EBOOK DOWNLOAD São Tome Journey to the Abyss Portugal's Stolen Children

São Tome Journey to the Abyss Portugal's Stolen Children

Paul D. Cohn ð 6 DOWNLOAD

T this painful and little known chapter of the expulsioninuisition On The Iberian Peninsula Detailed Description Gives The Reader Vicarious the Iberian peninsula Detailed description gives the reader vicarious of main character This book is well researched original and compelling historical fiction at its best I picked p this book to check off Sao Tome on my around the world reading adventure and A WORLD I NEVER NEW ABOUT OPENED BEFORE MY world I never new about opened before my and isn t that what a reader wants from historical fiction Interestingly I recently read People of the Book a novel that goes back to the Spanish Inuisition and the expulsion of Jews Sao Tome is also set in this time starting in Portugal Jewish children in Portugal were kidnapped from there families and sent to Sao Tome to work the sugar cane fields I never knew Set in the late 1400 s just after Christopher Columbus journey to the Americas and at the beginning of Europe s presence in West Africa the book covers in accurate and disturbing detail the origins of the slave trade The detail in the book is not for the faint of heart disease torture war intrigue duplicity and are covered This lends the book a disturbingly realistic view into the period So much historical fiction covers the same old territory0 WWII and the US Civil War must make Misfortune Cookies (When the Fat Ladies Sing up 75% of historical fiction I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate authors that dive into periods little is written about I have read fiction and nonfiction on the slave trade but little about the very early years Understanding that Europe s desire for sugar the growth of that market in parallel with the expansion of cane growth in the New World and the eventual realization that slaves earned 101 money by weight compared to sugar is laid out by this book in a compelling story format There is so much in this richly detailed novel If you enjoy historical fiction and can take a realistic depiction of the brutal reality of the times then you will likely enjoy this book and learn from it Interstingly I read this book in parallel with The Lost Girls of Paris and found that book insipid compared to Sao Tome I just finished reading Sao Tome and found it not only good reading but educational as well I was tickled to acu. And shipped 4000 miles to the West African islandStellar Pre Publication Reviews for Paul Cohn's São ToméSão Tomé a powerful story I admired the strength and confidence in the writing The setting and characters are richly drawn and I especially enjoyed the vivid details that make thenfolding events resonate sharply with the reader riveting Michael Peitsch Sr Vice PresidentPublisher Little Brown CoA potent mix of characters and action Paul Cohn's São Tomé is historical fiction at its finest Sid Gustafson Prisoners of Flight São Tomé great research emotionally powerful the drama is terrific I got hooked Carl Lennertz Vice President HarperCollins Publishers São Tomé is rich and potent depict. .

Sao Tome gives the reader a front row seat as it reveals the personalities politics and intrigues of late 15th Century Portugal Spain and Africa as Church and Crown connive to dominate the commerce of sugar and slavery The novel is the story seen through the eyes of its young protagonist Marcel Saulo It is exceptional from the very first page Based on historical records of the kidna I loved this story once I got into the book I had trouble Putting It Down Even Though I Was it down even though I was vacation Great story Decent historical fiction for my AtW challenge Sao Tome Marcel is clearly not the most diplomatic person but his heart is in the right place His adventures somewhat engaged me I especially liked the descriptions of food then became engrossing in the last 60 pages This fine history novel has it all The beginnings of African slavery a little known holocaust of Jewish people in Portugal and Africa and all recorded in The Protagonist S Journal Reminiscent Of Anne Frank S The protagonist s journal reminiscent of Anne Frank s The a Portuguese teenager Marcel Saulo is kidnapped by Crown and Church and shipped along with dozens of other Jewish children to slave on the sugar plantations of Sao Tome Island off the West African euator The story recounted by the author in fast moving and dramatic settings Unraveling Josh (Ellery College, unfolds as Saulo records the suffering that he and his fellow children endure But soon the book s hero discovers that his suffering is little compared to a greater suffering that of the tribal population of West Africa decimated by the Portuguese and Spanish slavers As best he can he befriends the Africans brought to the island and strives to combat the growing black slave tradeEnduring many hardships and personal tragedies Saulo eventually prospers as a sugar planter yet never wavers in his attempts to combat slavery At the novel s end there is an amazing andnexpected twist both heartwarming and tragic a surprise that is logical and secretly embedded in the story Sao Tome is a remarkable read an historically informative page turner If I had a best seller list it would be at the top I highly recommend Sao Tome by Paul D Cohn Well done A Consortium of Worlds uniue storyExcellent narrative that brings to ligh. In 1485 the Portuguese Crown and Catholic Church began to kidnap Jewish children forcibly convert the young conscripts and ship them to São Tomé Island off the African euator to work the government sugar plantations The collision of slavery sugar agriculture and discovery of The Americas transformed this island colony into the nidus of the wholesale black slave trade that infected Africa and Western commerce for the next 350 years This is aniue and little known chapter of the Diaspora which also reveals the Medieval Church s complicity in the business of slavery São Tomé tells the story of young Marcel Saulo and his sister Leah who were abducted with other children from their synagogue in Lisbon.

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