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Years later we d still be at Music lead Neill to Hollywood and working with stars resulted not only in to memorable Hollywood working with stars resulted only in to memorable but long lasting friendships He travelled with Frank Sinatra Took Rauel Welch to the beach Went in the ring with Ali Put The Who in a cage O Neill captured many of the most nforgettable faces from the frontline of fame and his photographs exude his own brand of serene simplicity intimate behind the scene moments and the rare ality of trust between photographer and subject The list of people Terry O Neill has worked with over the past years is a Who s Who in celebrity from film to music sports to politics Terry O Neill Every Picture Tells a Story is like going through a walking tour of memory by a man who has seen met and photographed them all. For the first time compendium of his most striking imagery has brought together in one volume that gives a niue insight into his creative process and the personalities of the superstars he shot Amateur Photographer It is magnificent David Walliams TwitterFor the first time in book form Terry O Neill one of the greatest photographers of the last years reveals the stories behind his most iconic images From the morning he spent with Faye Dunaway at the pool in Beverly Hills to walking around Vegas with Sean Connery Dressed As Connery dressed as Bond a chance encounter with Bruce Springsteen on the Sunset Strip to taking Jean Shrimpton to a doll hospital these are the taking Jean Shrimpton to a doll hospital these are the behind the images as only Terry O Neill can reveal I was walking p the Miami Beach boardwalk to the Fonta. .

Terry O'Neill every picture tells a story

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Inebleau Hotel where Sinatra was staying I just reached out with the letter in my Hand And He Took It and he took it opened it read it turned to his security men and said this kid s with me I never found out what Ava said to him in that letter From that moment on I was part of his inner circle Terry O Neill From The Beatles to the Rolling Stones Terry O Neill fast became the photographer of the s Having an eye and ear for music and musicians he instinctively knew what bands to focus on And they in turn trusted him I remember sitting in a pub with the Beatles and the Stones We were just hanging out and talking about what we d do next after all of this was over By this we meant the fame being the new kids of the moment Usually this sort of celebrity doesn t last Little did we know that.

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