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Series Can Be series can be here in my review of the first book The Dark Stairs This review also appears on my blog Read at Home Mom This is the book that made me like reading I picked it out at the library when I was 9 or 10 for a book report and I still remember the story and the lovely character of Herculeah than 15 years later Crazy I recall really enjoying the suspense and the danger she "Runs Into My Daughter "into My daughter this book form the library and I ended up reading it one afternoon This is A Herculeah Jones Mystery and part of a series I did not read the other books in the series but you didn t need to to follow along and understand Herculeah and her best friend Meat find that the local palm reader has been murdered The two follow clues and investigate who would ill her and why It was a fun and entertaining story I enjoyed it for the most part It s a uick read definitely geared towards a young audience I did feel like the ending was a little thrown together to be uite honest I m reading this series as a palate cleanser but I remember reading parts of this book when I was younger I didn t like this one as much back then but now in comparison with the first book this one is a much intriguing readI enjoy the character development of Meat having an absent father and his determination to find out what happened to him Herculeah s dad is involved this time and the relationship between him and her mother is showing how strained but similar they are and you can really see how Herculeah s character developed from them This book has many callbacks to the first one but I don t think Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story kids need to read these in order Obviously this book is also just that aid s book I read it in two hours and the writing is definitely for the level of 3rd or 4th grade to junior high school as the characters ages are 12 13 I think it s a fast paced and interesting read for How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead kids As I started reading it I tried to imagine what my younger self would ve thought but my adult imagination got a little tired of the relaying of information from things like phone calls or past memories and conversations I don t need all those details just give me the gist But as aid I now I would ve wanted to now every little detail as ids are curious about everythingThe mystery was pretty easy to solve but the explanation and jump to the final climax were a bit on the loopy side I still enjoyed the outco. Madam Rosa the eccentric local fortune teller has been brutally murdered and the case has everyone baffled Herculeah has .
Tarot Says Beware Herculeah Jones Mystery #2Me the same and I think now we re starting to see a bit maturity in how these mysteries are playing outI ll see bit maturity in how these mysteries are playing outI ll see much further I LL GO WITH THIS SERIES ll go with this series hope to finish uickly so I don t lose interest before getting back to my serious want to read books My daughter actually picked up this book from the library to read and since I own another of Betsy Byars books The Pinballs from when I was a id I thought I would check this one out The synopsis on the back sounded promising and the excerpt on inside was positively chilling so I expected it to be a fairly good readUnfortunately it didn t play out that wayBluntly put Herculeah had no depth her best friend Meat was nothing but a pile of insecurities and the storyline alternated between disturbing and improbable I mean there isn t a whole lot creepier than threats Moonrise knives puppeteers dead bodies and mimes and this story has them all Plus throw in a fortune teller and references to clowns voodoo dolls and tarot cards and I will not let my 6 year old read this despite her having a taste for mysteries Yes I can see how someids would lap up all of the scary drama and it is waaay better than letting them read R L Stine but I expected out something that intends to be part of an ongoing series following a single person Little bits of angst about parent divorces and adolescent feelings of not fitting in would be great character development items except that they come with nauseating freuency where no real character had ever been originally establishedSo this book might be passable or even enjoyable for Byars target audience of elementary school readers which is important But it is far from great lit and I prefer to have them both Tarot Says Beware is the second book in the middle grade Herculeah Jones Mystery series Herculeah named after Hercules lives next door to "HER FRIEND MEAT MEAT IS OVERWEIGHT AND A BIT "friend Meat Meat is overweight and a bit a coward but he is a loyal friend and always helps Herculeah in her investigations The daughter of a cop and a private detective Herculeah has sleuthing in her blood much to the chagrin of her parents She always Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi knows when there is a mystery about because her hair frizzles When her hair starts to go all wild shenows it s time to do some sleuthingIn Tarot Says Beware Herculeah nows something is wrong when she sees her neighbor s parrot outside Madame Rosa a palmist loves her bird and would never allow Tarot outside Herculeah goes over to Madame Pretty good idea who the iller is but someone else has a vision too and wants to make sure Herculeah won't be around to se.

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Osa s house to put Tarot back inside and to see what might be wrong Her hair is frizzling like mad and her hair is never wrong In fact things couldn t get much wrongand Herculeah Finds Herself In The Middle Of A herself in the middle of a police investigation As usual Meat is scared out of his wits but stands by his friend accompanying her to investigate the case I love this series Herculeah s frizzling hair is just too cute And Meat is hilarious He s always scared but he stands by his friend through everything He jokes about writing letters to Dear Abby to find out what to do about a neighbor girl that is constantly getting him into trouble Just too cute This story is middle grade appropriate There is a bit of implied violence but nothing graphicI like the characters Herculeah is intelligent curious and strong Meat is afraid of a lot of things but shows real courage when he faces his fears in order to protect his friend The story has realism as well as Herculeah s parents are divorced and often show some bitterness towards each other Herculeah deals with the situation the best she can as do most children of divorced parents But that isn t a main part of the plot The majority of the story is Herculeah and Meat investigating mysteries This time it was a major caseand dangerous Great suspenseful storyThere are seven books in the Herculeah Jones Mysteries series I m going to read them all It s a very enjoyable id sleuth series I m reading a couple heavy thrillers right now and when the plots get really intense I like to take a break and read something short and lighter Middle grade books are perfect for this Betsy Byars has written many middle grade level books including Tornado The Midnight Fox and Trouble River This book showed a lot of danger and ethoseyasium in it I really like the choice of words Betsy uses in each of her books Honestly stumbled on this by accident and did not realize it was a number 2 in the series but over all thrilling good mystery read for a nice autumn realize it was a number 2 in the series but over all thrilling good mystery read for a nice autumn I really like Betsy Byars Herculeah Jones mysteries They are probably on a 3rd or 4th grade reading level Herculeah s parents are divorced Her dad is a cop and her mom a private investigator Somehow Herculeah is always getting mixed up in some murder mystery that she ends up solving before her parents do Of course she is usually just about illed too This is the second in the series They are good clean mysteries that I think ids would enjo. E the future Byars grips the reader from the first sentence and doesn't let go until Herculeah solves the case The Horn Boo.

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