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Pov s and it will have you on the dge of your seat So many things are revealed and we get some massive fireworks Siobhan Davis knocked this series out of the park she didn t hold back and demanded that we take notice of the incredible writer that she is I can t wait for of this gang I have a feeling its going to be full of a few surprisesARC received for honest review I think I read a different book to Scala for Java Developers everyonelseI hate being the first person to write a review that is not glowing but in this case I was disappointed Everyone is talking about all the twists and turns all the motions and feels and how much they "loved this nding while I m sitting here searching for the things "this Vermeer to Eternity ending while I m sitting here searching for the things had people making such statementsI m a big Siobhan Davis fan I m happy to dive intoach new release but since the start of the Rydeville High Elite series I ve been unsure I m the minority finding it difficult to invest in the romance playing out in the first three books in the series Everyone is crazy about them but I have failed to feel the Heaven to Betsy emotionI think in part this is due to how close many of the bully aspects in the first book are to my pastxperiences Had a group of guys assault me Been there done that got the physical scars to prove it Had someone who was supposed to be close to me use a suicide attempt against me Been there done that got the So B. It emotional scars to prove it Decided the former are going to become friends and the latter is to be the love of my life Somehow I ve gone wrong Evidently based upon this series I m a coward who does things wrong Instead of facing things I buried my head in the sand and tried to keep a low profile to prevent worse things from happening not that it helped As soon as the chance came I put as much distance between myself and these people as possible It helped but you cannotscape your memories Memories that linger no matter what making it difficult to believe someone who xperienced such things can feel romance towards such peopleHowever despite these feelings I trusted Siobhan Davis to win me over She has done so in the past with other things things I did not think she would be able to win me over with and I had my fingers crossed the same would be true here Thus I pushed aside my feelings about bully romances and how the trend really isn t healthy to focus solely on the other aspects of the story Did the romance seem real Were there twists and turns Did the story hook meIt s through rating this book on those things that this third book actually spent a while being a one star rating I hate saying it as I said I m a big Siobhan Davis fan but such was the case Again the motion between the characters was based upon veryone saying there was chemistry without really feeling it The twists and turns were predictable it reached a point where I was doing a mental checklist against other popular novels There were inconsistencies with the way the characters were behaving with behaviours changing to suit the situation instead of remaining true to what we have been learning about them The internal monologue of our leading lady went very Fifty Shades with her inner whatever it was this time fortunately we did not get an inner goddess which really would have tipped me over the dge Then what really caused me to put down the book and have To Leave It For leave it for while was when we recreated the scene from Fifty Shades that I have worked so hard to purge from my memoryAt this point I had to put the book down because I was becoming overly critical I cleansed my mind with another read then came back to it when I was no longer so annoyed When I went back the story went up to the two star rating Even though verything came together far too asily in the Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice end I really wanted considering how big andvil this world is supposed to be it did not drop back down to the one star rating I don t know if it was because I started this one on the first day of my period so I was in major PMS mode but when I came back to it I wasn t as annoyed I was still disappointed Siobhan Davis usually blows my min. Top until justice prevails and he gets what’s coming to himKaiden is the only light in the darkness He gives me the strength to continue fighting for the future we both crave a world where we are free to love one another and make 45 stars for this trilogy An pic conclusion to a riveting story Abby and Kai will rock your world OMG I am so sad this is OVER what am I supposed to do with my life now that I no longer have Kai and Abby to fill up my days with the DRAMA and LOVE I need But also I need Drew Jackson and Sawyers stories like yesterday 5 stars I miss this series already AHHH Sweet Retribution was absolutely amazing This series was legit a rollercoaster of ups and downs and I was legit a rollercoaster of ups and downs and I one was so onboard for this ride of a lifetime Kai and Abby were fire Their love and chemistry was absolutely amazing and I for one was ready to see the vil Elite finally get theirs What an outstanding and fantastic storyWithout giving away any spoilers Sweet Retribution was addicting compelling and so delicious We got to see Abby and Kai fight for their future and happiness Abby was strong and determined to succeed And Kai was just perfection I could not stop reading I am obsessed with this series and can t wait for Rydeville Bravo 5 stars Ratula I really The Bookshop on the Shore enjoyed this series this was the last of Abby and kai s romance and have to say I love how itnded As you may of seen in my previous reviews cruel intentions and twisted betrayal I had many what the hell moments throughout them and Dance Real Slow even in this one it wasxactly the same if you haven t seen my reviews if you click on the link it will take you to themThese books keep me on the dge of my seat and my jaw hanging most the time and I loved how this one played out and answered all the uestions you ve wanted to know throughout the seriesI loved Abby and Kais relationship and how strong they were throughout I also loved the other characters Abby s brother Drew and I also loved Charlie who honestly I started to not like but then finally loved Charlie who honestly I started to not like but then finally in a did and my other favourite was Jackson and I can t wait for his story these books really pulled at my heart strings and now I have a new favourite author to read fromI will say these books have many triggers throughout themMy rating Release Date October 11 2019 Genre Dark Bully Romance Dark New Adult Romance Bully Romance WOW What an nding to one of my FAVORITE series of 2019 This will be a very short review because I don t want to spoil the series for those who intend on reading it but let me tell you I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT This series has some EPIC twists and turns and I feel like for most of the book or really most of ALL 3 books my jaw was on the floor Siobhan really did a number on me with this trilogy but I loved it so much If you re a fan of bully romances with "Darker Themes And Outrageously Good "themes and outrageously good this is a must read series for you I can t wait to see what Siobhan writes next I m hoping it will be within this genre and trope because she rocked it Oh hell yes I got The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life exactly what I wanted and I took days to read this for a reason because I wanted to savor all of Siobhan s words Plus I wanted to live in Kai and Abby s world a bit longer This series would make a intense tv show or movie It has it all Suspense sex drama lies secrets and of course beautiful men We have a strong heroine who has been pushed too many times and is out for the revenge she needs She is due for that sweet retribution which is the perfect title for this book Abby oh my sweet vengeful Abby how I love thee This book played out like a game of chess almost Abby and Kai take one step and then her father comes back with his own move Almost like he was one step ahead of them Abby Kai and the rest of the gang have so much too lose andverything hinges on a plan that has been in the works Intricate moves are made and one false move could destroy verything But DON T underestimate my girl Abby Fangirl over her big time might have a major crush on her She is badassKai of course we get swoon worthy moments from him SighYou are still the fucking air that I breathe The blood pumping through my veins The only reason my heart beats in my chest You are the center of my universe Abby You Only you You hear me Sweet Retribution of course is not a standalone Its told from dual. The good thing about hitting rock bottom is I’ve nothing left to lose and the only way is upHe thinks he’s destroyed me Broken me beyond repairBut he always underestimates womenAll he’s done is reinforced my resolve I won’t

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D yet this one felt too asy and felt like it xisted solely to appease people rather than remaining true to what it could have been but that I can deal withDespite the fact this one did not feel like the Siobhan Davis I know and love I was addicted throughout I had to see how verything came together which means I didn t completely hate it To the point where oddly PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition enough I remain curious about the future books in this series I honestly believe it was just the Abby and Kai arc that I was not down with as otherlements I was really curious about There were plenty of points where I got to see signs of the Siobhan Davis I m used to leaving me with the belief the future books in this series could return to what I like about the authorAs I said at the start of this review I hate to be the first person who does not give a glowing review In fact I m fearful of doing so The last time I was the first to put up a review on a Siobhan Davis book that was not glowing I Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography ended up with the comments section being overloaded with people snapping about my view being wrong The weird thing is it was a three star rating and if you hover over the three star rating it actually comes up with I liked it If you hover over the two star rating it comes up saying it was okay That s what this one was It was okay In thend I did not pull my hair out but I did not love it The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, either It s weird but I feel people no longer use the rating scale the way they are intended I ve been kicked off ARC teams for three star ratings which in the long term I feel reflects badly on authors rather than readersspecially when said reader has given high ratings to other books and it was clearly a one off but I feel my role as an ARC reader is to give an honest rating Not veryone is going to love very book we are all ntitled to our options and such is the case hereI may have been disappointed by the conclusion of the Abby and Kai arc but that does not mean veryone will be It s personal taste accept opinions are going to differ AVAILABLE NOW5 WHAT JUST HAPPENED CROWNSThis is going to be the shortest review in the world because I DO NOT want to give Anything Away But I away but I this conclusion Loved Seeing this crew come together to take in the older Elite generation was fantastic There is corruption violence criminal acts and violations against humanity but if you have read book one and two you know this It was great to see Kai and Abby come together although there are moments when it got a bit too cheesy for me with some of the lines But these two have had it rough so it was okay at the nd Sweet Retribution is for sure a "Page Turner There Is "turner There is suspense and drama to keep people nthralled from the beginning to the Exile and Pilgrim end ARC RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW ABBYKAI4EVERFIVE CRUEL TWISTED AND SWEET STARS FOR ABBY AND KAI I have to admit that I hate writing reviews for books like this one because I m always afraid that I won t sayverything that is important about booksseries like this one that took my heart at beginning of the story and keeps it foreverYes this book is one of those that keeps you awake all night and when you finish it you just want and You want that series doesn t have an nding because you feel like a part of that fictional f WOW what a sweet nding to a crazy trilogy This is the last book of Abby and Kaden s story and I finished it with my jaw on the floor Siobhan ROCKED this trilogy big time She took me on a crazy ride full of twists action passion and lots of motions Well she Also Made Me Dream Of made me dream of cocks but it s not relevant right now LOL In the nd of the second book there is no doubt Abby and Kai reached rock bottom The lite may have broken their spirits but you know what they say Things can only get better Abby is surrounded by nemies who think they broke her but they made one mistake they underestimated her power Along with Kaden her twin brother Drew and the rest of the gang they fight for their future to start a new world where they can finally be free to make their own choices So GAME ON and. Ur own choicesUntil then the charade must continueGame on This concludes Abby and Kai's romance 106k words full length novel This is a dark romance and some scenes may be triggering Only recommended to readers aged ighteen and older. Sweet Retribution Rydeville Elite #3

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