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C ward where she began to develop her insights into the murderous mind The account of her early years in the Bureau is also interesting for it her early years in the Bureau is also interesting for it her confronting male chauvinism and sex discrimination in a matter of fact way that earns her the respect of her colleagues The best part of the book however is the description of her education as a profiler and her involvement in various murder investigations that allow her to demonstrate this skill I did not however find all of the book eually interesting It is by its nature episodic and it deals with a number of cases the original Tylenol murders FALN terrorists the Unabomber that are not of particular interest to me Also the passages involving her personal life are although winningly frank and sincere not always successfully integrated into the larger narrative and the book ends with a dry treatise of the larger narrative and the book ends with a dry treatise of advice for parents and children that appears to be cobbled from a previous series of lectures and should properly be presented in an appendix I enjoyed the book and I believe that provided you are interested in strong women and murder you will enjoy it as well You might want interested in strong women and murder you will enjoy it as well You might want skim a few chapters though Balanced appealing overview of a lady agent working for the FBI from 1980 2000 when there were few female agents Her background as a psychiatric nurse adds a different and colorful perspective to her law enforcement profession Interesting chapter on her involvement in the investigation and arrest of the Unabomber Her story also as a single mom of a son gives a decidedly human side to the book I also liked her humor and funny stories Enjoyable read Interesting and well written for the most part this book drags on a lot halfway through but was still definitely worth reading This book was a really interesting and informative read It gave a detailed well presented look into the process of becoming a Special Agent the inner workings and culture of the FBI and specifically some of the difficulties women experienced towards the beginning of their entrance into Special Agent circles and perhaps still today I never lost interest Candice DeLong certainly had a remarkable career and it was fascinating and chilling to read about the details of so many cases she was involved with Her stories about both her professional and personal life also added needed bits of humor and lightness to cut the darkness of the cases she describes Her account has definitely provided me with much food for thought as I consider a career in forensic science. Am of a call girl ringdubbed the Candy Store As Profiling Coordinator she was Chicago's and ntil her recent retirement San Francisco's link to the Bureau's legendary Behavioral Science Unit spearheading investigations into the most recondite serial murders and sex crimes Packed with fascinating details about her job Special Agent reveals what life is like for a woman and for an agent on the front lin. Criminated against but being rational enough to deal with it in beneficial ways rather than just complaining Another aspect of this book that I truly appreciated was the safety advice it provides It details statistics and reasoning on how to best handle certain situations but still communicates the most effective solution prevention It reminds women to live cautiously for one insignificant mistake could cost you your life Overall I loved hearing from DeLong s perspective about her time in law enforcement but also about her life and outlook on it Written by a female former FBI special agent it s a eye opening glimpse into what life in the FBI is really like DeLong s voice KEEPS THE STORY MOVING AND the story moving and far dull She touches on some famous cases she worked on Ms DeLong weaves an excellent narrative here well constructed and detailed The highlights of her career as one of the first women in the FBI are remarkably interesting and varied The book is a little dated and I d be interested in knowing if the good old boy culture she describes is still as prevalent This book perfectly balanced the descriptions of her own personal life with the details of her cases and it gave a great view into the experience of being an agent Her descriptions of how women could or should deal with the harassment within the FBI may rub some people the wrong way but she s clear that the choices she made were her own and right for her at the time She does get a little egotistical and high horse about it at points but she s definitely a product of her time Overall a really interesting work Okay gotta confess I m addicted to true crime shows I love the ID Network s Deadly Women at least I loved it before the soap opera addicts took over the production and I just had to get me some Candice DeLong In her brief interviews on Deadly Women DeLong impressed me as a smart strong woman with a realistic assessment of and a withering contempt for most killers yet who can still recognize the few instances when relatively normal individuals may through cicumstances and personal weakness be hurtled into a maelstron of violent crime Special Agent is her as told to account of her experiences as an FBI agent from the 80 s through her retirement in 2000 It is a competent job that often succeeds in capturing the personality of this determined woman who is nevertheless frank about her mistakes and possesses a healthy sense of humor The book begins with an absorbing account of her previous career as a head nurse in a psychiatri. The art and science of criminal profiling and of the challenge of maintaining courage wise cracking humor and grace nder fireCandice DeLong tailed terrorists and helped track the notorious Tylenol killer; she was one of three agents hand picked to mastermind the Montana manhunt for the Unabomber; and she went ndercover for major stings sometimes in such exotic roles as a gangster's moll and as a mad. I ve been on a non fiction kick lately and this was the latest in my to read pileSome memoirs are disorganized and boring Bossypants but some are elouent detailed exciting and keep me turning the page This one fits the latter to a TMs Delong s story is not so amazing that you put her on a pedestal to ooh and aah over Instead her normal The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins upbringing matter of fact relay of the events in her life and subtle humorous comments make you feel that you know her like a good friendI admire the strength she had to overcome the struggles she went through being in one of the first waves of female agents the FBI hired She describes the obstacles not as major hurdles in her life but instead as everyday petty troubles like I m sure they were not Regardless she allows the reader to feel that anyone can deal with such trifles and they should This was a good read For anyone wanting a life of adventure and danger this would appear to be it This book was a solid 55 for mentil the last chapter The story was well told and absolutely captivatingthat is ntil the last chapter Chapter 17 came across as a self righteous PSA that didn t fit with the rest of the story 17 came across as a self righteous PSA that didn t fit with the rest of the story 16 ends with the tale of SA DeLong s experience with the UNABomber You would think that the end of the book would talk about her transition into retirement and what she s doing now instead it becomes a Here s what to do if you are getting raped guide that derails the storyline It didn t fit the book Up ntil then I was loving her voice as an author and I still respect everything SA did in her career but I can t give this book as a whole 5 stars However if you only read through chapter 16 then definitely 55 This book truly felt like it was catered to me I love learning about the BAU true crime watching Criminal Minds Mindhunter etc but I d always wondered how agents can be so level headed and confident in catching these criminals I d also especially been curious about how women did this with that added layer of doubt from their peers This book provided incredible insight from a heroic woman one of many over the years who was able to overcome all of this and pursue a highly successful career in the FBI Not only does it detail successful career in the FBI Not only does it detail cases it provides solid commentary on sexism in all aspects of life not just within law enforcement Despite having been published in 2002 Candice DeLong s observations and experiences reign true to this day nfortunately I admired her outlook throughout all this though recognizing that she was being dis. A twenty year veteran of the FBI Candice DeLong worked on some of the toughest hig stakes criminal investigations of our time As a field profiler DeLong collected evidence at the scene of the crime to creat a specific portrait of criminals via behavioral patterns character traits background etc Special Agent is her remarkable personal story of drama and danger on the front lines of law enforcement of.

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Special Agent My Life On the Front Lines as a Woman in the FBI