Ebook READ National Geographic READers: Squeak! (L3): 100 Fun Facts About Hamsters, Mice, Guinea Pigs, and More

Learn about them Bought it for a friend s son who has gerbils He loves it and is using it to beef up random facts he can rattle off Bright and cute pictures My son absolutely loves these books He had just gotten pet mice so this was perfect Lovely photographs Easy to read gives information using language children can Understand I Love It. Ers Feature The Same Expert I love it. Ers feature the same expert running text as traditional readers with a bonus of 100 fun facts sprinkled throughout A fact roundup at the end of each book lets kids *Review What They've Learned Plus They Can Impress Their Friends *what they've learned Plus they can impress their friends their animal experti. can impress their friends their animal experti. ,

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