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PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition jUick notes Her best yet Jennifer Weiner is the ueen and THAT SUMMER is much than a beach read highly suspenseful twisty gripping and heartfelt Emotionally explosive and character driven could NOT put it down and read in two sittings You will fall in LOVE with these two women who become unlikely friends both named Diana and uirky teen daughter Beatrice I want to move to Diana s charming cottage on Cape Cod Trust me the exuisite food descriptions will make your mouth water I did not want this book to end She did a fabob with these nasty men Metoo I wanted to throw them from a cliff except for Michael of course And oh the beach descriptions were divine Who doesn t love P Town Provincetown MA I would not change a thing Flawless Well maybe one guy I would like to see dead Top Books of 2021 Full review coming closer to pub date Also stay tuned for an Elevator Ride with the Author coming pub date to go behind the scenes with the fabulous Jennifer Weiner and a bonus an upcoming book giveaway contest in mid AprilMay More details coming soon Did I say how much I LOVED these characters this book and Jennifer Weiner I adore Jennifer and everything she has ever written but this is MY FAVORITE Move it to the top of your list NOW Celebrating 20 years this year Can you believe Good in Bed came out in 2001 I recall it like it was yesterday JDCMustReadBooks A special thanks to Atria and NetGalley for an advanced reading copy That Summer by Jennifer Weiner is a wonderful modern fiction that has it all well crafted and complex characters relationships friendships suspense mystery and kept me interested from beginning to endEmails that were supposed to go to one person end up by accident are received by another woman due to their addresses being very similar A friendship is developed between the two Diana and Daisy and then we see the multi layered plot unfold What we first thought was a story two seemingly different women with different lives and goals and experiences whom should have no connections whatsoever is far complicated and unpredictable as things unfoldThis book is far then a light beach read or a women s fiction This book deals with some much needed however heavy material Subject matter such as rape abuse and the emotional and physical fallouts from these acts is part of this story This book is about relationships between men and women women and fellow women mother and daughter and the relationship that we have with ourselves It deals with guilt forgiveness happiness darkness and rays of light and hope that can emerge from said obstacles and challenges in lifeI won t discuss too much in hopes that I keep as much of the surprising plot a mystery for fellow readers but let me ust say that the unraveling of the complex ball of thread that is the initially presented plot is something that is surprising refreshing and a thoroughly engaging read that reminds me of why I initially presented plot is something that is surprising refreshing and a thoroughly engaging read that reminds me of why I enjoyed so many of Ms Weiner s books in the pastI recommend this book as well 55 starsThank you NG and Atria Books for this arc and in return I am submitting my unbiased review and opinionI am posting this review to my GR and Bookbub accounts immediately and will post it to my Instagram and BN accounts upon publication 35 stars I ve been a Jennifer Weiner fan since her first book every summer I anxiously await her next book I was so excited to

get my hands 
my hands an early copy of her latest However it took me awhile to actually get into this one The beginning was a little boring if I m being honest Luckily somewhere in the middle it picked up Daisy whose real name is Diana begins getting emails meant for another Diana Daisy is feeling lonely after ust losing her best friend so she decides to befriend this new interesting person They strike up a conversation and agree to meet The meeting was not accidental at all Diana planned to meet Daisy all along That Summer Diana met Daisy s now husband Hal An incident occurred changing her life forever Overall I Diana met Daisy s now husband Hal An incident occurred changing her life forever Overall I having a hard time deciding how I feel about this book The cover and title are definitely misleading as this is far from a summery beach read as one might think with a pink cover Instead the book focuses heavily on the metoo movement and specifically the Kavanaugh case I think the subject matter is important but I wish it was brought out in a original way instead of The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, just copying what s happening in the real world The ending alsoust ended without any real solution Better than last years book but definitely not my favorite Jennifer Weiner bookThanks to Edelweiss and Atria for my advanced ebook copy Another motivational heartwarming story from Jennifer Weiner with surprising twist and engaging characters There are two Dianas in this story who are living different lives polar opposite characters But when one of them s emails accidentally fills the other one s inbox coincidentally their paths are crossed Now they decide to meet to devour best bloody Marys after sharing emails with their honest feelings In the beginning we are introduced to 15 years old Diana s summer ourney at a summer house on the Cape Diana is normally from South Boston living with her two sisters and parents attending to a private school in Cambridge on. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Big Summer comes another timely and deliciously twisty novel of intrigue secrets and the transformative power of female friendship set on beautiful Cape CodDaisy Shoemaker can’t sleep With a thriving cooking business full schedule of volunteer work and a beautiful home in the Philadelphia suburbs she should be content But her teenage daughter can be a handful; her husband can be distant her work can feel trivial and she has lots of acuaintances but no. .
A scholarship Her mother arranged her a summer ob as Dr Levy s helper to take care of her two kids The money they offer can easily cover her expanses for the coming year of the school and she can finally be by herself having a uality time at golden beaches making friends having a real summer holiday for the first time She forms friendships with au pair girls who also take care of the kids of other families and she finds her first summer love And she attends her first bonfire party to meet with the boy she got attracted from famous Emlen Academy It seems like she s having the best night of her life But before everything is dramatically getting changed about her night we move forward to 2019 to be introduced to Daisy the other Diana in late thirties married with a lawyer who is also partner of a big firm 13 years older than her mostly spending his time out of the house She has also a 14 years old daughter who is criticizing everything about her is about to expel from her school which is also Emlen Academy yes the same place where Daisy s husband Hall has also graduated from Daisy lives in her big house financially secured emotionally lonely She doesn t have any real friend her blue haired curious smart rebellious daughter doesn t like to share anything with her and her husband is estranged with her buried his head in his work Meeting with Diane is a fresh change for her life She already realizes Diana has active and vivid life style comparing her dull flat secluded life style Spending time with her gives Daisy different approach and forces her to look for what she s done wrong with her life She got married so young when she was only twenty because her father ust died and her mother had no money She was in debt and meeting with her husband seemed like the answer to all her prayers But she knew from the beginning her husband had wild life before he got married with her suffered from alcoholism As she starts to face with her past Daisy slowly realizes meeting with Diane is not a coincidence They have to face an ugly truth together to move on their lives This was genuine heartfelt friendship self discovery women s growth independence story It s intense emotional inspirational like the other books of the author As a person who suffer from anxiety attacks and insomnia I easily connect with Daisy even though I didn t approve some of her life choices and felt closer to Diane and easily foresee the direction of the book before revealing the big surprise I still enjoyed my reading and rounding my up 35 stars to 4 feminism metoomovement women power stars I m so pleased to have a chance to receive the arc copy of this book Ms Weiner never and ever disappoints me Special thanks to Maudee Geneo Atria Books and NetGalley for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions One night changes the life of a young girl and now decades later she wants those involved to take responsibility for their mistakes But is she willing to accept responsibility for the innocent life s that will be destroyedThanks to the publishers and NetGalley for providing an arc for my honest review I always love the characters that Jennifer Weiner writes because they are always so easy to connect with even through their flaws and this book was no different I loved the main characters of Diana and Daisy and some of the supporting characters Michael was a gem But overall I have mixed feelings about this book At first I wasn t sure where it was going When I figured it out I was interested but I felt like it tried to do too many things instead of doing one well I felt like the alternating viewpoints of Diana and Daisy were great but then I was very thrown off with why there were random perspectives from other characters It ust seemed very disjointed Some of the characters were absolutely despicable and I got so angry with their views But in those cases I know that was the point There are a lot of important themes to this book and I think it helped to emphasize how much trauma can affect someone even for years after an incident This is definitely something that we need to be conscious of as a society instead of pushing mental health aside and expecting people to get over it While it wasn t my favorite of hers I m still glad that I read it because I think the Diana and Daisy characters will stay with me for a long time If you decide to pick it up please be aware of various trigger warnings that I will post below thank you to netgalley and atria below Thank you to NetGalley and Atria for proving this advanced copy for my honest reviewTrigger warnings sexual assault misogyny gaslighting homophobia This is a RomanceWomen s FictionChick Lit Jennifer Weiner is the author of Big Summer and I really enjoy that book I was very excited to see if I love this book as well I have to say I found that first half of this book to not flow well and I spend most the time trying to figure out what the characters have in common or how they connect to each other I hate when books do that How they fit together comes out around the half way point "Of The Book I "the book I enjoyed the last half of the book There is a lot about rape and how man treating woman badly in this book I wish the first half of this bo. Real friends Still Daisy knows she’s got it good So why is she up all night While Daisy tries to identify the root of her dissatisfaction she’s also receiving misdirected emails meant for a woman named Diana Starling whose email address is ust one punctuation mark away from her own While Daisy’s driving carpools Diana is chairing meetings While Daisy’s making dinner Diana’s making plans to reorganize corporations Diana’s glamorous sophisticated single lady life is miles away from Daisy?. That SummerOk flow better and was put together differently because I do think the message in this book is very important I was kindly provided an e copy of this book by the publisher Atria Books or author Jennifer Weiner via NetGalley so I can give honest review about how I feel about this book I want to send a big Thank you to them for that This book is schedule to be release on May 11 2021 A book written by Jennifer Weiner never disappoints me This one should be classified as Contemporary Lit not Women s Lit The relevance to today s society is at the forefront right from the beginning Many of us have a summer from their teens that can be remembered as That Summer Sometimes the memories are good sometimes they are not so goodDaisy and Diana met by an odd coincidence which turns out to be not so odd as the story unfolds And Beatrice Daisy s 14 year old daughter is also an important character All of their personalities and traits are very well developedDiana is trying to come to terms with her past Daisy is trying to ustify her life in the present And Beatrice is trying to find her path in life as someone who does not fit in with the norm The Me Too movement has a huge part in the story The Boys will be boys mentality is challenged The Mean Kids and bullying atmosphere of teens are also spotlighted This sounds like a lot to deal with while putting together a coherent story but all these themes tie in with each other The story demonstrates how one action can create a snowball effectfor many years and many people The story certainly makes the reader think Incidents can no longer be swept under the rug People must be made accountable for their actionsAnd a warning despite the title and the cover this is not a beach read It is not a light and fluffy book It is a well written and well thought out storyline The last 25% of it may be a little hard to read and process Sometimes we need a book that makes us think I received a complimentary copy of this book Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own 25 This is a story of two Diana s one experienced a traumatic event she is working to overcome and the other Daisy seemingly lives a perfect life with her husband and daughter The two meet and develop a friendship but one has no idea the other has an elaborate plan of revenge Big Summer was one of my favourite reads from last year so when I was sent That Summer I was beyond excited After reading it though I m beyond disappointed Like what was the purpose of this book The book did touch on a sexual assault recovery and healing and that was important it was also the part that was the most gripping and kept me reading But the rest was ust what The ending is SO anticlimactic I was pissed it felt like a giant waste of time Daisy s family was so horrible from her mother to her brother her husband and even her daughter was so bratty and ungrateful hard to read Daisy herself was miserable and naive she was constantly taken advantage of and lived in a world where she and naive she was constantly taken advantage of and lived in a world where she did what she thought she should to make everyone around her happy even though they treated her like complete garbage I liked Diana a lot better "and her story was much interesting but in the end again like it went nowhere I thought this would have some "her story was much interesting but in the end again like it went nowhere I thought this would have some twists and turns but I figured everything out before it happened Also why is it sooooo long And why was Beatrice s perspective included None of that made sense I don t think her perspective contributed to the story at all The writing was good and I did like reading Diana s side I liked Daisy also but her character was ust so sad Anyways I wouldn t waste your time with this it missed big time Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the free preview in exchange for an honest review Daisy s real name is Diana Lately she s been getting emails meant for another Diana whose email address is ust one character off from her s And this other Diana sounds like she has a glamorous life filled with fun while Daisy is feeling sour and isolated after her best and I ly friend recently died So when Daisy emails Diana to let her know about the misdirected emails she s pleasantly surprised when they strike up a conversation and agree to meet But we the reader will soon find out that their meeting was anything but accidental Very loosely related to Weiner s previous book Big Summer Weiner weaves a tale of drama and suspense on a timely topic Honestly I Had A Hard I had a hard getting into this one at first Daisy was boring and most of the beginning is about her But I decided to stay in it until we meet Diana in present day and it definitely got better after that Some of the packing is weird here This book travels back and forth in time and while there s nothing explicitly telling you that there s a time ump for the most part it s usually easy to pick up But there are a few mostly with Beatrice that don t make a lot of sense There are some inconsistencies in the storyline that hopefully an editor will suss out and fix before this goes to print Overall I can t decide if I liked this one I appreciate the timely subject matter A d I appreciate that there s not a good solution in the end because this is messy But did it make a good story I can t decide. ?s simpler existence When an apology leads to an invitation the two women meet and become friends But as they get closer we learn that their connection was not completely accidental Who IS this other woman and what does she want with Daisy From the manicured Main Line of Philadelphia to the wild landscape of the Outer Cape written with Jennifer Weiner’s signature wit and sharp observations THAT SUMMER is a story about surviving our pasts confronting our futures and the sustaining bonds of friendship.