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Ent of the works of another great artist Saul Steinberg This leaves every page very white and clean which is suitable for the futuristic setting of the story Most panels are whole pages or even spreads without any margins and crammed full with details until your eye looses itself in all the minutiae Today this would hav been done with a copying tool in a computer but here it s all hand drawn with constant slight variations that makes you stay in each image for a long time It s all "Breathtakingly Beautiful And Harrowing "beautiful and harrowing the same time CritiueThat this book which feels avantgarde today among the comics that are produced across the world was actually done than forty years ago is staggering It s even strange when you consider the backstory of the artist loosing the original artwork and himself during several decades only to have it reemerge decades later being picked up and published to international acclaim Reading this book can be done rather uick as it is almost silent with few short and often surreal dialogue and some captions mostly reading like orders that makes all the identical persons act in a synchronised manner and whole page images You soon get lost in the images though and after having read the whole book it sticks in your mind On one hand it is a rather obvious critiue of the world of the 1960s with common targets of the time of the hippie era such as warmongers and consumerism On the other hand the whole dystopian fit in or die theme feels eerily contemporary and makes you stop and think The art is also full of small details such as one of the drivers of the endless caravan of cars driving home form work thinking about flying an aeroplane och the fact that among the thousands of men going to work there s ONE recurring woman Things like that makes you stop and look again and wonder what the artist was aiming at as the often wordless pages leaves much open to interpretation The world of Soft City is run by a man speaking with German accent and the whole fascists setup reeks of Nazism In the 1960s WWII was still very much alive in the minds of people and that should make this story feel dated Sadly it doesn t What with Putin and the minds of people and that should make this story feel dated Sadly it doesn t What with Putin and world leaders actually regressing the road towards democracy and the Internet making us all and alike in culture and consumer habits Soft City feels strangely modern and up to dateThis book is a true masterpiece and one that should be read by I just noticed that the Cortelyou branch of the Brooklyn Library seems to contain half the comics I d been meaning to read lately but hadn t actually sprung for so someone seems to be doing a good job or curating or else another local has been ordering them sent to this location Hence all the reviews of such lately Here s another a massive work of densely repeat detail the absolutely conformist consumer military industrial dystopian machine of Soft City These images take on strength through sheer scale and obsession each page capturing endless corridors of skyscrapers with infinite windows looking onto eternally inter. Of its time in a simple pure line offering only meager spots of colorThis pictorial novel describes the standardized daily life in an Orwellian dystopian city With compassion feeling for the absurd and a sometimes satirical view Pushwagner perceives the life of a family in a top down organized cit. 100517 somehow the freehand primitive repetitive simple images all work to envision this dystopia very much of its time early 70s even earlier clearly defined regimented gender roles coats hats cars housewife cooking husband office drone huge expanses only emphasize diminishment of the human not celebration of scale no story to distract just great images Wow This thing is amazing I just found it at MoCCA which is an indie comic book expo here in New York City This book was sitting amongst a bunch of great books at the Norwegian table and after a few minutes flipping through the pages and drooling I decided I had to have it And I m happy I bought it because it s amazing Hell just look at some of these images One click here but it s large Almost prophetic the traffic jams remind me of the SF Bay Area today The singularity of the horror this GN examines will leave you wondering are we already in Soft City I can t believe I finally stumbled on to this classic done between 1969 1975 lost for decades and in 2008 reprinted in oversized format It s like Fritz Lang movies and 1984 Chaplin s Modern Times a futuristic urban nightmare sketched in black and white maybe a little Saul Steinbergish sketchy and then meticulous in its evocation of an urban nightmare and the proliferation of sameness and aridity in urban architecture On acid as they say And Pushwagner was on acid so it also is part of that literature beginning with Aldous Huxley s Doors of Perception so many Beatshippies and a lot of music of course much of it not very good at all but this This recalls the acid turn in R Crumb s work too which was also strange and wild This is an amazing artifact of paranoia where people all do the same thing at the same time in a drugged out one pill make you larger and one pill makes you small and the ones that mother gives you don t do anything at all existence The feel of it is not 1984 dark exactly in Pushwagner s rendition as with the large wide spacious format and the thin pencil lines it is exhilarating than I expected given the subject matter I call it surrealism too in the best sense of that word as amazing politicalcultural commentaryIt s stupid for me to say any about it as you should just read this review that follows which became the book s introduction written by Chris Ware one of the top comics artists AND comics critics ever on the planet who just ills it If you read that you will find the book asap especially of you are interested in alt comix and dystopia and architectural comics I really didn t like this at firstRoger Ebert famously said It s not what a movie is about it s how it is about it This applies 100% to Pushwagner s magnum opus It s uite impressive actually to literally witness such vast amounts of "detail on every single page It must have taken a long time to draw too I ept "on every single page It must have taken a long time to draw too I ept this the entire time And I appreciate this But I also wanted to stop looking at the work as a piece of research like I do with all the books I read and wanted to just try and enjoy itWell you ca Just. A graphic novel with perhaps the oddest backstory ever Pushwagners Soft City was created in the 1970s by Norwegian artist Terje Brofoss nom d’art Pushwagner only to be lost in a suitcase on a trip to London Though it was found in 2002 Brofoss didn’t learn of the discovery until some segments we. ,

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Not for me I really hated the visual styleWhen graphic novels are almost exclusively told through their visuals it s hard for me to get past an unpleasant aesthetic The dystopian narrative was probably a bigger deal when this originally came out but it s ind of bland to read now and the writing itself is very cold AND DISTANT PUTTING EVEN EMPHASIS ON THE VISUAL STYLE distant putting even emphasis on the visual style I hatedI don t now Probably someone else would like this much The phrases going through the boss s head are the best AIR CONDITIONCHARMING VALUEFOR MONEYCLEAN SYSTEMBRAIN FREE CIRCUSSTREAMLINE FIRST CLASSBUSINESS TASTE OF LIFEin america there would only be one person in each car Hariton Pushwagner has been a part of my life for uite some time It all began in my mid teens when my father came into my room and told me about a program that he had listened to on the radio it was about a guy called Axel Jensen and my father thought that his books might be of interest to me And he was certainly right about thatAnd through Jensen I was introduced to Push through his powerful illustrations in the Oblidor books Epp Lul Lem etc all collected in the volume Resten St r Skrivd i Stjernene one of my favourite books of all time as well as the wonderful and sadly unfinished comic book Doktor Fantastisk which was also one of my earliest encounters with Pataphysics although I believe that a Bringsv rd book was my first exposure to THE scienceWhen I moved to Oslo in my early twenties I used to see Pushwagner in the streets all the time especially up in the Torshov area where I believe he used to live or at least hit the pubs He was never walking like ordinary people no he was dancing Seeing him really made an impression here was someone who was truly different and whose life and art was one and the same thingAnd what about Soft City Oh dear it s a very frightening book a horror story if I have ever read one A very clear sighted and accurate vision This is science FACTion indeed A lot of things in his life and ours make sense after reading this book It is a depressing but uite necessary exercise Thank you PushAnd to the rest of usFortsatt god bedring A beautiful oversized book containing a masterpiece of "Surreal Comics Made In The "comics made in the 1960s and early 1970s but not published until the 21st century Storyconcept The story takes place in a dystopian future as seen from the perspective of the late 1960s where everything is controlled by one gigantic corporation everyone looks the same and does the exact same things in a modern city of skyscrapers The story follows the day of a man a husband and a father who wakes up goes to his job goes home and goes to sleep at the same time as thousand of similar husbands does the exact same thing in synchronisation At the same time his wife who looks exactly like all other wives leaves her baby at the nursery in synchronised manner with all other women and goes to shop her day away ArtThe art is absolutely gorgeous Everything is drawn with a thin pen line without any crosshatching black areas or colours reminisc. Re publishedSoft City is both a creation of its time and timeless the almost hallucinatory story of a society tight in the grip of an omnipresent corporation one that employs them feeds them informs them entertains them–but which may or may not be what it seems It conveys the political sentiments. .
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