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If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India gFinished this little drama filled novel in like two and a half days because I just HAD to know what wasoing to happen LOLOkay so this is the story of Situations a full service hair salon

And The Lives Of 
the lives of stylist Tiffany and her best friend Candace the owner Noelle a male pedicurist Chauncey and all their personal situations as they try to handle themselves professionally So each character is uniuely different and is highlighted with different chapters for each person personally I found the sections with Noelle the most interesting and it was her story line that I kept reading to find out aboutSo about them all Tiffany is a 27 year old virgin engaged to the man of her dreams and trying to keep him and her moralsDidnt really relate to her at all but thought her plight was interesting and tragic with a valuable lesson to allCandace is a single mom with a trifling baby father trying to make it when she meets a man with a past she finds out about at the wrong time but can she see past it The man in uestion is none other than Chauncey the pedicurist who wasnt looking for love but couldnt deny it after spending time with the enchanting and beautiful Candace can she see him for the man he is not the man he wasand finally there is Noelle a full figured sassy woman with a husband and rown son who secretly wants a baby irl in her life now that she is financially stable enough to provide and spoil her she feels she is well on the way to convicing her husband when a baby The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda girl who looks just like her husband and son is dropped on her doorstep and she has to figure out if its herranddaughter or stepdaughterDRAMAOverall I did enjoy this read and it entertained me it just wasnt very deep or thoughtproving or even written well enough to be unforgettableRecommended for a uick read to make you want to et to enough to be unforgettableRecommended for a uick read to make you want to et to end FAST PositionsSituations a full service salon in Chicago read to make you want to et to end FAST PositionsSituations a full service salon in Chicago takes a peek into the lives of employees and customers Owner Noelle I really enjoyed following the lives of these 3 women and Chauncey as well I had my suspicions on who the baby s father was never expected the outcome from that mystery but it wasn t far fetched This story emphasized the hurt you can experience while in love and the choices you are faced with as a result It also shows how vidict. Three women are about to learn than they ever wanted to know about secrets and the men who keep them As the owner of Situations the hottest beauty salon on the south side of Chicago Noelle Gordon has a direct line to the private lives of her clients But when an abandoned baby irl appears on her doorstep Noelle finds. SuspicionsS he does pedicures and you know how
It Feels To Have 
feels to have feet rubbed Chauncey s single by circumstance
know how it feels to have your feet rubbed Chauncey s single by circumstance finds himself surrounded by women all fighting for his attention Is there one woman who will capture his heart Or will his past prevent him from what he desperately desireSuspicions is a Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) great story it kept meuessing what would happen next This story takes place in Chicago and kept me emotionally invested in the outcome of the characters Some of the characters even reminded you of someone you know Sasha you ve done a wonderful job Melody Vernor BartelReader s Paradise5 bookmarks I really enjoyed this book much better than the first one ConfessionsSuspicions took a deep look at several of the characters relationships and what did we findVery suspicious behaviorPicture thisOne character comes home to find a beautiful baby Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow girl on her door step The baby has the same beautiful eyes as her husband as well as her college son Who does the baby belong toOne character is a 27 year old virgin that lives with her fine fiance They are scheduled toet married within a few weeks But one night their non sex zone ets out of hand and it leads to a very passionate exchange where her fiance wants the act reciprocated She refuses and this leads to an attitude change fro Omg This book was Excellent review coming soon Reviewed in 2016I really enjoyed this novel it kept me interested through out A very ood read Just when I thought I had the book figured out it went the other way If you re looking for a Norte: A Novel good book that will keep you SnatchedI highly recommend this book you want be disappointedReal Divas Read Book Club March 2018 Selection This is the second time I read this book and it still had me on the edge of my seat thank you Sasha Campbell it was better the second time around I really enjoy this book This was a veryood book I love the way the author wrote it Kimball and Tiffany relationship wow I didn t expect that to happen to Tiffany I feel bad for her I wish she found out about Kimball before she ave her virginity up to him also a Grant and Noelle didn t expect that either lots oing on there too I thought the baby belong to Grant and I m so lad It didn t and Candace and Chauncey I he would have told Candace this information before he decides to sleep with he. Th to live with it and with the men they love It's a sticky situation Filled with teasing twists and eye popping craftily written scenes this novel will heat your seat causing you to stay with it until you're finished I offer readers six wordsKEEP YOUR EYES ON SASHA CAMPBELL Brenda Hampton author of the Naughty series.

Sasha Campbell ä 1 SUMMARY

Ive men and women can be towards one another Matters of the heart are not to be played with you just might hurt the wrong one I d definitely recommend this book it was a really ood read listen This was a really ood book I thought that the characters were well rounded This book was a uick read and full of drama thought that the characters were well rounded This book was a uick read and full of drama intrigue Great ReadWow What an awesome read I enjoyed the characters in the book I think Candace was my favorite tho although I kinda wished she had iven Chauncey a chance to explain but I The Prime Minister of Paradise get it Tiffany was just doing too much after she was hurt Smh Noelle really Loved her family to put up with what she did I applaud her I really think all who reads this book will enjoy it This is a book I will recommend to others Betrayal is a powerful thing Welcome to Situations where we veot you from head to toeYou can be fried dyed or laid to the side If it s weave you want we Charlie O. and the angry A's got on track and while you waitet your feet done in the backWe are Situations just come inside You won be disappointed but lad you ve just come inside You won t be disappointed but lad you ve Say you want some ossip irl we ve ot that too So come on over who s next is it YOU Noelle Gordon owner and operator of Situations A fine and fabulous woman of size Noelle has it oing on Married to Grant an educator for 20 years they have built a wonderful life for themselves With their only child away at college now it s time for the fun to begin But when Noelle receives a surprise will it be what she wants or will suspicions make her regret she Dark Passage got it Tiffany is a stylist working at Situations and tries to keep her name out of theossip that floats around the salon but lately its becoming harder to do Tiffany recently engaged to Kimbel a recruiter for Northwestern and is looking forward to their upcoming nuptials Tiffany has a precious American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare gift for Kimbel but will she succumb to the pressure and regret her decision or will her mouth write a check her body can t cash Candace and Tiffany areirls from way back Candace works as a receptionist at the Southside Medical Clinic Candace has a daughter and a baby daddy but works daily to better her situation Candace is looking for than she s Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) gotten out of life this far Will she continue to be a booty call or will love find its way into her heartChauncey a fine brother also works at Situation. Herself at the center of a personal drama Could the baby be her husband's Or maybe herrown son's Both men deny it but Noelle is sure one of them is lyingMeanwhile Noelle's employees are discovering that their own romantic relationships harbor a secret or two The truth isn't always pretty But can they find the streng.

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