[PDF] (Tell Me What You See) AUTHOR Edward A. Dames

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Tell Me What You See

Edward A. Dames Ç 6 Free download

A well written and engrossing account of the army s and DIA s opening adventures into remote viewing Major Dames has had a rough life but a fruitful one He is erhaps overly judgmental about other esoteric traditions than the one he has developed He seems to think they re all crooks and liars but him Many are but not all This is an important contribution to the literature of various disciplines which take advantage of the omnipresence of ether or as some call it lasma throughout the universe and the fact that the mind can travel instantaneously through this lasma It can be accessed for knowledge healing and as Dames notes for nefarious urposes as well The case histories are fascinating and I will be learning this techniue in coming weeks I have followed Ed Dames ever since I first heard him on Art Bell years ago I have taken remote viewing courses and can confirm that it works The Times of Bede problem with this book is the same as in Ed Dames interviews they are good stories that end up contradicting themselves from tale to tale A good book but I don t think we will ever know the full story from Major Dames Regret theurchaseAt first I thought what a guy to overcome his abusive childhood but then I continued to read The most annoying thing was the author s massive ego that abusive childhood but then I continued to read The most annoying thing was the author s massive ego that the book and ruined it for me Even though the remote viewers did the work and The Catechism of the Council of Trent provided the information and Dames does throw them the occasional bone all throughout the book he takes credit for everything I m not saying the monitor doesn t have aurpose but the author is shameless about making it all about him And yeah he didn t want law enforcement to accompany him for their safety m hmm i believe for their safety m hmm I believe was because if he found the body there wouldn t be any doubt that he was the one who made the discovery and he wouldn t have to share the credit or glory or the spotlight There are individuals in and out of the military who have accomplished as much as and than the author who display confidence but not the nauseating excessive ego that he does UGH This book would deserve stars as it was the first to expand my consciousness into the idea of remote viewing outer body experience and our lost cosmic heritage leading me to retreats that blew my mind but there s a City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York painful amount of the writers ego you need to filter out Stick with it He gives enough about his own childhood and military indoctrination that any armchairsychologist can understand why Also if you read up on the good he s doing in the world with his incredible gift it ll make it. The unknown isn't so unbelievable in Dames’s hands George NooryAs the operations and training officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency's Psychic Intelligence Unit Major Dames with his team used the The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 practice of remote viewing to uncover accurate military intelligence After retiring from the military Dames turned hisaranormal detective skills to finding missing Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje persons such as millionaireil. ,
A lot easier Books by former remote viewers from the military are such a trip to read From Lyn Buchanan to David Morehouse these guys wereare on the cutting edge are such a trip to read From Lyn Buchanan to David Morehouse these guys wereare on the cutting edge consciousness exploration But don t go to these books for feel good stories I m sure that it is because they were all trained I m sure that it is because they were all trained human weapons to root out threats to the government but they all seem so dark and obsessed with shadows Even when Major Dames sets out to have a fun RV session on the Ark of the Covenant his viewers see mainly blood shed and despairThe methods used in Dames sessions were different from others that I ve read Morehouse and Buchanan described RV sessions in which separate viewers with handlers would run through coordinates while in completely secluded rooms and then the different sessions would be ut together after the fact to try to create a complete Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields picture Dames described group RV sessions in which he d act as the handler give out the coordinates and then his viewers would sit in a group setting and say what they were seeing as they saw it I found this approach to be interesting but how would yourevent one mind from influencing the others It sort of felt like having an enormous continuous analytic overlay in the room An AOL analytic overlay is essentially interpreting what you re seeing before the session is over which makes the target fuzzy and ruins the connection The groups that Dames described seemed to do this all the time The reader especially Learner Strategies in Language Learning picks up on this during the chapter entitled Ether WarsI liked his description of RV Remote viewing is about reaching beyond the five senses into the unconscious mind to look inside and miraculously gather information stored like webages on a cosmic computer Even miraculous is that we all have the innate Dangerously Placed potential to do this arescient sixth sense Just Destiny pg 16The way the mainstream considers RV It sart of my regular curriculum to discuss how badly the authorities treat remote viewing There s no reward for being right afterward no Paradise Run party no fanfare orarade down Broadway for us No fingerprints left behind What eople can t igeonhole they often reject We were dealing with a system that treats what we do like watching someone have a seizure from behind a two way mirror uninvolved yet shamefully fascinated Help Me, Jacques Cousteau pg 27Which is why I was surprised when he so vehemently rejects the contributions of the naturalsychics mediums channelers to his military unit Gauvin and his broomstick Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen pals were running us into the ground Angela s channeling was bound to be judged useless and scrapped. Ot Steve Fossett whoselane vanished in Nevada and a young Colorado girl named Christina White who disappeared seemingly without a trace He has even located one of the most legendary missing objects in history the Ark of the CovenantIn Tell Me What You See Dames takes you behind the scenes of some of his most mind bending casesReveals true stories and fascinating secrets uncovered by the military.
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And then maybe she d #Go Back To Her Crystal #back to her crystal But as Gauvin had correctly ointed out she was an official member of the unit no matter what I thought about her I decided to let Angela stay Who knew by Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert participating in an actual session maybe she d catch on to how remote viewing really works Maybeg 120 121 Unlike mainstream folks those types of spiritual witches as Dames describes them in other Hidden Boundaries parts of his book don t need to be convinced that there are levels oferception beyond those utilized in day to day life If he had taken the time to look beyond their strange methods and encourage them to organize their natural talents within developed rotocols I think Dames could have found some owerful allies within the military RV Gods Callgirl program But that s not how helayed the game It was as if you were either completely with Major Dames or against him I suppose it goes back to his role as a soldierDames comparison of RV to out of body experiences OBEs aren t anything new The concept has been around and Forever I'm Yours practiced for thousands of years dating back to the monks of ancient China and India Their wizened mystics called it astralrojection a ractice where either awake or dreaming certain adept individuals could cast off their earthly skin and ropel their consciousness astral body into unknown spirit dimensions across time and space A strikingly similar trajectory to remove viewing only we go there mentally step by step following a rigorous set of roven military rotocols Renoir pg 153Andossibilities for RV in the future The ability to remote view is the next step in the evolution of the mind What started out as a military tool based on the desperate need of warriors seeking to destroy their enemies in battle has now developed into an invaluable instrument in The Search For Enlightenment Remote Viewing Is search for enlightenment Remote viewing is teachable Nebular Sammelband 5 - Galaxis in Panik psychic like skill anyone can learn What is often overlooked is itsotential to help us deeply experience life Nightwing: On the Razor's Edge pg 257 I would say soIf you re interested in books like Tell Me What You See you may want to look into The Seventh Sense The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a Psychic Spy for the US Military by Lyn Buchanan or Remote Viewing The Complete User s Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing by David Morehouse When Major Ed Dames was a guest on George Noory s COAST TO COAST AM radiorogram after I had just returned from a two year stint teaching in China he unnerved me with his dire Bakunin: The Creative Passion predictions He advised listeners to learn Mandarin something I had tried to while in Anshan Despite my effort Borrrring. 's remote viewing teams from intelligence on Soviet missile sites to the whereabouts of missing POWs in Vietnam to the location of the Ark of the CovenantMaj Dames is the mostopular guest on George Noory's exceedingly The Donegal Woman popular radio show Coast to Coast AMFor anyone fascinated by the intersection of the military and the mysterious Tell Me What You See is an amazing and completely absorbing must re.