Narziß und Goldmund (E–book/E–pub) ä Hermann Hesse

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Narziß und Goldmund

characters ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Hermann Hesse

Sively ollowed an author except Hesse He is absolutely brilliant and his works are so nuanced to the point where they only mean anything to the reader unless they can relate the point where they only mean anything to the reader unless they can relate some profound way I have now Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks finished all of his major works and I must say bravo All of his books are about the turmoil and duality of the human soul He speaks my language My next goal is to learn German so I can read his books again in his native tongueGoldmund and Narcissus is about that duality except in theorm of two separate characters One is a thinker the other a Mookie: Life, Baseball, and the '86 Mets feeler one values rationality and reason and the other values intuition One lives in the world of abstract ideas and the other in the world of sensuality and the senses One lives the life of a duty bound priest the other an Artist Neither is held in higher regard over the oth This was truly a magical reading experienceor me It came out of nowhere I d never heard of this particular title before despite my bibliophilic tendencies and I had always avoided reading Hesse out of some nonsense premonition that I wouldn t enjoy his writing style I was so wrong about that last partA dear Cartagena (A Vintage Short) friend loaned this book to me while I was hospitalized last spring The hideousront friend loaned this book to me while I was hospitalized last spring The hideous Clawback front was held on by a thread and didn t even make it to theinish line The pages were brown marked up It was slow going at irst with all the endless conversations about monastery life and I ended up putting it on hold But at least I had enough sense to realize it was my less than ideal reading environment combined with my slipshod state of mind at the time to know that it wasn t the book itself but the circumstances surrounding my reading of itWhen I picked it up again my book itself but the circumstances surrounding my reading of itWhen I picked it up again my or Narcissus and Goldmund was almost immediate Set in medieval Germany this book is not exactly a Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America fantasy but it has that sense of timelessness that I imagine characterizes epicantasy It explores huge themes duality the human longing Cooking for Company for purpose aging and mortality the nature of art the conflict betweenlesh and spirit I d probably be able to explain it better if I had read philosophy texts in college The philosophical musings don t Empire of Sin feel ultra ponderous they re luscious and theylow and they Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China feel intrinsic to the story This whole book is sensual asuck Goldmund is a ladies man dedicating his young adulthood to the art of seduction and the pleasures of the lesh The depictions of women are sometimes problematic although I do commend Hesse or never buying into the whole virginwhore dichotomy but this was such a small grievance Chicken, Chicken, Duck! for me that it didn t ruin my experienceI won t belabor my review with a plot summary It s best to just dip youreet straight into the warm bath of its bewitching language. Ed Men døden eksisterer altid i hans nærhedEn ung mands orsøg på at realisere livet uden borgerlig binding Ole Hyltoft. ,

S soul to self contradiction And the complications of Narcissus or ErasmusBut a he was a true barometer of his timesAnd that is the reason this near masterpiece is close but no cigar his timesAnd that is the reason this near masterpiece is close but no cigar TRIES too hard or perfection Perfection wasn t to Rilke like an endless Glass Bead Game but rather like being out on the open water of imagination and eeling the Pneuma of Inspiration catch your sailsIt must you see come rom the heart but it can t with HessePerhaps Hesse s Heart was just too constricted and dark a place Because it was ormed of just too constricted and dark a place Because it was ormed of endless anxieties and boredom which NEVER gave him Answers of the Spirit but only Excuses Slo Mo! for possible Escape andurther intellectual exploration Like Erasmus while Luther s Faith was a constant Breeze Poor Mrs. Rigsby from a sincere Heart HowrustratingAnd the heart has its reasons of which the brain knows nothingThat at least is one old guy s two cents worthEven though as a kid I LOVED it lulled by its twin themes of rebellion and creativityBut I hadn t then seen the Source of those two Inspiring emotionsIn the very Life Force that moves the Universe But I do now Narcissus and Goldmund tells the narrative of two men although Goldmund gets a bigger chunk of the story each seeking a higher ulfillment in his own way The novel chronicles the life of an aimless wanderer breaking ree and one strongly binded to aith living in the Mariabronn monastery The novel is both a journey and an awakening that takes the reader over the course of many decades Living in a hidden cloister in medieval Germany Narcissus is a most learned and pious young acolyte pursuing knowledge and the contemplation of logic philosophy and theology When the younger boy Goldmund arrives at the cloister he recognizes him as his counterpart his opposite RECKLESS WILD AND PASSIONATE NARCISSUS IS wild and passionate Narcissus is with the boy and takes him under his wing Goldmund makes other riends but none becomes as dear to him as Narcissus A great bond is set in place But Goldmund comes to realize that his War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today fate does not lie solely with the Church but with the wider lands It s his nature to seek pleasure and joyrom God s creation All bought on after sneaking off to a village and receiving a kiss A Boy in Winter from a young Gypsy Heeels remorse but wants as his virgin heart aches to pursue this love affair With this he opens up into his true self and wishes to leave the confinements of Mariabronn After Narcissus gives his blessing and releases his Frost at Midnight friend out into the wide world the novel truly takes holdAnd so begins Goldmund s travels as vagrant Wandering around the countryor years he discovers the ways of love and seduces Can I just say that I absolutely love Hermann Hesse For me his words speak directly to my soul I have never exclu. Den hjem og mål beruset af riheden og eventyret Overalt hænger kvinderne ved ham og selv år han aldrig nok af kærligh. .
At the time of reading this was my avorite Hesse book and
Indeed It Is Probably His 
it is probably his novel the one to recommend Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution for anyone wanting to check him out I have given away copies of itor this purpose to several persons over the yearsContrary to the description in Wikipedia I read the novel On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock from the perspective of Goldmund being lost and thenound Seduced by the snares of t Narcissus and Goldmund as I look back on it now in my old age ar rom my youthful love or it is one of Hesse s near misses Close but no cigar as they used TO SAY AT THE FAIR THIS say at the Fair This could have been perfect But no it misses the boat At least to someone older and wiserWhy To ind that out let s go back to the medieval era in which this book is setThere once was an almost Narcissus back then His name was Desiderius Erasmus A Catholic and Monkish gentleman and a scholar of the world he acted as a Nini facilitatoror the catholicism of Catholicism and as a I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) friend of Church nobility and peacemaker He purportedly was ariend of poor ordinary souls It s true I think that he envied their spontaneous easeHe wanted you see to silence his own b te noire Martin Luther an almost Goldmund You see Luther was an semi innocent like Goldmund who was impulsive and passionate like his real life archetype And both Luther and his Flight, Vol. 7 fictional doppelg nger Goldmund were deeply conflicted And Luther like Goldmund was ready to suffer eternal torment if needs beor ollowing his own star Erasmus NeverAnd spontaneous And Erasmus was notFor if in conflicted souls spontaneity is dammed up in the heart the result is spiritual entropyThere though the near similarity ends and while Goldmund s outlet was art Luther s was the defence of simple aith and warm married loveIf Erasmus nearly approximates to the coolly rational but envious NarcissusHesse is ALSO a Narcissus like Erasmus A wannabe ree spiritA sophisticated pan European man of the world he resented and perhaps envied passionate mystical artists like Rainer Maria Rilke and his own creation Goldmund These are men who live by the ree spiritual self replenishment of pure inspirationRilke like Luther and Goldmund could do no wrong in the eyes of his admirers He could also do as he liked And did it though always within the bounds of decency Like the other two he was also conflictedAs we see in his great Camp Rex final Duino ElegiesAnd that masterpiece shows like Luther and Goldmund before him he could be mystical in a wayew other men wereFew men and that includes HesseHesse was partly a lie to the world or he like so many was precisely and tormentedly that to himself He wasn t an ingenuous mystical guy like Rilke And perhaps his outr habits like those of the protagonist of Demian bound hi. Guldmund bliver ikke nogen rom asketisk munk i klosteret Mariabronn som vennen Narcis Han lygter ud i verden en vandrer ,