(EBOOK/EPUB) Simone Biles by Jon M. Fishman

Simone Biles

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Simone Biles joined the US GYMNASTICS TEAM TO COMPETE AT gymnastics team to compete at Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro #BRAZIL IN ALONG WITH HER TEAMMATES SHE SAILED #in 2016 Along with her teammates she sailed her events. ,
To claim the gold medal In The Team Competition For the team competition for United States She also took #HOME THREE GOLDS AND A BRONZE #three
and a bronze the individual in which she competed Though Biles fo. ,
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Llows an intense training outine her schedule #Doesn't Stop Her From Having Fun Learn #stop her having fun Learn about *her to the top in gymnastics how she stays fit *rise to the top in gymnastics how she stays fit she does to elax and mu. .

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