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I don now what to say about this Wow I d never heard of a plushie fetish before WowEvery time I see a commercial or ad for the movie Ted I can t help but laugh I ll never look at teddy bears the same again BR with the Obviously Addlebrained MacHalos It s all Karen s fault If you were thinking this would be sort of like the movie Ted you re wrong It s like the pillaging of childhood toys The 15 page story is about a girl s very unnatural and scary attraction to her teddy bear Freddy the teddy is her best friend is this any surprise One night he makes his move and they get it on according to the delusional girl All made possible due to the strap on she put on the bear Poor Freddy This is how I think she views her teddy bear Over the years pervert girl tries to get it on with males and females but they re just not Freddy She can t resist his synthetic materials But don t think she s only Freddy s girl no she lets her other stuffed animals get it on the action How fortunate for her that she is hired to work in a stuffed animal store Yeah just like a heroin addict working in a crack den You Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story know where this is going As to not spoil the story I ll leave you with some gifs about what happens next like her literally spanking a stuffed monkey Everyone after reading this story Yes this happened I actually read this Hey it was only like 14 pages long Plushie porn whonew it was a thingA young woman straps one on her favorite teddy bear and he takes her virginity He s also apparently uite good at Vektalling For information on Vektalling see Ice Planet Barbarians refers to giving oralSo we get a stuffed cat involved and even a monkey Our heroine does meet a real human who she can share fun times with I like how it ends with them still doing their stuffed animals and not actually each other HAHAI should be a little traumatized but I m so desensitized to smut that this seemed a little tame I have to say I was entertained though Cuddling plushies will never be the sameBuddy read with do I even need to say it The MacHalo Group Because We Will Literally MacHalo group Because we will literally anything Literally No really And we love it that way HAPPY VALENTINE S DAY losing my virginity to my beloved teddy bear was the most incredible experience i could imagine and i wouldn t change a thingguess who borrowed a nook from work again porn for goodreads you re welcomeso teddy bear pornteddy bear pornonce upon a time there was a girl who loved her teddy bear fred no she looooved him see so she took her mother s dildo out of the drawer and with a few adjustments embarked upon an erotic adventure that was hopefully one of a How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead kind and inspired the above uote full disclosure freddie needs to be dry cleaned afterward there is uite a lot of blood and younow other fluids oh dearbut naturally it is wholly satisfying to both participants and she continues her ero. Read the stunning confessional of a woman whose insatiable lust was satisfied only by one thing her stuffed teddy bear Erica recounts her experiences with making love to her treasured bear. Taming My Teddy Bear Plushie Fetish #1Ll you why not I have this lovely adorable cat plushie and I can t look her in the eyes any after reading this I noticed my stuffed cat Cassie looking particularly turned on She was watching the action excitedly and I didn t want her to be left out I have to turn her eyes away from me from now on when I change because I don t want to give her an Buddy read proudly brought to you by the Depraved MacHalo Freaks One of the most enlightening informative reads ever No shit Had it not been for this masterfully crafted piece of scientific awesomeness I would have never nown about Plushophilia YES Plushophilia It s a thing To think I ve never owned a teddy bear in my life Or a stuffed cat Or a stuffed monkey Or a stuffed mothra larva for that matter Furries and fluffies Fluffies and furries The possibilities are endless Now I understand why so many people are obsessed with stuffed animals even when they are way past the Care Bears age I ve always thought that adults with a marked interested for all things plushy were highly suspicious I can be so perceptive sometimes From now on whenever I see one of those stuffed animal hammocks in a childless home I will have no doubt as to what goes on behind closed doors You people are so dirrrrrrrty And devious And deceitful I am no longer fooled by the pink fluffy doors You people are so dirrrrrrrty And devious And deceitful I am no longer fooled by the pink fluffy and other adorable plushy pets nonchalantly displayed around your homes Take this little guy for example A soft spot in your heart huh I am SO not buying it Cute little Doggy Don T Be don t be na ve It s not your heart these lewd depraved people are after Just ask Hector the blue haired guinea pig Think his owners spend their free time brushing his beautiful hair lovingly Think again They might do something to him lovingly but believe me it ain t got nothing to do with hair brushing And whatever it is they might use him for I m pretty sure the crazy hair plays a big part in I mean just look at that gorgeous long blue hair So inky So freaking hot It tingles hey Chuck and tickles in all the right places It s warm and soft And so silky against your skin But I digress If you do a uick search on the internet you will realize how big plushophilia has become in recent years Yep Plushie fetish is so hot right now even cute little piggies are into it even cute little piggies are into it is so fucked up What is this world coming to I ask you Bulldogs with deviant fluffy twin fetishes that s whatFucked up I tell you So much so that some manufacturers have come up with enhanced furry beasts One huge tail Two large teeth So many possibilities And that s awesome plushophilia for you Are you shuddering yet No You should bePS hey you now those stuffed monkeys with plastic faces and butts Spanking themIt is SO hotPPS the Depraved MacHalos would have never read something like this if given the choice We love cute cuddly teddy bears view spoiler hide spoile. Ntains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse with stuffed animals sex toys intercourse with a strap on dildo and the deflowering of a virgin by means of a sex toy This is a work of ficti. Tic journey over the course of time with new bears as mere men fail to satisfy her i m not sure what the time frame is on this book or if she ever returned her poor unsatisfied mother s dildoand one plushie is never enough i noticed my stuffed cat cassie looked particularly turned on she was watching the action excitedly and i didn t want her to be left outuh oh can someone say stuffed threesomebut wait that s not allwhat happens when our heroine gets a job in a toy store there was this stuffed monkey that ept attracting my attention every time i walked past itoh it s on baby it turns out to be a baaaad monkey who needs to have its vinyl ass spankedbut even though the store is closed and the door is locked the assistant manager has a Moonrise key oh noes caught in the act watching you is pretty damned hot he said i think the monkey is being very bad againand guess what he has a similar fetish and they go at it near each other she with her bad monkey and he with a cat and a polar bear i guess that counts as an orgyin any case those toys are no longer fit for a child to buy they have seen too muchsoit is pretty much amazing and while i do notnow what it means for a cunt to tingle angrily i am willing to concede that it could be a side effect of humping stuffed animals and will therefore remain an unexperienced sensation i m cool with thatcome to my blog Buddy stuffed animals and will therefore remain an unexperienced sensation i m cool with thatcome to my blog Buddy with the increasingly disturbing MacHalosI think there s an unwritten rule somewhere that states you have to be willing to read almost anything to join this very elite crew of readers Take this wonderful piece for instance A young girl on the cusp of sexual maturity finds comfort in the plush filled fur covered arms of her teddy bear Doesn t sound too bad right Who doesn t appreciate a good snuggly teddy bear when they are feeling blue Unless of course the comfort comes from strapping on a dildo and having your teddy take your virginity thus ruining you for all real live people Ruh roh I bet most people don t think of that Ah those crazy ids What a love story I hope they get their happy ever after In fact I think they both just did 3 A buddy read with some of the most disturbed minds on GR gathering in A buddy read with some of the most disturbed minds on GR gathering in Dungeon of the MacHalo Freaks A very short very hilarious and very disturbing story As my friend Shelly said Plushie porn who new it was a thing I will forever be weary of my stuffed animals since forth Had no idea they could be so lascivious I have been warned I will be careful Danger for depraved minds or scientific research only For some reason I read this It was actually After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 kind of fun I think I ve lost my mindPoints for Raahoshing even if the poor stuffed toys were violated in the processBuddy read with the freaks over at MacHalo WellI will never look at Build a Bear the same way again Made me giggle So Teddy bear porn because why notI ll te. Including the night she let it take her virginityWord Count Approximately 3000WARNING This is an erotic short story for ADULTS ONLY All characters are over the age of eighteen This story co.