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Mbers John Lennon s remark at the famous rooftop concert in "January 1969 I hope we passed the audition Well what if "1969 I hope we passed the audition Well what if band had failed their audition with Parlophone back in 1962 It s not as far fetched as it seems several other labels had said no to the Beatles and Parlophone was their last hope Ray Connolly was lucky enough to have known the Beatles so his story has the added ring of authenticity I enjoyed his taken on all four of the Fabs but his insights into the Lennon McCartney relationship are particularly enjoyable His use of Freda the Beatles Fan Club secretary as his primary protagonist helps bring the reader "Into The Story Only Four "the story Only four in all the world have known what it was like to be a Beatle but we ve all been fans Don t miss this. Sed at their all important last chance to sign a record deal at Parlophone What would the future have held for John Paul George at Parlophone What would the future have held for John Paul George Ringo if producer George Martin had said

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review Sorry Boys You Failed The Audition

Sorry Boys You Failed The AuditionOutstanding I am just sorry that is was not longer Pravd podobn hodn "brzo u ani nebudu v t e jsem to etla All the "u ani nebudu v Social Media in Academia d t e jsem to etla All the best Iid enjoy this novella by Ray Connolly who has written a few factual books on The Beatles in his time about what might have happened if The Beatles had not passed their audition with George MartinConnolly knows his stuff and although obviously completely factious there are one or two facts that he has cleverly weaved into this very readable story It will be too much of spoilers to tell you them but I guaranteed that true Beatles fans will be smiling when they find out what Paul became what John Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream did and how George and Ringo a lovely story cope not becoming the FAB Four A great what if story to appeal to Beatle fans On January 30th 1969 John Lennon ended the Beatles' filmed concert on the roof of their Apple headuarters in London by joking Thank you very much We hope we passed the auditi. Nd non Beatle fans If they actually exist Ray Connolly knew all the Beatles personally which is what makes this wonderful novella so powerful Connolly brings to life a world where the Beatles were turnedown by George Martin and broke up in 1962 What follows is a brilliant portrait of each Beatle s personality in their everyday lives Each is brought to very believable life in witty and poignant ways So enjoyable and so insightful Funny and endearing trip into an alternate reality where the fail their first audition to George Martin and their greatest fan gets them back together after they ve gone their separate ways I m a big fan of alternative history and I ve been a Beatle fan for ecades so I COULDN T PASS THIS UP couldn t pass this up fan reme. " On It was the last time the four would be seen playing "On It was the last time the four would be seen playing But what would have happened if six and a half years earlier in the summer of 1962 the Beatles hadn’t impres. .