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Ype beta male who came right off the page I loved the inside look at a painter s life the detail about composition and color was Living with a Dead Language: My Romance with Latin fascinating Morris attention to detail made her worldeel very real the Chicago architecture and the witchcraft especially There were motives and plot twists I wish could have been developed but referring to my irst statement this is an action packed engaging book the story didn t suffer I won t spoil the surprise but the marriage proposal was a delightful twist Overall an entertaining sensory experience t I loved this book Pam Morris *HAS SUCH AN INCREDIBLE GIFT WITH *such an incredible gift with This book had me cheering or the hero one minute and laughing about the Bongology: n. The Art of Creating 35 of the World's Most Bongtastic Marijuana Ingestion Devices flamingos the next So creative so uniue an absolute Must Read Love Magic and Angstwhat could you askor in a love story Pam B Morris romance Smitten Image has all that plus humor and characters we can all identify with You will laugh and moan and try to push the characters together as they do their darnedest to stay apart Thanks Design the Life You Love: A Guide to Thinking About Your Life Playfully and with Optimism for the pre readIeel so special What a wonderful book illed with magic and love I adored Lily and her "World Pam B Morris Writes "Pam B Morris writes a beautiful voice about the uture several decades After You Drop Them Off: A Parent's Guide to Student Ministry from now Her world building isirst rate and I was there in New Chicago gobbling up all of the details of a city born Share, Retweet, Repeat: Get Your Message Read and Spread from the ashes of catastrophe Lily is a talented painter of landscapes and portraits but she is a conflicted young womanilled with self doubt about the true nature of her extraordinary abilities Daniel her best Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking: 101 Entirely Plant-based, Mostly Gluten-Free, Easy and Delicious Recipes friend has loved Lilyor years but he s kept his eelings to himself because of a magical secret Together they discover each other in new ways to orge a bond that cannot be broken by man or witch If you are enchanted by magic shops intrigued by the world of art and ready or a great summer romance you will enjoy Smitten ImageThe reviewer Deborah O Neill Cordes received an ARC rom the author with no monetary compensation and in return or an honest review Smitten Image was a magical kaleidoscope of a read Pam B Morris immerses the reader into a slightly uture world that surrounds Lily and Daniel with wild magic volatile lust and an enduring love The author s knowledge of art and color shine through her story impeccably The art comes alive on the page and draws you into the beautiful worlds she creates through her unny and uirky heroine Lily You can t help but all in love with Lily as she stumbles in learning how to wield and temper the new magic within her and Daniel who harbors his own maddening powers and secrets all which threaten to keep them apart Smitten Image is such a creative and uniue take on witchcraft psychic powers and magic I highly recommend it to those looking Seven Days, Seven Dinners for something a little bit different and a whole lot of awesome. Her away and that hisriendship is of value to her than his loveAs Lily negotiates the catastrophic blends of her A Northern Light fear imagination and chaotic magic Daniel mustight against his own impenetrable reserve and the psychic gifts he’s always despisedMagic and love might save them but can they survive each oth.

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Well since I wrote this I must say I love it But what else could I say still it is un very humorous with a ditzy blonde resembling someone I know very personally For a romance I think it offers a lot I got into the uturistic world thing magic everywhere mayhem at the drop of a hat A magic shop that never stays in one place and a lonely artist who and I m uoting Lily here is as silly as lying pigs She drinks a love potion
then paints her perfect man comes to life off the canvas and stalks her And that s only the beginning Would love to hear what you all think of it Seriously Beautiful and EnchantingLily Barnett "IS A BRILLIANTLY TALENTED BUT SCATTERBRAINED "a brilliantly talented but scatterbrained who loses her keys at least once a week She yearns Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, for true love and the kind of sex that makes your toes curlDaniel Harris is a building manager with than aew secrets hidden behind those glasses of his He s a clairvoyant Reader and in love with his best riend and neighbor LilyAnd when Lily enters a magic shop and guzzles a love potion without a second thought their destinies are orever changedThe year is 2039 and the universe is teaming with mystical White Water forces Morris protagonists are as magical as the art they create and their unbridled love threatens to ruin them both The author s world building is absolutely captivating and her descriptions of auture New Chicago are rivaled only by her exuisite depictions of color and artMagical paranormal illed with beautiful imagery and enchanting parallels between art and love Smitten Image delivers romance in spades If you are intrigued by magic and spells ascinated by the world of Special Agent fine art and lookingor a great summer romance you ll love Smitten Image As charming as Harry Potter this wonderfully magical novel put a smile on my Sleep with the Fishes facerom beginning to end I The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History fell in love with Pam B Morris s poetic voice turns of phrases and magical cast of characters Lily is a delightful heroine uirky passionate and absolutely loveable as she and Daniel struggle to be together under impossible circumstances Hopelessly in love Daniel is a admirable hero who never tries to change the befuddled heroine but instead embraces the ardent artist she needs to beAgain I must mention the delightful writing and share one of myavourite lines rom many Gods and avors but the girl was a mind tweak Don t you just love thatIt takes a creative soul to write one and that s exactly what Pam B Morris does with Lily her magical awakening and this love story Full of enchanted lessons whimsical descriptions and passionate romance Smitten Image shows that love truly is magic Pam B Morris debut book Smitten Image starts off as a light hearted romp through magic and love The visual pictures of the heroine Lily stockings saggy at the knees cuffs smeared with paint and carryi. In high speed high tech New Chicago 2039 magic has gone viral Lily Barnett a brilliant but drifty artist wanders into a strange magic shop where she impulsively guzzles a love potion Erratic and unpredictable powers awake inside her Her houseplants turn ravenous and strings of lamingo lights spout poetry Wh. .
Smitten ImageNg a stained canvas bag as well as her inner thoughts allow the reader to connect almost instantaneously This is in spite of the act that the world is decades in the uture where the switching of magnetic poles creates a Chicago like we ve never knownBut Lily s romp isn t uite as light hearted AS TIME GOES ON SHE HAS A SERIOUS PROBLEM time goes on She has a serious problem can she be with the man she loves without killing him And not in ordinary ways oh no that would be too tame or Ms Morris Lily s Elemental Magic Goes Rogue magic goes rogue to overwhelm the sympathetic clairvoyant magic of Daniel If she can t get it under control every thought every eeling that humans projected would overwhelm his senses and drive him insane Literally The beauty of this book is ollowing the enjoyment and love trials of Lily and Daniel At the same time a little part of your brain acknowledges the universal problem How do we all in love without killing each other or ourselves in the process I enjoyed the plot characterizations and most of all the visual kaleidoscope of images I got while reading this book First of all this book is out of my comfort zone and I think it is important to challenge myself to do this once in a while So take any comments or criticisms with that in mindI ound myself somewhat intrigued The Oxford New Greek Dictionary from the beginning of thisuturistic romance I honestly had no idea what to expect but when "magic irst showed itself in the story I was somewhat nonplussed I liked the characters Daniel and Lily so I chose "first showed itself in the story I was somewhat nonplussed I liked the characters Daniel and Lily so I chose treat this book as a antasy and a The New Job Security fairy tale In doing that I was able to enjoy some of this book Portions of what I read even reminded me of the old TV show BewitchedI have to admit that as the book went on Iound myself somewhat turned off by two things First of all the magic became increasingly confusing and strange probably because I know nothing about magic in books Secondly I was disturbed to read about the great emphasis that the physical part of the characters relationship seemed to be what drove the characters to one another I The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) felt that theriendship they spoke about was almost nonexistent So what did I like about the book The art emphasis the The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis futuristic look at this country and some elements of the story I could have done without the sex scene and the profanity but many readers will have no problem with this The premise behind the book is absolutelyascinating but I think it could have been a little bit edgier and a little less emphasis on magic If you are a an of magic and romances I can almost guarantee you will love this book A page turner I could not put Smitten Image down a ast paced ride through a To Helvetica and Back futuristic worldilled with magic art and mischief Not to mention a very sweet yet intense Simple Art of Greatness friendshipirst romance I liked Daniel instantly an endearing sexy Clark Kent En she paints a portrait of her perfect man he steps Where the Heart Waits free of the canvas and stalks her Desperate she turns to her bestriend Daniel or helpBut Daniel has problems of his own He’s a telepath who must shield thoughts emotions and desires or go mad He wants Lily desperately but knows his passion will drive. ,

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