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Poetic Machinations: Allegory, Surrealism, and Postmodern Poetic Form iCollapse of a long term marriage Xmas And the final story Lobster Nights a dramatic exploration In the Shadow of Empires into what happens whenndividual breaking points are breached for both men and women The most moving story For Me Was The Moor Where A me was The Moor where a something local Thespian Also In The Plumbing also n the plumbing for his day job and divorced meets his 80 year old former lover from 30 years ago n a restaurant and escorts her homeBanks The 101 Dalmatians is a slow burn on the longer stories where he takes time and lengthy sentences some of which are clumsy and pretentious to build character but you have to stay the course to gain the benefit Two of the stories The Fisherman and The Guinea Pig Lady run 120 pages between them and take placen the same trailer park there are other stories too from this trailer park pulled from his 1981 collection aptly named Trailerpark and are similar n construct they portray the outsider who goes against the norms of society for altruistic reasons there s even a section The Story of the Orchestra in both stories where thendividual judgements of the trailer park denizens aka society on these outcasts who dare to go against the grain are laid out candidly and embarrassingly for we too could be one of those people casting those judgements The opening story Djinn set Only Say the Word in a fictitious African states similar Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge in theme where those who rise to the top and look beyond are pulled down by the dictates of a conformist societyThe unfortunate aspect of throwing a writer s entire body of short fictionnto a one mammoth collection s that there will be unevenness between stories and there s n this one *Too Given The 37 *given the 37 span over which they were written Styles vary from 1st person to 2nd person to 3rd person In fact the 2nd person constructs are very effectively renderedAll that said f you have the time and patience to let Banks conjure up his scenes and characters Talking Cures and Placebo Effects in his deliberate and methodical fashion thiss a very enjoyable and memorable rea. Orld from working class New England to Florida and the Caribbean and Africa Broad n scope and rich n magination The Angel on the Roof affirms Russell Banks's place as one of the masters of American storytelli. The Angel on the Roof

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A good read Easy to pick up and read a story *or two then come back a few days later and read *two then come back a few days later and read or two I was a few stories An Unreasonable Match / An Unconventional Duenna in before I caught on they were all connected Soont seemed like reading a story took on the feel of a call back home catching up on the lives of people you d left behind A good book for lunch breaks waiting n lines and doctor s offices and to keep handy on the side table between loads of laundry I often have difficulty reading a collection of short stories from beginning a collection of short stories from beginning end but Angel on the Roof held me from the whole way through There were a couple less mpressive stories thankfully they were all short but some of these will hold me for some time The suallor of the Guinea Pig Lady the moral of the Fisherman the heart wrenching decision Finn (Anderson Billioniares Book 1) in the Burden etc Many of these stories revolve around decisions and their conseuences most often through the elusive nature of male thought and the unexplainable actions men take I felt the women were weakly drawn characters but was not bothered by this probably because so many of the stories characters had so many faults or bad luck or repeated family cycles of poverty abuse alcoholism etc that I didn t desire to know all the characters well I may be wrong but I think this would be a difficult book for some men to read because many of the characters are hurting and they just can t control or facet Difficult yes But true Sadly too often Russell Banks does not do much happy But Last Chance Hero if you like winter and New Hampshire you may find much to liken the short stories of this book There was a story early Officer Buckle and Gloria in the book about a boy learning toce skate It brought me to my youth Antolog�a Patri�tica in Michigan winters skatingn a variety of places from small lakes to flooded rinks Political Theory: An Introduction in the neighborhoodSome of the characters liven trailers and drink too much and experience and sometimes Two Adventures of Sherlock Holmes initiate violence Its said that the 30 some short stories What Is Madness? in the book were selected by. With The Angel on the Roof Russell Banks offers readers an astonishing collection of thirty years of his short fiction revised especially for this volume and highlighted by thenclusion of nine new stories that. Banks himself who considered them the best of his work I like reading short stories But these days I am mostly listening to audible books rather than flipping paper pages With this book the reader was competent but not extraordinary Every story was red This Pagan Heaven in about the same voice I think and hope that I have another broker two by Banks I like him I picked up this collection neverntending to finish t nearly 500 pages of short stories But I did trapped as I *Was In The Middle *in the middle the ce storm and was glad for the experienceI was reminded of Raymond Carver and John Steinbeck when reading these stories many of which are located n a town called Catamount New Hampshire The characters are mostly blue collar workers often plumbers leading hard scrabble lives hanging at the edges of penury They are scarred ndividuals prone to alcohol adultery violence racism sexism greed and vanishing jobs but with a strong homing call toward their roots Zum Ruhme Reifer Geister: Eine Flaschenpost Mit Brennrezepten Wunderwassern Und Beschwingten Versen Von Babylon Bis Heute (German Edition) in this small state that seems to be fond of Canadian Club whiskey Children of broken marriages feature prominently and I wondered whether the 12 year old boyn the 50 s with a younger brother and sister whose father abandons the family a scenario occurring n than one story ueen for a Day and The Visit s a reflection on the author s life However adult children of broken families should never uestion their aging parents about what happened those many years ago to disrupt the family unit as we discover n Assisted Living Plain but those many years ago to disrupt the family unit as we discover n Assisted Living Plain but women are entwined with younger and attractive men leading to disastrous results Sarah Cole A Type of Love Story Some of the shorter stories are told Dark Water: A Siren Novel in parable form such as The Fish and The Neighbour Communist leanings come outn With Che Muse in New Hampshire andn the dramatic recreation of Simon Bolivar s last hours n The Rise of the Middle Class An unexpected event can lead a man to uestion the new direction he s taking with his life after the. Are among the finest he has ever written As Dr. Koto Vol. 9 is characteristic of all of Bank's works these stories resonate withrony and compassion honesty and Sworn Sword: A Free Preview insight extendingnto the vast territory of the heart and the