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Thought about this news story or that news story recently The most staggering being Sandy Hook of course It s a sad and depressing commentary that Sandy Hook could happen and the only thing we did about it as a country was majorly increase gun sales in the wake of proposed legislation that we all knew *NEVER HAD A CHANCE TALK ABOUT A BUNCH OF *had a chance Talk about a bunch of for leaders I really can t think of anything worse than young children being blown away like thatand ven that moved us all to doabsolutely nothing It s an awful feeling Staggeringly depressing for us as a society But life goes on doesn t it It always does Anyway this book really highlights the ver changing and rapidly moving news cycle It s always on to the next big disaster and ven the most horrible things are forgotten far too asily and uickly It s also a really interesting look at what happens behind the scenes making a big live news broadcast I njoyed it It s an asy read I m a marmite fan and I am also a Piers fanLoved it Piers Morgan hits America going from tabloid ditor and celebrity name dropper to another person completely xasperated by the highly lucrative siege mentality of the gun nutters and the NRA s complete contempt for non gun owning people of the United States This blight on the American social scene I think is why so much of the Anglo sphere s focus has shifted back to London and the UK as a favourable society to live in America s larger population creates a lower common denominator for the gun lobby s venality to appeal to This guy has no business being in TV he has no discernible talent yet

At One Point Was 
one point was two different networks in prime time appearing against himself As a judge on America s Got Talent he was a joke since he has no ntertainment talent himself nor is American For his nightly talk show it s hard to understand why CNN would select him to replace Larry King when Morgan had never done live TV news interviews before Even King often slammed the choice The book just proves that Morgan was totally wrong for American TV and that his instincts about our country and politics are completely off baseOn the other hand the book is an interesting read for someone who wants to know what goes on behind the scenes in television news The producer made Piers Morgan look intelligent and prepared often when the host had no idea who the guest was The network PR people hyped him to be someone he wasn t and his own publicist saved him from some stupid foot in the mouth momentsThe biggest disappointment was to hear him claim his family was his priority when in truth he had nothing to do with his family most of the time His kids from his first marriage were in England and he only saw them a couple times a year His new wife and baby rarely saw him here As so many celebrities do he claims to place family first but then doesn t match his actions with his words He should have never accepted two TV jobs at the same time for it meant hi. Ses candidly his refusal to bend to public pressure or political correctness from his childhood in England to his career as a tabloid A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, editor to his meteoric rise to fame in the United States Offering an inside view of the real time drama behind covering huge breaking news stories such as the killing of Osama bin Laden Hurricane Sandy and the massacre at Newtown Morgan’s account is a riveting no holds ba. Learned specific news and gun related details about UK US Politics around his jobs between 2010 2013 through Morgan s diary He shared his many opinions with the reader uite the character Uses Twitter like The Donald Injoyed this book for what it was It s really just a bit of anecdotes and memoirs of what occurred leading it was It s really just a bit of anecdotes and memoirs of what occurred leading to his show taking over for Larry King and some of the noteworthy news stories and show moments over the first three years It reads like a personal diary really The irony of reading this book now of course is that his show has *BEEN CANCELLED I CAN T SAY *cancelled I can t say was a regular viewer or monitored his ratings but they must have really a regular viewer or monitored his ratings but they must have really in the final year for the show to totally go away so uickly seeing as the book The Shadow Reader ends in the Spring of 2013 and things seemed particularly rosy for the show at that time It s a shame though I would watch it from time to time and I always loved that he was the one big celebrity voice of reason in the anti gun movement I have a trivial love hate relationship with Piers I love his common sense on guns and his British wit and humor but I tend to not like him on Saturday mornings as he s an avid Arsenal fan and I m a Manchester United fan Like I saidtrivial Luckily he really doesn t mention Arsenal in this book which is nothing short of amazing Anyway I push through his absurd soccer moaning to keep with the important real world stuff His twitter is a pretty good follow I don t want to get into a big political rantspecially in a book review but I will say my view on guns took a sharp turn on July 20 2012 That s when my friend Jessica Redfield was murdered in the Aurora movie theater massacre I never particularly liked guns prior to that My feelings went starkly negative on them thereafter The whole situation is forever surreal but adding one surreal moment is reading along as Piers talks about her and her lovely mother who fights the good fight against guns in her daughters memory in this book It s weird to read those pages and think to yourselfI used to laugh with that sweet girl right here in my office or at the hockey game Knowing someone killed in such a tragic way is an Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies experience that too many of us in this country have had and I can tell you from personalxperience it is awful But of course veryone continues on with their this will never happen to me state of mind You re wrong Anyway the logic presented here on the gun topic is absolutely spot on I ll just leave it at that The other staggering thing that occurred to me as I read through this was how many major news stories have happened in the last few yearsand how we ve already forgotten all of them In this instant social media news cycle nothing stays in our minds for longer than a few hours or days if it s particularly awful and then it s on to the next story That s about all any news story gets any It s uite insane and ven I was a bit The Power Of A Choice embarrassed to think to myselfI can t believe I haven As host of the CNN show Piers Morgan Live Piers Morgan has come a long way from his days as a British tabloidditor and judge on America’s Got Talent Love him or hate him it’s undeniable that Morgan is one of the most talked about controversial figures in the media today From gun control and gay marriage to religion and pop icons he tackles the hot button topics head on In Shooting Straight he discus. ,

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S family got low priority And it also meant he did a lousy job at bothWhat ultimately makes this a one star book is Morgan s cluelessness about America and why the country is the way it is He demeans First Amendment rights and Second Amendment rights The book has way too much anti He demeans First Amendment rights and Second Amendment rights The book has way too much anti rhetoric and it s filled with false claims or facts like people are born gay when confronted by a guest who asks for his proof he says he has none but feels it in his gut He slams anyone conservative Christian or right leaning Republican He grossly over praises some of our worst presidents Carter Clinton and supports liberal Republicans he thinks will be lected to the presidency someday Chris Christie seriously Piers Morgan s instincts are pretty much always wrong as proven in this book Page after page details his mistaken thoughts on people and politics And ultimately after the book was published Morgan s show was canceled He has basically never been seen in America again He had no business being on TV here couldn "T Conduct A Good Interview "conduct a good interview a producer feeding him uestions in his ar and showed no appreciation of the freedoms he had when living in this country Piers Morgan is ultimately a failure Fantastic read candid and honest The book had a lot of interesting and funny stories about his ncounters with celebrities on and off his show His courageous public views on gun control are some things that need to be said I guess it takes someone originally from outside the country to take a logical view and put things in perspective Before reading SHOOTING STRAIGHT I knew little about Piers Morgan s background His book contains interesting stories and was well doneAt first I wondered about the diary format for the ntries in the book but it made sense and was a good device I The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right enjoyed reading SHOOTING STRAIGHT If you want to know about Piers Morgan and the business of creating a show at CNN I highly recommend it This book is written in a journal style withntries coming very few days Most of the book focuses on his new job at CNN *And How He Got Adjusted There Even If You Don *how he got adjusted there Even if you don agree with his gun views most will find this a fascinating read Prior to reading Shooting Straight I read a ton of reviews including reviews on Goodreads that said the majority of the book is about Piers gun rights campaign I finished this book today and I learned that this is about 10% of the book The rest is a behind the scenes take from Piers Morgan himself about his show his personal life and his career It was really interesting to see different vents over the last 3 4 years from his perspective I also really liked that it was in the diary format It was kind of like a really long timelineI haven t read Piers other books but I want to now Monsieur Pain especially if they precede thevents in this book He s a really good writer and his stories are surprisingly very interesting most specially when they involve interviews with big name personalities. Rred depiction of an adrenaline fueled life anchoring a nightly news show in the world’s most ruthless competitive and pressurized media marketplaceWritten in a compelling diary format Shooting Straight provides a heartfelt account of Morgan’s xtraordinary new life and his continuing love affair with America Shocking funny and incisive it proves once again why Piers Morgan has taken the world by stor. Shooting Straight

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