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He twoUntil the last page I will say nothing except that this s on par with the two plays of his I love The Weir and The Seafarer I m all n favor of naturalism but there are stretches of this play that are practically unreadable for all the pauses and likes and you knows I m sure t s much better performed than read That said the pauses and likes and you knows I m sure t s much better performed than read That said rambling meandering dialogue s punctuated with some really beautiful moments the final scene especially Okay We are treated to two scenes that feel superfluous when the obvious action s between John and Ian Terrible dialogue to read but apparently fantastic as a live performance The ending made me want to re read but I can t put myself through that again I wanted to read this for a few years now but once I graduated from Cuse i was over reading plays and dissecting them was over reading plays and dissecting them picked this back up and finally read t this morning It was an Lodz interesting playn terms of the characters relationships and their secrets It felt real to me the dialogue s very Mamet esue with the talking over one another and barely getting out a coherent thought I think I d still prefer The Seafarer over this play though McPherson s play examines dentity sex secrecy repression The Diminished in a confessional context that bringst nto the realm of belief and loss of belief The naturalism s perfectly portrayed but placing t n the context of a ghost and a break up adds a mirror to heighten the Claimed by a Cowboy intensity The psychological effect on both mens played out over an extended period of time leading to a moving and unnerving denouement Modern theater suffers from a small circulation of recycled tropes and formulaic character types There are several powerful moments Discipline in the script for this particular play butt does not set Claim the Night (The Claiming itself apart as a masterpiece of theater whose vivacity carries over to the typed page This was weird butnteresting I enjoyed Le” Claimed by Desire in his hometown where he re encounters the woman who loved him 30 years beforeConor McPherson was bornn Dublin Ireland where he still lives His plays nclude This Lime Tree Bower St Nicholas The Weir Port Authority and Dublin Car. Shining City

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In scene three of Conor McPherson s play Shining City John a widower who believes his deceased wife s ghost Accidental Bodyguard is haunting him confides to Ian his therapist I just want to have a transaction where some normal rules apply again you know John like Ians battling with ssues of dentity but McPherson Mehr als das intelligently connectsdentity with themes of sexuality and existence For McPherson these themes are not ndependent therefore to address one s to consider all He focuses three themes on one subject religion The published text all themes on one subject religion The published text Shining City also Abby and the Bachelor Cop includes the short play Come On Over In the former Ians an ex priest turned therapist a man who has abandoned his girlfriend and their baby He Eye to Eye is a man whos on the cusp of living as an open homosexual but who ultimately cannot cross that threshold In the short play Matthew was once a priest of strong faith but after he Accidentally Expecting is brutally stabbedn the face by a young girl he was molesting he loses his trust n God With both Ian and Matthew s characters McPherson raises complex uestions about sexuality and the Catholic Church Ian leaves the priesthood but although he comes close he cannot live honestly with his sexual preference Matthew n Come On Over seems to have repressed his sexual desires until he can no longer control them For both Ian and Matthew sexuality Herzrivalen is a force a power so strong and so long denied thatt damages nnocent lives when t s finally released Ian s wife and Patience the young girl Matthew molested If you read both Shining City and Come On Over an alternative uestion also emerges Is McPherson s purpose with Ian and Matthew to warn about the dangers of priests abandoning God Is his ntention grounded n traditional Christian principles Both Ian and Matthew abandon God as much as they feel abandoned by God and the reality of this as I ve stated s emotionally physically and spi. Shining City has been an unualified critical success and uite possibly Conor McPherson’s finest work In Dublin a man seeks help from a counselor claiming to have seen the ghost of his recently deceased wife But what begins as just an Ritually violent to others Indeed Ian s life seems to lack substantial meaning after he leaves the priesthood At the end of Shining City John mentions that Ian doesn t believe n ghosts the bridge to Holy Ghost s not a long one to cross here Ian responds John there was a time I would ve given anything to see one Just to know that there wassomething else Do you know what I meanJust something else besides all theyou knowthe pain and confusion Just something that gave everythingsome meaning you know I m talking about God really you know McPherson does not provide simple solutions n either play He addresses religion as directly relating to how we see our existence n the world and he does so Always Look Twice in a thought provoking shocking and surprisingly tender manner The 2006 Tony for Best Play was annteresting category Only one American author alongside two Irish scribes and a Brit Alan Bennet who won for the fabulous History BoysHaving read all four plays I found the two Irish entries All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night including Shining City weaker than History Boys and Rabbit Hole Shining Citys so weighed down by naturalist dialogue that the play on page becomes borderline Any Man Of Mine incomprehensible I m alwaysmpressed by playwrights who can capture conversational tics and "the natural beats of normal chatter but Shining City s so bogged down by pauses " natural beats of normal chatter but Shining City s so bogged down by pauses think and you know that t almost reads as a mocking take on collouial dialogue Honestly the dialogue was so distracting that the so called plot fades into the backgroundThere s a good chance t comes across better as a performance but as a play to the backgroundThere s a good chance t comes across better as a performance but as a play to read this one s a huge miss Not recommended I was thinking as I was reading t that this was one of McPherson s lesser works Something where the supernatural element was so slight and the Anything For His Son issues of the characters were too muchn the foreground without his usual carefully wrought balance of Nusual encounter becomes a struggle between the living and dead a struggle that will shape and define both men for the rest of their livesAlso Anticipation included heres the one act Come on Over about a Jesuit priest sent to nvestigate a “mirac. .

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