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Has seen her mother pinning all her life for her husband so she is determined to never make the same mistake so she *only likes men who are mad about her and she calls them puppies whom she can keep at *likes men who are mad about her and she calls them puppies whom she can keep at emotional and physical distance Nothing is spontaneous about Coreen She has perfected her sexy sway and always wears red high heels tons of make up and sexy vintage clothes She gets upset when someone doesn t notice how alluring how attractive she is Adam is a wonderful guy a wonderful friend she is Adam is a wonderful guy a wonderful friend sees thru Coreen s disguise he is in love with the real girl beneathIn the end he gives her an ultimatum love him or lose him And voila Coreen discovers that he is the OneThe writting is sassy fun but nothing memorable about the plot Nothing engaging about the characters and no emotion or intensity whatsoever For some reason i d hyped myself about this book and so I was uite disappointed It s a sweet story with good characters but it just didn t catch me in the way that similar stories have Miniseries The Fun FactorCategory Classic Romance Charming having that one guy our best bud Adam as the man of our dreams. Kiss later Coreen sees the truth Adam's the only man who knows the girl beneath the skyscraper heels and scarlet lipstick Is she brave enough to invite him to kiss that lipstick off anytime he like.

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Panting in her hip swinging wake But There S One Man Who S Never s one man who s never under her spell Enter her best friend AdamSWEPT OFF HER STILETTOS by Fiona Harper is luxuriant colourful atmospheric and above all romanticNext I m reading MAYBE THIS TIME by Jennifer Crusie What are ou reading Which book MUST I read this ear This book was good I liked the characters and the plot I definitely liked the mystery aspect even though there wasn t much detail in it it was interesting and a little different Most of the book kept my reading just to see what would happen Although a lot of the time I want wanted to strangle a few characters There were some emotions written well the fun and teasing some seriousness and the hotness factor I loved the ending and was completely taken by the scenery too Who knew This is another good one for rainy days or cuddling up and relaxing I wouldn t mind reading it again but not a definite go to Enjoy Miniseries The Fun FactorCategory Classic Romance I tried hard but I couldnt warm to the heroine in this book Coreen appears selfish self absorbed shallow Even with her BF Adam the hero She. 0s murder mystery weekend stops being fun when she discovers she has to wear a tweed suit and sensible shoesMeanwhile Coreen's best friend Adam Conrad has his own plans for the weekend One moonlit. Swept Off Her Stilettos