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Regardless of the fact that it s A Wattpad Book The Bad Boy Cupid wattpad book The Bad Boy Cupid Me was incredibly cute and fun to read and surprisingly well written I don t mean this in an offensive way towards online published books just that sometimes without an editor reading over the work large mistakes can o unnoticed At first I was bothered by the fact that each chapter ended in some sort of cliffhanger to keep readers that were reading the book as it was uploaded interested in the next chapter typical of wattpadfanfiction stories but later on that stopped and I found myself خداوند الموت: حسن صباح getting into the bookActually the book just kind of improved chapter by chapter plot holes disappeared nonrealistic events stopped occurring stuff like that What s impressive is that the author was 16 when she wrote it No way I could write that well And writing as a 16 year old the voice of I thought that this book wasood and I just finished reading this book on Wattpad OkayI just read this for the 100th time again No exaggeration Completely serious There are some books which I will never Girl in the Blue Coat get tired of And this my dear friends is one of those I wouldn t say it s not a typical book for Wattpad but it s way waaaayyy better I promise Every single romantic should read this book and the best part it s for free I help so many people with their relationship problems everyday but when it comes to myself I have no one to turn to Ironic isn t it That s Chloe Armel for you The Cupid s Assistant There are so many things I love about this book The characters the relationship the friendshipit s all EPICOne of my favourite scenes is when Reece teaches Chloe how to punch the actual way and he acts like badmouthing her That was so adorable The villains had so much character especially Ashton DeVille I enjoyed all the scenes Chloe had with Ashton He was such a typical anti hero and the whole backstory was super interesting Skip school for an entire dayDrink alcohol for the first timePunch someoneDo something illegal Fail a test Just to see the teacher s reaction Then re sit the test the test andet full marksGet Reece to lose the betLearn how to skateboardKiss in the rainWait that s too clicheKiss under the MistletoeNaah too Justin Bieber KISS IN FRONT OF A VERY LARGE CROWD The bucket list Ah high on hash brownies Chloe led to the cute bucket list and then the entire story we witness how Reece subtly makes her complete each one of them without her realizing CAN SOMEONE SHIP A RECCE CARTER TO MY COUNTRY he actually Hunter Kiss gives competition to Alec RyderHughes from The Bad Boy Stole My BraAnother person I absolutely loved from the book was Valentino I especially love the scene where Val tells Chloe how Reece and him became best friends That was an emotional moment Aaaand he is such a funny man His scary stories are justreat Also another favourite part is when the author uses the title to relate to the story once when they were left in the campfire alone by Jake Jayden Dennis and Val to enjoy each other s company and Reece tells her a secret The next time was during the end of the story when they kissed in front of the crowd ticking every box off her bucket list And finally I LOVE ROE I really want content of Reece and Chloe My heart is just full for them and I ship them so fucking hard The chemistry is so lit I cannot recommend it enough Typical for a Wattpad Story plotwise but surprisingly decent and engaging Yes there were many cliches and it really annoyed me how Chloe was portrayed as a weak female lead You re so cute when you re angry I lost count of how many times this statement occurred But the characters were lovable and the story flowed nicely considering chapters were released in separate installmentsAn enjoyable light read And honestly way better than many of the other things I ve read on Wattpad Ah how I love dis bad boy Doctor Sleep goodirl thing where bad boy is actually uite nice and the Karma's A Sexy Bitch: Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy Adventure goodirl is naughty Well it has all the elements of perfect romance book without oing over the edgeI loved how the story evolves with elements of perfect romance book without oing over the edgeI loved how the story evolves with friendship thing and the characters are not jumping at each otherMeet Reece Carter the official bad boy of the Preston Highschool He rides bike he is the most notorious This All Encompassing Trip: Chasing Pearl Jam Around The World guy in the campus he has a whole rebelroup he is never seen with a Scouts girl and He is freakingenius in Math Now lets meet the The Organ Grinders gal Chl. Reece smirked Trust me Chloe the Good Girl always falls for the Bad BoyChloe Armel is a Good GirlShe neverets in trouble The Sudoku Code gets excellentrades and is loved by everyoneEnter ReeceWild badass and has an ego that honestly couldn't e.

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The Bad Boy Cupid MeI couldn t even remember when I had fallen asleep beside him last night I looked at the clock hanging off my wall it read five thirty in the morning My parents would be back soon Oh crap Panicking I did the only thing reasonable at the time I pushed Reece off the bed Enter bad boy Reece Carter Cocky sexy arrogant badass incredible hot intelligent oh and did I mention cocky Rides a motorbike and has the best best friends anyone could ever ask for Reece s a rebel fighter strong respected and the most important thing about him iswait for it he s terrified of spiders You should have seen your face when a spider was on you Priceless I retorted feeling a sense of triumph He edged even closer to me if that was even possible and I felt his cool breath on my face We agreed to never bring that up again A smile couldn t help but slip on my face as I remembered the funny moment I think it s cute The bad boy s afraid of an incy wincy spider Reece is just the sweetest boy ever hush don t tell him I said that and I adore and love him He was perfect and he s definitely my new book boyfriend He does have a temper and can be fiercely protective I love when others speak of him telling Chloe how amazing he is My favorite moment was when Valentino told Chloe how Reece and he met Reece is just so incredible that you cannot help but to fall in love with him Oh Chloe He began his voice low and steady making my breath hitch in my throat I thought I told you not to mees with me He said against my neck his lips barely brushing against my skin After all I think I know how to make you scream too He finished placing a soft lingering kiss where he s spoken making me let out a soft sigh of pleasure Now let s start talking about Chloe AND Reece together or just in the same room I just ship them so hard Those who do not ship them needs a smack in the face Hard What they two have together I want that The connection and love between them I m jealous They have a friendship that no one can compare to and they are so comfortable around each other even without knowing it and that just makes it perfect I m pretty sure their journey will never be boring not with their comments to each other and Chloe are Reece s rock and vice versa They really are a down to earth friendshiprelationship Do you think this is funny She flared while pointing her finger towards Chloe She was currently holding a potato and congratulating it for etting a part in Toy Story Man I really hope Hasti Williams will write about Chloe and Reece because these two people are one of the favorite people I have ever read about I could read about them all the time they were that amazing I seriously recommend this book to everyone and if you do not like it Read it again If you re having a bad day this book is perfect for you because it makes you laugh so hard that you end up having breathing problems The only thing I didn t like was that it was too short I seriously want I can t Silver in the Wood get enough The book was too damn hilarious It was just small little things in this book that annoyed me and that was that sometimes Chloe could act like a child and that the book was too damn short I want AndI really need to stop talking about this book This is probably the longest review I ve ever written P One thing I will definitely re read this book Probably MANY times Rate 5 Stars Interesting uick and funny reading My mum still thinks LOL means Lots of Love After a big disappointment with Married with the Prince of Darkness this was reallyoodIn story we have a D 333 5 Incredibly Funny Stars D 333Oh My God Hasti Williams I am in AWE of youLadies And Gentlemen let s ive a round of applause I will shamefully admit that this was my first wattpad read I am so sorry I plan on making up for it Ok yes the plot is not exactly originaland I don t consider this to be a spoiler cause I assume that you have read the Boy And Good Girl Fall In Love But Seriously And Good Girl Fall In Love but seriously was like what 16 When She Wrote when she wrote U kidding me AND she did this seen before plot WAY better than 90% of experienced authors I mean there were some twists and surprises that made the book differentview spoilerReece turned out to be a never been kissed virgin AND the best student in the whole schoolhe was in fact a scholarship kid hide spoiler This is the last time I read something from Wattpa. R's house Her neighbour has a son and it's Reece CarterSneaking out Parties Drinks Hash Brownies Flirting Breaking the Lawand Road TripsAdd a few shots of Cupid's Arrows and what have we otNo clueAll we know is it'll be unforgettab. Oe Armel she is teacher s
Pet The Best Friend 
the best friend always makes everyone laugh every parent s idol kid helps everyone with relationship problem and never skips schoolSo what happens when the badboy meets the ood al obviously Sparks Fly So how many times have you read that HE was her first kiss he was her first true love but this story has a twist My eyes widened in disbelief WowI never took you as a one night stand player type of The Second Cure guy ReeceNo idiot Reece snapped I mean Ive never even been with airl EverAnd with that I died and Went To Happy Land With to happy land with unicorns and Wait Hold upBut that means that your first kiss I trailed not being able to believe thisWas with you Reece finished looking away shy all of a sudden And with all other awesomness Reece Carter enters into my bookish boyfriend s list Seriously he fulfilled all the criterias1 he is Rebel2 HE is funny 3 He is decent 4 he rides bike fights like hell 5 He is not a player and the list mi8 Essential Andhra Cookbook: With Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities go on and on and on Also to add he is bestroup of The Sorcerer's Apprentice guys all are damn funny at the same time such decent palsCan i join thereroupSo in short this is a book where you Eagle's Gate get to see two people falling for each other after being friends and how sometimes the most opposites are actually perfect for each other I recommend it to all those who love Chick lit Is this cliche af Hell yes Was it exactly what I wanted it to be Also yesFunny uick and easy to read slightly addicting and very entertaining And cliche Theood kind so if you need something to read during stressful times something to take your mind off of thing this is it Re read 040915I fucking love this book I cannot understand anyone who doesn t love this book or hasn t World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi given it a shot It s amazing The characters are amazing The friendship relationship EVERYTHING is amazing Yes I just used the word amazing 3 well for if you count the last one Anyways I cannot to re read this one yet another time in the future Oh and I want my own Reece And and I want Theirl s here at Prescott Private School had my trust I m the irl they all turn to for relationship advice and help not that I was some kind of relationship uru or anything I m just Chloe Armel Cupid s Assistant as they like to call me I just help do what the chubby half naked baby with a dangerous weapon forgets to do Shoot you both Omg this is one of the best books I ve read in 2014 I seriously needed the laughs Hasti Williams Who Is Muhammad Ali? gave me My stomach s really aching after all that laughing Man the book was just perfect The writing the story the humor the friendships and the love AMAZING My eyes widened in disbelief WowI never took you as a one night stand player type ofuy ReeceNo idiotReece snapped I mean I ve never even been with a irl EverAnd with that I died and went to happy land with rainbow unicorns and a irl EverAnd with that I died and went to happy land with rainbow unicorns and Hold upBut that means that your first kissI trailed not being able to believe thisWas with you Reece finished looking away shy all of a sudden The characters were just reat I can t et over how epic Reece s and Chloe s relationship was Them having the hots for each other but really hating it Damn tension and sparks flying everywhere and sassy snarky comments here and there made this book one hell of a fantastic ride Always classy never trashyjust a little bit nasty Chloe Armel 17 years old irl smart funny and seriously a irl s best friend I love her She every parents dream daughter She loves math and she never skips school Even the teachers love her Another thing I love about her is that she never takes shit from anyone Chloe has the most hilarious comments EVER and I know I would have been best friends with her if she was real When ever she A Secret Kept gets embarrassed she just brushes it off and says something sassy Last time I had hash brownies I hugged a hobo with a white beard and screamed Dumbledore you re back Her sense of humor nearly killed me Chloe s airl who had her heart broken a long time ago though haven t it been for the boy that broke her she wouldn t be a fantastic uidance for the irls She had studied the uy s player moves and learned how to pick up boys like it was nothing Chloe is though a really ood The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World girl She never does anything wrong and she always wants the best for everyone even those who tried to harm her She s simplyreat My eyes trailed down to see him still half nakedin my bed. T any biggerHe ets into fights breaks every single rule and couldn't care less about the conseuences that come with itWhen Chloe's parents leave to treat sick children in Cambodia for two weeks she is forced to stay at her neighbou. ,

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