The Color of Lies [Pdf Kindle]

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35 stars This is well written and thought provoking It is a slice of life with interesting characters and up to date thought provoking It is a slice of life with interesting characters and up to date I particularly enjoyed how the teacher culpeppered her high school honors students with sentences featuring vocabulary words that stretch us allThe overt story is racism and its subtleties The underlying story is lies Do we tell white lies to protect others from unnecessary pain Or do we tell black lies intended to deceive and conceal Or do we tell

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of other Are we deceiving ourselves by our liesThis is a sto. Forty year old widow Molly Culpepper believes her hometown is a place of harmony and white picket fences until a colleague chalks a racial slur on the blackboard during Barack Obama's presidential campaign In the uproar that follows a citizens' group files a lawsuit In the uproar that follows a citizens' group files a lawsuit discrimination against the high school where Molly teaches To address the lawsuit's concerns over ac. ,
The Color of Lies

Donna Meredith Ù 8 Read & download

Eneral slashing of public education funding to the still current racial undertones The underlying racial problems in this small town come to the forefront of the main character Molly Culpepper life in a big way This novel also does a wonderful job of exploring the difficulty in teaching someone you don t understand While the book Was Entertaining Enough It Just entertaining enough it just uninspired It is a fine slice of life but I can t imagine recommending it to anyone who is not a middle aged white teacher who doesn t recognize racism The Audience Is Just Too is just too Er their families have a tangled history involving violence charity and misunderstanding The serious themes of the novel are lightened by Molly's witty voice and the dark humor that stems from the effects of the Great Recession In addition to problems at work Molly struggles to raise two boys on her own to eep
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alcoholic father of trouble and to find time for romanc. .
Ry about the uncertainty a reading for a class on race and gender issues Slow beginning but it s charm From 30% on I was into the characters and genuinely cared about what happened to them recommended for other teachers I actually had to read this novel for a course on Diversity in Education While I was not sure what to make of it at first I uickly found myself drawn into the book For any teachers out there Meredith does a really great job showing what it is like to teach in the current era From budget cuts due to the recession and Ademic weaknesses Molly joins forces with a black minister to plan curriculum improvements and a fundraiser for euipment upgrades The town's racial divide becomes personal when Molly clashes with a new black Student JD Marshall His Rough Language And JD Marshall His rough language and of control disrupt Molly's classroom but she is determined to find a way to reach him Gradually both Molly and JD discov. ,