talents to The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data find a way outside of themselves Some of these stories shine brighter than others but they are all very goodor their honesty artistry balanced economy and humor The highlight of the bunch is undoubtably letter rom Kentucky Stories read like stream of consciousness but upon closer inspection are put together like stream of consciousness but upon closer inspection are put together carefully These are great because they redraw reality in a way that is oreign yet Tempting Eden feels natural opposite of stranger in aamiliar place not necessarily world view changing but done with such grace that it is a seamless aesthetic experience Style and substance remind me of Daniel Johnson a little bit maybe a dash of Saunders thrown in there but Daniels really isn t all that sentimenta. Rary voice tone Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, form but also immediate such as spending two years on a Brazilian jujitsu team he gets beaten to a pulp repeatedly or participating in group psychoanalysis where he goes temporarily insaneDaniels is that rare thing a writer completely in earnest whose wit never deserts him even in extremis Inventive intimate restless streetwise and erudite The Correspondence introduces a brave and original observer of the inner life under pressur. Like a hemorrhoid Ah yes Sophomoric humor essays into the writing now and again Maybe the market is similar to Mixed Martial Artsighting Males 19 34 or say 44 Or not I sailed past 44 long ago and seemed to mostly appreciate this though it was passing briefIn addition to the Brazilian work outs and ighting Daniels writes about past girlfriends crazy ass people he s dealt with his Kentucky past read "memoir material in that it s raught with dysfunctional Three Times the Love family stuff always goldor writers and a psychological getaway that "material in that it s The Drowning Man fraught with dysfunctionalamily stuff always gold or writers and a psychological getaway that me wonder about Daniels experiences with the psychiatric trade Either he knows a lot about them or he has a good imagination either doable given what them or he has a good imagination either doable given what on in that tradeIf it s a new voice you d like or a macho voice you d like one seasoned with a been to university but dropped out POV this may be the greasy ticket you ound in the alleyway Admit one and admit it You might actually like it and GREAT INVESTMENT, THE find it 4 ish Or 2 or 3 ish if the uneven talent aggravates you I can sympathize either way but am voting benefit of the doubt in this case Merry Christmas JD I liked theirst two lettersjust ine before it started to descend to its loor Seemed overwrought at The Lively Art of Writing first and then just right and then less so The clarityspark and my engagement declined after aboutorty pages Disjointed progression reliance on breaks between short sections to do the work of transitions usually unpredictableodd often short sentencesparagraphs the seafood diet joke notwithstanding psychologically emotionally and physically damaged masculinity Brazilian jiu jitsu sailing drinking a bit of a ormal contrivance that s not even ollowed through on there s no you little continuity other than bio bits and rustrated girlfriends statement and negation of statement geographical variance some humor about writers These are elite NYC statement geographical variance some humor about writers These are elite NYC avorite things Bought this without much consideration after inishing Rachel Cusk s Transit and reading her By the Book post on NYTcom that calls it a groundbreaking collection of short memoirs Has such G and psychoanalysis can get us and how much we’re stuck in the mudIn prose wound as tight as a copper spring Daniels takes us rom the highways of his native Kentucky to the Balearic Islands and rom the Pampas of Brazil to the rarefied precincts of Cambridge Massachusetts His traveling companions include psychotic kindergarten teachers Israeli sailors and Southern Baptists on ire or Christ In each dispatch Daniels takes risks not just lite. .
This got a lot of buzz in The New York Times And Seemed To New York Times and seemed to the kind of writing I d like so I bought in once again proving the awesome book selling prowess of The New York Times What threw me was the price vis a vis the eatherweight book I unpacked in the mail This is part of that new trend of l il books It measures 5 by not uite 8 is a dust coverless hardcover weighs in at a mere 126 pp and allows three blank pages between each essay For this you shell a whopping 20 bucks Part of You Feels Both Highwayed And Robberied Three feels both highwayed and robberied three once each by Farrar Straus and Giroux The other part of you rationalizes you re supporting a writer and that can t be a bad thingWhy did I uote up the word essay above Because I wondered about how JD Daniels defines the word Then at the beginning I read the The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness following This book is mainly nonfiction Letterrom Cambridge Letter The Leadership Gap from Majorca Letterrom Kentucky and Letter Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) from the Primal Horde were written as essays and should be read as such Letterrom Level Four and Letter Serenity Role Playing Game from Devils Tower were written as short stories and do not describe real people or events All of these lettersirst appeared in The Paris ReviewBut what is described as essay material often reads like stream of consciousness or at times surreal iction "depending on which of the six brief letters you re reading The Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, first Letterrom Cambridge reminds me " on which of the six brief letters you re reading The Tressed to Kill first Letterrom Cambridge reminds me a book I read in 2014 Thrown by Kerry Howley So I elt like I had been there before reading all about Brazilian jiujitsu only Daniels angle is being the professor who ights and gets the crap kicked out of his hide while Howley s angle is being the The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev fair maiden sitting ringside who loves violence and bloodFans of clipped writing Hemingway style and macho but vulnerable writing also Hemingway style though some readersail to see Papa s vulnerable should like this material His voice is uniue and he manages to get spacey at times without going on and on like say Gogol s madman or is it madmen And occasionally he writes a clunker such as this line The past is behind me burning. The irst collection rom a Whiting Writers’ Award winner whose work has become a ixture of The Paris Review and n1Can civilization save us rom ourselves That is the uestion J D Daniels asks in his irst book a series of six letters written during dark nights of the soul Working rom his own highly varied experience as a janitor a night watchman an adjunct professor a drunk an exterminator a dutiful son he considers how ar books and learnin. The Correspondence

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