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TextastropheFairly entertaining for a couple of hours but I think I laughed about twice the Italian restaurant logo one was the only one I d say was funny It s the same format as Damn You Autocorrect by Jillian Madison but that one is at least 1000 times funny If you like those hidden camera wind up tv shows or djs that do wind up calls this is the same sort of thing Hilarious if a bit vulgar Combine boredom and a huge supply of random cell numbers and you have this hilarious book The author was working at a boring cell The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone phone kiosk when he started his cellhone Rivers Last Longer pranks What resulted was a book that will make you laugh a lotEachrank begins with the ad or flyer that inspired it The format is as if the reader is seeing the actual hone Pranks such as trading two sub sandwiches for a motorcycle and offering up a arents garage for boat storage are just a few of the The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! pranks the authorulled on unsuspecting cell Witchcraft for Tomorrow phone owners If you enjoy reading aboutranks or cell hone mishaps than ick up this book for several hours of hilarityI received this book free of Charge From St Martin S from St Martin s in exchange for my honest review This was a bit of a laugh A rankster texter Probably just reaffirms what I ve Been Thinking No One thinking No one talk any Too much texting I read most of this on a 35 hour road trip Need a little tolerance though some a little crude And a little silly Fun at first but became monotone after that As author Matt Andrews shows in Textastrophe utting your Rolling Thunder phone number in aublic Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? place like a Craigslist listing or on a sign may be a bad idea a really bad idea Andrews haserfected the final art of text ranking and this book is a collection of some of the different text ranks that he has Bootie and the Beast pulledIf you read the Textastrophe blog you might be familiar with some of theseranks as I was However there were a lot of other hilarious ranks that I was not familiar with that I loved reading And even those that I was familiar with still got a good laugh out of meThis is a very uick read that will give you a good laugh I could see it being really good gift for someone who is Once upon a time rank hone calls were the best way to rocrastinate but in 2015 they’re so The Art of Mary Beth Edelson passé Instead Matt Andrews has mastered the art ofrank texting What happens when you offer to barter two sub sandwiches for a used motorcycle Who do you call when you want to build a mysterious. .
Ooking for a laugh or needs a little bit of cheering up looks like i m all grown up now utterly adult and humorlessi don t know utterly adult and humorlessi don t know i thought i would enjoy this book i ve never enjoyed ranksters or aggressive erformative gag comedy so even if this book had been written by someone who was genuinely funny i robably would still have been the wrong audience for it but this guy just isn t that funny i am not a fan of andy kaufman but At Least There Was least there was cleverness to his schtick i could appreciate his manipulation of boundaries and his None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) provocation even if i wasn t amused by it this guy this shit is just boring so his whole thing is that he was working a dull job at a smartphone kiosk in a mall he had a lot of free time on his hands and a lot ofhones at his disposal so his genius idea was to Puta pay his misery forward and start textingeople foolish enough to 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 post their numbers onto craigslist andretend to be interested in the services they were offering asking increasingly outlandish or abusive uestions until they snapped and ended the exchange with fuck you or go to helland that s the jokeover and overand it s just dull it s dull because he s not Killer Games particularly funny there arerobably eople who could have ulled this off in a way that would have made me laugh but this guy just doesn t have the comedy chops to deliver it s just one juvenile scenario after another is it funny to contact someone looking for a lace to store their boat and offer your garage and then over the course of a few texts reveal that you are a teenager who doesn t have ermission to rent out the family garage and is Cocksure planning on taking the boat out with his friends for crazy good times is it funny to try to hire a dj for a kids halloweenarty and then spring all these intricate babysitting responsibilities on him is it funny to make a stranger buy you a coffee and wait around at a starbucks for you while you Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, pretend you have an iphone to sell is it funny to try to to convinceeople to engage in criminal activities when they are just trying to make a few extra bucks tutoring or coaching Man cave in your basement What do you do if you need a knight in shining armor to deliver you to your high school reunion If you've ever left a contact me Porto Bello Gold pull tab at your local grocery orosted an ad on Craigslist and received insane and unbelievable text messages in response Andrews is. .

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R fixing computers is it funny to waste eople s time see i don t think it is and i don t think it s interesting to read a PROLONGED SERIES OF TEXTS IN WHICH series of texts in which eople are The Three Lives of Sonata James put into situations that just stress them out i worked retail for a long time and i smiled my way through countless frustrating exchanges that were so bizarre i felt like it must have been a joke but it never was and i can assure you that shitty feeling lingers and can infect the whole rest of the day this is just a gleeful coward trying toass the time in his shit job by ruining other Mein Erster Mörder people s days at their shit jobs and that joke isn t funny to anyone who has ever had to work with theublic and had their time wasted by eople who were lonely or bored or angry and just looking for a target this kind of shit is only cool if at the end the victim understands that they have been art of a joke or is given a car or something as a good sport treat otherwise you just walk around with a Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah part of you thinkingeople are such assholes and simmering with hostility and lord knows we don t need any of thatthis is the only one that made me laugh because it showed a speck of cleverness the rest of it juvenile twaddle These were funny from the view of the Poems of Heaven and Hell from Ancient Mesopotamia personulling the rank but irritating for the one on the other end of itIt takes a good sense of humor on both ends to appreciate ranksThe trick is to stay out of trouble when doing it who knew that text ranks could be so hilarious Written by Matt Andrews Textastrophe is a collection of rank texts While the author worked at a Bear Boy phone store he took advantage of thehones to make Black Women in White America prank texts if he found ads on Craigslist witheople s Worlds Beyond The Poles phone numbers I have to admit this book isretty amusing Prank texts is a funny idea but I wouldn t call this book laugh out loud funny I chuckled here and there but I think this book needs to here and there but I think
book needs to read in bursts because I found myself feeling bad when the eople who had no idea they were being ranked were getting frustrated If you know someone who loves this type of humor this would be a great gift for them. Very likely to blame We'd be mad at him if we could stop laughing long enough to hit send on the exceptionally witty come back we thought oftoo bad he's already moved on to his next target and deleted us from his hone now only to be remembered in these ages of his laugh out loud funny boo. ,