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Haylee jFar I haven t been proven wrong I d never really gone deep into why I love her books Iust knew they were awesome And uite frankly Hart s books usually get me so emotionally involved that I have no time or the wish to think about anything else Well Stranger was a bit different Regardless of the heroine s profession I found it to be a little lighter than the other MH books I ve read and I managed to pinpoint what it was that I love so much about her book other than they re awesomeAll of the books were in the erotic romance category but they weren t focused solely on that part I m kind of used to that type of books to be almost completely about the romance but in Megan Hart s books I get than that Yes we meet the heroines at a point in their life when they meet their significant other or The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) just a significant one but we also learn about every important aspect of their lives the people that matter to them and the people from their pasts that made an impact on their lives Really they re books about women s lives with romance included And this is why I love reading themHere we got to meet Grace Frawley a funeral director who prefers to pay men to sleep with her than to have a relationship Oh yes Grace led an interesting life Secret life I know I ve said that this was a bit lighter than what I m used to from MH but those parts that were about Grace sob were rather depressing no matter how much she told herself it was Hijacking the Brain just work Dealing with people who have lost their loved ones can t be that easy neither can handling the dead There were different cases even odd ones and one that made me cryust when I thought this would turn out to be a book by Megan Hart that didn t make me shed a tear While I m on the topic of her business it was actually a business she took over from her father It was a fine example how some people meddle where they re not supposed to Sometimes I thought Grace had work cut out for her convincing her father the funeral home was doing okay than she had at her actual work ParentsThe reason I found Stranger lighter almost fun to read were the parts regarding Grace s secret The reason she started paying men to be with her made me feel bad for her but I really liked Jack the man she started to regularly hire If you have read Dirty you ve already met Jack Dan and Elle actually were the ones that got him to consider this line of work Speaking of past characters you might remember Sarah or Sassy from Broken she starred in one of Joe s stories She was here too With Jack I really like how the author makes these characters reappear Anyway Jack was sweet and his and Grace s dates were fun Now to the romantic interest Sam Stewart You may have already guessed he s related to Dan and you d be right they re brothers They actually reuired Grace s services so we got to see of Dan and Elle too But before they met there Grace and Sam had spent the night together He was a mistake One that came back Sam was a musician so he kind of had me on his side from the start I have a soft spot for artistic types But Grace who renounced relationships was not so easy Their romance was a very slow burn but I loved it I ll always remember Grace saying his name Usually it was Oh Sam Now get your out of the gutter it wasn T LIKE THAT THIS WAS ACTUALLY SWEET AND OF like that this was actually sweet And of this wouldn t be a Megan Hart book if those two hadn t given me some heartache In fact at one point they made my heart stop but in the end this is a romance so it all worked out As much as it can work out in a MH novel No matter how they end I always fear what happened after the book ended but Grace Sam I Think They I think they make it work Fingers crossedThere were some other people involved in the plot their stories interwoven like only Megan can do and is best to experience firsthand All I can do is say that I love the stories she writes and the way she writes them The end In this novel Grace Frawley is the owner of a funeral home She is single and does not see the point to having a boyfriend So she pays for sex using an escort service Sam finds his self in a situation that can only be described as once in a lifetime and he takes no chance in losing out He finds Grace sitting at a bar talking about going out He finds Grace sitting at a bar talking about going to the hotel room and living out a night of passion Though he does not know Grace thinks he is a paid stranger Things only get stranger from thereGrace finds her self getting involved with a particular escort and knows she will have to break it off In the mean time Sam insists on calling her all hours of the day and night At work At home Then nothing Frustrated Grace knows this is the reason she does not date But her lovely paid sex dates relieve any worked up stress she gets The complication of paid sex but no relationship then a maybe relationship and breaking it off with her escort she was falling for was the perfect mix of emotion and erotic sex Megan Hart brings to her novels There was the underlying family meddling but it was not so heavily dosed as with Tempted I enjoyed this book very much The love scenes were bitterswee. From the one thing that would eventually cut far too deepBut Sam was a mistake Literally I signed on to pick up a stranger at a bar but took Sam home instead And now that I've felt his heat his sweat and everything else can I really go back to impersonalLet's 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 just hope he never finds out about my other life. Was afraid of being left behind Jack our handsome blue eyed escort and sam the dark haired rock singer both played significant roles in the making of her characterbut so did every other secondary rolesevery chapter had a reasonan event or a decision that had realistic conceuences and i think that what i loved so much about this booki knowi haven t really opened up about the plot muchbut thats only because this book is the kind to be read rather than told RECOMMENDATION recommended to anybody wanting a good sit down realistic and emotional evening readmain genre smutromance and angst if ur in the mood for all rainbows and sunshinethis book is not really for you STRANGER Before I start my review obviously no one warned our heroine Grace about the above statement STRANGER DANGER because this heroine had a fetish for paying and meeting up with men to spend the evenings with Grace is a funeral Director and oh my what a miserableob The mundane daily task of looking after the deceased was a real eye opener But because of her ob and constantly being surrounded by death Grace has major issues with things ending including relationships hence the paying the playmate to spend time with her Until one night she accidently picks up the wrong strangerSam what an awesome name in my eyes is the really tall and really cute guy He is often described as being gangly almost and so tall that his hair brushed the tops of door frames He is a struggling musician and the Stranger that Grace accidently picks up at the bar Because sometimes As usual Hart has written this story in a way that when you read it it s not like a story your reading it s a secret peak into someone s real life the self conflicting dramas the internal strugglesthe story line in Stranger flowed smoothly with the perfect amount of build upThe setting for this book was based around a funeral home and although some might find that a tad morbid I thought it was perfect That s what makes Hart books so original It s not every day you pick up a book based in a funeral home now is itAs for the romance side of things well holly dooly hose me down because I was on fire There is a huge steamy factor going on throughout this book and with than once person Grace is not shy about her sexuality or what she wants out of whom she is with its effen HOT Throughout the book there are numerous other stories weaved in as well but they didn t over take the book or feel out of place What I thought was a nice surprise was that Grace didn t have the BFF to hold her hand throughout her emotional rollercoaster ride She has acuaintances that she works with her sister and family but no one that she can actually confine in In a whole this made me relate to Grace so much I don t have a lot of close GF around me whom I can confine in eitherHonestly what can I say to some up this book and give it the ustice it deserves Nothing Nothing I will write will express the way I feel about Hart writing So ust read it Stop procrastinating about the fact it s meant to be Erotic or It S About A Funeral Director Because At The End s about a funeral director because at the end the day this book was ust epic June 202045 starsI can t believe it s been six years since I read this book Strange I keep thinking I only discovered Megan Hart s books a few years ago like three years four at the most Stranger even that Stranger almost remained one of the few I haven t reread in recent times Then I reread Collide which prompted me to reread Reason Enough and that made me immediately pick up Stranger Weird how that goesSix years is a long time Plenty of time to forget contents of a book And boy did I forget the contents of this book Big parts important parts The story managed to punch me in the gut a few times Out of nowhere I Might Add Thanks To might add thanks to poor memoryGrace She was afraid of being left behindDealing with the dead and the grieving families was in Grace s Gendered Citizenships job description She considered itust her ob she said she didn t let it get to her She seemed okay with death seemed at peace with the fact someday it would be her body on the table What she was terrified of was being one of the grieving the ones left behind So terrified was she that she didn t even consider having a boyfriend but chose instead to hire men for dates and sexSo terrified that she and Sam get together for real on page 324It wasn t all that depressing dates and sexSo terrified that she and Sam get together for real on page 324It wasn t all that depressing kept hiring Jack who was cute and they had fun together for the most part I keep thinking if only Sam knew that the first person to pay Jack for sex was Dan That would make for a very very interesting sceneOf course even before page 324 Sam kept popping up to be all funny and charming and persistent I forgot about that Inexcusable on my part As I did his issues with his family and the guilt he carried that eventually came between him and Grace Ah that Sam and that Grace made me cry the bastards Good tears in the end though July 20144 starsThere are times when after only one book you know you have found yourself a favorite author That is how I felt about Megan Hart after reading Broken and so. Have a clue I carry this little secret so close it creases up like the folds of a fan Tight Personal Ready to unravel in the heat of the momentUnsurprisingly my line of work brings me face to face with loss So I decided long ago that paying for sex would be one of the best and arousing ways to save myself. 5 big stars for the latest addition

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my Megan Library Started Hart library I started book on back of Hush Hush because I needed something moving emotional and sexy from an author who I knew could deliver and I was not disappointed Grace who runs her own funeral home and pays for sex for the sole reas DNF at 45%This is really really boring story I don t know why or who marked it with erotica maybe we didn t read the same book I read up to page 174 and still nothing happened Heroine is still describing her possible renovations in her home And I paid 799 eur for this dull and uninteresting story My Thoughts FirstNow remember I have not read Broken or Dirty yetAnd this is my first book without any paranormal activity since I don t remember how long With that being said I can say this book was awesomeIt is an erotic novel but it had a hint of class about the way the erotic parts were handled which I appreciatedI feel in love with Grace She seems like a neighbor I would have Her personality was like that of a real person you would know Her ob which she loves is a bit strange Funeral DirectorI find myself rooting for Sam even though he appears to be a pain in the ass as Grace calls himThe appeal of the book was really good I did not want to stop reading because the thoughts I had as to where the book was headed would change I wanted to cry at some parts laughed out loud at some and Singing the Law just plain wanted to beat the sense into someone at some po Gracie Frawley is a funeral DirectorShe takes over her dads businesswhich is a funeral home in Annville that has been in business for 50years Everyday Grace faces with reality of what familyfriendsetc go throughwhen the times comes and death occursWhen it happens they have to learn to live and move on with out their loved ones Because of what she sees others go throughshe has put up a thick wallto never get herself involved in a long lasting relationship and love anyoneshe s willing to do whatever it takesto never lose someone she loves so dearly So Grace decides her best option would be to pay for sexIt s a no obligation warranty with No Strings Attached That s her MOShe doesn t want anything or anything lessIn the meantime she takes care of her business as appose to how a business should be run During her own time she spends most of her free hours hiring escortsrentboys for datesbut mostly she sust interested to Alchemic jump in sack with themGrace is satisfied with the life she created and evolved herself inTo herit s really of What can possibly go wrongeverything is perfect Until one day she bumps into a STRANGERwhile waiting for one of her escorts she hired When she meets Samit s when her whole life changes completelyJust like he once told her Fate Brought them togetherSam Stewartmay have at one point been a stranger Grace slept withust for kicksBut he is the one man who conuers her heartHe shows Gracelife is worth settling downtaking risks and falling in love with that one person that let s her be herand brings We Sell Drugs joy and happiness into her life Sam helps Grace break her tough personabecause there should never be a reason for someone not to fall in loveust because you re afraid of losing that special someone You Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ just have to live it day by day enjoylove and endure the love of your life and say whether there right beside you or if they past away at least you lived a wonderful life with that person I have read other novels by Megan Hart and loved them I m officially a sucker for Hart s novelsEach novel had sentimental plots that left me breathless and aching to read Favorite uotefrom Sam to GraceOne must have sorrow to truly appreciateoy Ok so NORMALLY I don t even touch books like this because well they are sexually explicit and UNREALISTIC However I was on this website called paperspinecom and was picking books for my ueue when I saw this book in the spotlight section So I let myself Literature of Africa just put it on the list because I ll try anything onceYes I will admit it was sexually explicit but if you strip away no pun intended all the sex you ll actually find a wonderful cast of characters and a really decent plot Jack Sam and Grace were ALL well constructed chara 4 STARS Stranger is another Megan Hart gem The story is beautifully drawn and effortlessly woven with new and recurring characters from Dirty This book reminds me why Ms Hart is one of my favourite go to authors STRANGER is now listed as one of my top favouritesstranger by megan hart is a beautiful story solely based on the realities of a spinster s mundane lifeHart manged to pull off an erotic yet emotional tale that would leave you breathless and wondering weather certain coincidences were actually fateThe story basically revolves around gracethe family funeral home director a girl who sob demands that she remain solidindependent practical and on call at all timeforcing her to keep the world away during the day while only turning to seek comfort in the arms of an stranger by night i wouldn t know i was deadso why be afraid of it everyone diedeverybody went i wasnt afraid of going I pay strangers to sleep with me I have my reasonsBut they're not the ones you'd expectFor starters I'm a funeral director taking over my dad's business Not exactly the kind of person you'd expect to fork over cash for the lust and urgency only live skin to skin contact can create Looking at me you wouldn't. .

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