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This Forsaken Earth eIn chatting up my heroes and he told me that the guy from overlook press with whom i already have some issues because they won t give up the rights to the first in the trilogy of kjaerstad books to open letter and my trilogy is therefore not uniform said that they have neverver had a book sell as poorly as book of leviathan and i know that has to be true because The Summer Palace: A Captive Prince Short Story (Captive Prince Short Stories Book 2) even at my store where we always have copies often on a display this motherfucker just doesn t move and i do not understand it seriously i want anxplanation an The Garden of Happy Endings excuse fromach and Campfire every one of youxplaining why it doesn t just reach right out and grab you these are its merits first of all it is a beautifully designed book forget the insides for a minute look at this thing the page My Little Blue Dress edges are red the silver on the cover is reflective and pretty the colors are bold andye catching its got a cat a bunny and a faceless baby on the cover and a blurb from matt groening that deserves at least a browse and then it is opened and the illustrations should be Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars enoughven before reading anything to stop your heart the care that has gone into this the detail the range of his abilitiesthere are so many styles here so much techniue Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life each page could be framed and would kick anything s ass at the fucking whitney biennial this is gorgeous gorgeous stuff and then just read a panel ftlog references to poetry and philosophy and math and art and physics uotes from chesterton and neruda and duchamp he is no slouch this man but it is not dull and academicverything within is beautiful and funny and bleak and so well put it s just so right the man has rocked the book on Crazy Love every level he deserves your money than most peopleven if you Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society end up not liking the writing you heathen you will at the very least have an object of undeniable beautythis is what he looks like this is what his art looks like seriously you all need to improve this sales rut this is his awesome website where you can read some strips to my blog Because of the stricken beseeching on behalf of this book from one who has never steered me wrongr out of the one recommendation I ve actually followed up onso far there will be and because I have this thing I m supposed to be doing for one week and nothing makes me wanna do verything lse like having a duty I picked up this collectionMarvelous So clever funny ndearing smart cool gentlewhere s my thesaurus I know I m missing uite a few of the allusions but I catch nough to feel good about myself and njoyI need to scan in a couple and contrast with some of the junk in the newspaper This blows Cathy out of the water Marmaduke Marmapuke Die Family Circus Zits you can stay Baby Blues for the strip showing sleepy dad getting shocked awake by hungry baby seeking out any nearby nipple I love you But you all pale in comparison to Leviathan Why can t the newspaper have good things like this This one I took a few days to read slowly as it feels both familiar like Peanuts and Calvin Hobbes and Crocket Johnson s Harold and the Purple Crayon and very like Peanuts and Calvin Hobbes and Crocket Johnson s Harold and the Purple Crayon and very And Eisnein told me to read this guy one of his faves It s an art book about kids about parenting about the strange little animals babies are with xistentialist philosophy and surrealism thrown in And dreams It s both commonplace babies and their perspectives on the world are weird dude and also highly bizarre in that it is a kind of parenting as mindblowing xperience kinda book but also so NOT a conventional parenting book like all those you readIt s a parenting book for artists of all kinds who were not prepared in the least for artists of all kinds who were not prepared in the least be parents seems like It s a book of reflections about babies and things about xistence babies make you reflect on written by a hipster musician who has taught creative writing a guy who was born in New York City in 1951 and now lives in London Full disclosure This dude was in a number of musical groups but I think I heard him play in The Golden Palominos when he happened to be in Ann Arbor in the late New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood eighties Is this true I think he was in the GP then This book is a kind of compilation of strips he did in London in the nineties And it reflects his weird reading framework his bizarreness his lightheartedness his philosophical nature and goofiness For instance on one page he reflects divergently on best blank pages in novels such as a couple pages on Laurence Sterne s Tristram Shandy pages that invite readers to construct their own aspects of the story What does that have to do with an art book on parenting I dunno But it works for me I have kids and read a lot of books on kids to try and figure out what to do about these small strange creatures but this feels like a philosophical reflection on growing up or parenting or being a baby that i would have liked to read when they were small About human development Clearly I have nothing useful to say about this bookxcept I njoyed it and found it amusing and pretty uniue Thanks Eisnein for introducing him to me Probably the strangest comic *to ver be printed in a newspaper And yes I am aware of Little Nemo Zippy the Pinhead and CathyThe art *ever be printed in a newspaper And yes I am aware of Little Nemo Zippy the Pinhead and CathyThe art varies between pisodes but is always very well done The story is all over the place in the best wayRecommended for advanced students of PataphysicsRead it while listening to Free Salamander Exhibi. Evi and Cat's adventures published in The Independent on Sunday newspaper in the twilight years of the old Millennium Blegvad's darkly humorous work has been described by Matt Groening as one of the weirdest things I've ver stared at uirky and referential dark and droll by turn it follows the faceless baby Levi's journeys into and out of the world They are ЯED escapes but as some sage once observed only a jailer would consider the termscapist pejorati. ,

The Book of Leviathan


One of my biggest reviewing pet peeves and indie rock critics are notorious for this is the whimsical genealogy g if the Velvet Underground reunited for a battle of the bands in a Texas honky tonk with Cat Power sitting in for the long dead Nico and Danger Mouse dropping beats behind a resentful Lou Reed the results might sound a bit like the new Arcade Fire album It s a tired lazy monstrously stupid form of comparison And I m totally going to use it hereImagine then that Flann O Brien and Henri Rousseau looking to pass the time in purgatory decided to collaborate on a comic strip They steal the central conceit from Calvin and Hobbes all the copyright lawyers are in hell and hit up Samuel Beckett for some of the metaphysical gags he left out of Waiting for Godot Then spotting Charles Schulz in the piano lounge Aw fuck it you get the idea and I hate myself nough as it is That s sort of what The Book of Leviathan is like Needless to say it s marvellous just marvellous There s a reason the GR punditocracy has pressed this volume to its shapely collective bosom Well two reasons because Karen told it to and because the book is really really good And here s a fun bit of trivia Leviathan s creator Peter Blegvad is one of the co founders of the seminal prog rock outfit Slapp Happy How cool is that Not only is the guy a cartoonist of genius but he s also a minor musical legend Buck s conscience So what have you been doing with YOUR lifeBuck Well I wrote a bunch of reviews for this really neat website and umBuck s conscience storming off I m staying out late and I m coming home drunk I ve owned this for a couple or maybe a few years It s been a while since I bought it Karen had recommended it to me an The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs even longer time ago And now I ve finally sat down to read it I m a little behind on following through with people recommend to me but I see that uite a few people did listen to Karen s praise of this book They were all smart folks and listened to her a couple of years ago But I m the winner because if I had listened to her back then I wouldn t havenjoyed this book on the afternoon of December seventeenth two thousand and twelve just days shy of when uetzalcoatl returns to destroy us all I needed something that felt good to read on this overcast day Moreno especially after reading a few blah books in a row Now I m thinking of all the good books I could have read in the past couple of weeks the ones that I have been saving for the future and thinking what if those new age lunatics are correct and the world has only a few days left did I really need to read those books when I could have say finally finished reading the stories in Oblivion or any of the other books I keep passing by because it doesn t feel like the right time to read a book that I m sure tonjoy Did I fuck my last couple of weeks of all Monsieur Pain existence like I ve fucked up most major decisions of my life Please don t let this be thendBut I can at least be glad that I read this one "and that I m going to get to see Leonard Cohen twice in the last four days "that I m going to get to see Leonard Cohen twice in the last four days xistence Really this BOOK AND SEEING LEONARD COHEN ON THE APOCALYPSE EVE and seeing Leonard Cohen on the apocalypse ve t so terrible rightBuck was given some shit in his comments about not saying what the book is about so I better mention what the book is about because I d hate to disappoint someone stumbling upon any of my reviews The book is about a baby his stuffed bunny that doesn t talk and his pet cat that does talk In real life the baby can only say Dep but in the inner workingslogic of the comicstrip he contemplates all sorts of uestions metaphysical uandaries and What If engages in lots of word play That s what this is aboutThis might be the smartest comic strip to appear in a newspaper Possiblyver Think mashing up some of Farside with Calvin Hobbes which makes me wonder about the use of philosophical names in this and Bill Watterson s strips and some of the Life is Hell thrown in and then sprinkle in lots of smarty pants references Chesterton uotes cameos from famous artists and a slew of unreferenced homages and pastiches to The Exhaustion Breakthrough earlierra comic Chesterton uotes cameos from famous artists and a slew of unreferenced homages and pastiches to The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good earlierra comic That kind of almost pointless pointing towards other works to define this one fails to describe how good many of these strips are I m kind of jealous of newspaper readers who got to read these when they were being published and got to read the strips that weren t collected although maybe with the wonders of the internets you could look through old issues of The Independent on Sunday and see them all in all their glory on your device s display device If you haven t read Karen s review because goodreads won t let me create a link that actually works any you should because she has gotten lots of people to read this book and she will probably do a better job than I m doing at convincing you to seek out this woefully half forgotten gem and read it in the last few remaining days we have left before those our world irrevocably changes which it most likely won t but do you really want all Supplemental Book existence tond without Hark! The Herald Angels Scream enjoying something as good as this I picked this up used because it had great drawing of a tabby cat on the cover and when I flipped through it I liked the drawing style It looked weirdOnce I started reading it I saw that yes it s weird but I mean that in the nicest possible way Ostensibly it s str. Welcome to a new strange world In a dazzling work of graphic fiction a surreal journey through a wonderlanderily like real life The Book of Leviathan chronicles an infant's investigations into life's great mysteries Endowed with a preternatural interest in metaphysics and philosophy yet as confused as any innocent by the vagaries of adult behavior little Levi bears the added burden of living in a world that can literally change at the stroke of a ,
Ips about a featureless baby with a huge head clutching his bunny and wearing pajamas and his cat but jesus god that doesn t Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners even begin to describe it It s not cute in the slightest though some of the strips are genuinely moving Leviathan does normal baby things like wake up at night and panic when he realizes he s alone but he doesn t wake up and scream hengages Cat in philosophical discussion One of the first ones in the book is a long uest let by Cat to return his parents from the land of the dead He must not turn back as he leads their shades over five mountains And at the nd there he is in his cot with his father saying He won t look Do you suppose he s mad at us for going out to dinnerIt s about philosophy art what is reality angst war peace the human condition It veers wildly from fantasy and word play to comic reality Schrodinger s Cat shows up too You can get a look at some strips here My copy is inscribed by the author to Ammon in Arizona His loss is my gainI put this book down for a while partly because I didn t want it to nd and was glad to be reminded of it by Karen s reviewI would still like to be able to draw a tabby cat as well as he does Peter Blegvad was one of my creative writing lecturers at university He was insane I mean that in the hey guys I m zany sense but also potentially in the clinical sense His sessions were amazing a multitalented creative dynamo he would draw stuff sing things he would talk complete bollocks in a sort of hungover midatlantic professorial drawl uite often he would come in with a guitar strapped to him and pluck it intermittently like a nervous comedian I remember once analysing a poem with him and he ran uickly through the last word of Bidadari yang Mengembara every line and suggested forach one a slightly different word that sounded similar so that in a few seconds he had recreated a sort of alternate universe version of the whole poem floating behind the Red River Girl existing one but with a completely different meaning It was ridiculous but mindxpanding like a lot of his workIn those days the Independent on Sunday had just stopped running Leviathan the cartoon he d begun in the La strada delle croci early 90s It s one of the most amazing strips you ll find bonkers non seuiturial philosophical dreamlike and thought provoking and awww cute all at the same time Reading it feels like reading Calvin Hobbes during a drug induced paranoidpisodeThe titular character Levi for short is a faceless baby who so far can only say Dep out loud but who nevertheless conducts long philosophical discussions about life the universe and verything with his cat The ideas floating through these strange cartoons touch on inter alia Nez Perce spirituality Chilean thinker Volodia Volosky lepidoptery Georges Bataille advanced mathematics origami synaesthesia Hegelian dialectics antimatter Lowell Hobbes Munch Chesterton Marlowe Freud schatology Schr dinger s cat the history of blank pages in literature and a whole lot of metaphysicsThe artwork varies The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth enormously from precise two tone diagrams to lushly painted landscapes to photomontage cut ups to artistic pastiche to various other hybrid styles that I couldn t confidently identify The overallffect is one of oneiric weirdness where very detail assumes symbolic importance and you feel you re soaking up something crucial ven though you can t really Pretty Reckless (All Saints High, explain what it isPB is mainly a musician his best known song Daughter is the one that plays over the closing credits of Knocked Up butvery time I get this book off the shelf I wish he would do drawnwritten work Leviathan s a uniuely odd xperience and it always leaves me feeling creatively fresh and inspired with the added unexpected bonus that now I ve had babies myself I m finding a whole nother layer to the strip that I never ven realised was thereDec 2012 I gather than this was originally a strip and I can see how it would be fabulous in that format There were a lot of things I liked about it the puns the cleverness the allusions but reading straight though as a book I got bored with it fairly soon on The cat was my favorite character Some of the ntries suffer a surfeit of cleverness uotations and my favorite character Some of the ntries suffer a surfeit of cleverness uotations and general but as as I didn t want to love it because then I d might as well admit that I am held by the tractor beam of Karen s recommendations I did like Blegvad s book Very much The Book of Leviathan is wry mocking and doesn t take itself half as serious as all the ground it attempts to cover I kept thinking I was reading a list of mnemonics from a compulsive reader of philosophy and the odd ngineering textbook who in order to remember his lessons needs to turn his sing song in jokes into comics Blegvad is funny and from what I can tell a really decent human being there is a great injustice in this world and before i get back to my paper and before i write any job recommendations for anybody i am going to sit down and make a heartfelt plea to anyone who is paying attention to help me fix one little thing that is symptomatic of verything lse that is wrong in the world i just got back from MOCCA because i am a nerrrrrd and peter blegvad got back from MOCCA because i am a nerrrrrd and peter blegvad happened to be there signing so of course i have to go up and buy another copy of this book i already own so i can have it signed and chat him up because i am someone who believes. EnAided by a wise pet Cat and a favorite toy Bunny Levi ncounters a frothing Paper Chasers ectoplasmic Hegel and a woefully off the mark Freud In less heady adventures Levi contemplates why his parents disappear at night and whether he is wholeheartedly pleased when they returnach morning; the regrettable liberties taken with the English language; and the relationship between Bennetton and Pablo NerudaPeter Blegvad's Book of Leviathan assembles the cream from ,