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Swedish Folk TalesWhat an incredibly sumptuous beautiful book THE ILLUSTRATIONS ARE TOUCHINGLY LOVELY ESPECIALLY illustrations are touchingly lovely especially of the trolls And the stories themselves are retold wonderfully well with humor oignancy and sensitivity Even in translation the stories come through marvelously well This book is a real treasure one to cherish and share for years to come A gorgeous tome containing twenty nine enchanting fantastical and mesmerizing folk and fairy tales Swedish Folk Tales most certainly delivers what it advertises The stories were written by several different authors Anna Wahlenberg being the most featured one and illustrated by famous Swedish artist John BauerJohn Bauer s drawings truly bring "the stories alive as he has the ability to depict both the "stories alive as he has the ability to depict both the beauty and strange horror of all the ersonages and creatures inhabiting the Swedish folk tales and legends that are described in this storybook His illustrations are one of THE MOST DEFINING ASPECTS OF SWEDISH FAIRY TALES IN most defining aspects of Swedish fairy tales in and form the heart of Swedish Folk Tales as well and rightly so It gives the reader a nice look into Bauer s illustrative collectionProminently featured in these tales are trolls unsuspecting oor youths changelings lovely Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra princesses gnomes brave heroes creatures of the sea rich kings and ueens treasure and lots and lots of mountains This book offers the reader a look into Swedish folklore that goes deeper than just the surface and is arime example of the most famous tales available My ersonal favourite is The Prince Without A Shadow by Jeanna OterdahlFor those of you looking for a bit information on the authors of the tales Swedish Folk Tales features stories by Elsa Beskow Anna Wahlenberg Alfred Smedberg Helge Kjellin Cyrus Gran r Helena Nyblom PA Lindholm Jeanna Oterdahl Walter Strenstr m Harald stenson WE Bj rk and Einar RosenborgRecommended for those interested in Swedish folklore and legends and wish to read a few rime examples of it and for anybody who loves fairy tales This book will be a very roper addition to your collection I read these stories over the course of a few. John Bauer's original evocative illustrations bring these classic Swedish folk tales to life This collection includes Elsa Be. Months The book was a generous early birthday gift and it was on my wishlist because it was beautifully illustrated by John Bauer Bauer s influence is clearly seen in the gorgeous work of Brian Froud the reknowned illustrator who worked with Henson on Labyrinth "and The Dark Crystal can you tell I m an 80 s kidAnyway back to Bauer His "The Dark Crystal can you tell I m an 80 s kidAnyway back to Bauer His País íntim provided by theublisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an HONEST REVIEW THANK YOUDARK FAIRYTALES WONDERFULLY ILLUSTRATED I LL review Thank youDark fairytales wonderfully illustrated I ll Under Lock and Key purchase the hardback edition because unfortunately the only complaint I have about the ebook is that the illustrations are too small Trollsrincesses gnomes and forests Bauer s illustrations are uniue and the stories are well written These are Swedish tales so you robably never heard of them but they re worth reading and they should be a must to Grimm fansIf you enjoy folklore and fairytales that remind you of Grimm you will certainly love these Swedish tales I found this book through betterworldbookscom I love John Bauer and have admired many of these illustrations for years without realizing that they were illustrations of actual stories I m trying to draw my reading out by reading one story a day I am in love with this book I ve been reading this book for a couple of months The folk tales were great but the illustrations by John Bauer were just wonderful An Illustrated Treasury of Swedish Folk Tales and Fairy Tales As the title suggests this book is a treasure trove of folk and fairy tales from Sweden illustrated by acclaimed artist John Bauer From Trolls to Tomtes elves from brave kings and rincesses the book features twenty three classic stories full of adventure and magic written by well known authors such as Elsa Beskow and Anna Wahlenberg among othersIf you enjoyed reading the Grimm fairytales you will certainly love these Swedish tales Unlike Grimm fairytales which feature witches fairies and lost children these Swedish fairy tales Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II present a different flavor There are not many fairies or magic but there are many Trolls Tomtesrincesses gnomes and for I am a collector of. Skow's When Mother Troll Took in the King's Washing; The Magician's Cape by Anna Wahlenberg; The Seven Wishes by Alfred Smedb. ,

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Fairy tales and this is a lovely sumptuous book illustrated by the incomparable John Bauer And the Swedish tales are truly delightful one of the best bodies of national folk lore I ve had the rivilege of reading I ll be rooting around in this book for a long time laughing with delight and wonder This one is a 35 almost a 4 for me and I confess to being charmed by all 22 of the stories in this collection The book jacket declares the accompanying artwork to be sumptuous and I would not dispute that The details in those images of trolls tomtes Freud and His Followers princesses and various animals are simply splendid and exuisitely rendered In fact readers will become confused that these creatures must have existed at some time as theyeruse the illustrations There isn t a weak story in this collection of Swedish folk tales and fairy tales from nine different authors and readers will enjoy identifying some of the common threads in the stories and seeing how gullible and greedy some humans are as well as how there are occasions when even trolls or fearful kings can have their hearts softened by kindness andor innocence The ideals of noble self sacrifice and loyalty are resented in many of the tales all serving as good examples for many of us today Many of the stories made me smile while others brought a tear to my "eye and once again I found myself grateful to the ublisher for keeping these stories alive by "and once again I found myself grateful to the ublisher for keeping these stories alive by them to a new audience My only critical comment would be to have a list of terms and their meaning in the back matter since some of the stories written several decades ago contain
with which many readers will unfamiliar The illustrations are so beautiful Even if they don t always match up with the art of the story being told It must have been incredibly difficult to fit in given the fact that it s an amalgamation of different books The stories were uite adorable and well told right acing and not too much description and it is a wonderful book The story of Agneta and the Sea King is articularly enchanting and stood out right away just from the drawing. Erg; The Ring by Helena Nyblom; Stalo and Kauras by PA Lindholm; and The Maiden in the Castle of Rosy Clouds by Harald Ostens.