Securing Pakistans Tribal Belt E–pub/Kindle

Securing Pakistans Tribal Belt

Daniel Markey ß 8 summary

Umber of vexing security concerns Political disarray has further hampered Islamabads capacity for strong and united action The result in Washington is often frustration mixed with uncertainty about what to do about itFew dimensions of dealing with Pakistan are the source of as much frustration as the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan the subject of this Council Special Report commissioned by the Center for Preventive Action Daniel Markey analyzes the uniue challenges of this region which has long been largely outside Pakistani government control He argues that the United States must work with Islamabad to confront security threats and improve governance and economic opportunity in federally administered areas fata something that Federally Administered Tribal Areas FATA something that reduce militancy The report lays out a cooperative incentives based strategy for the United States that would aim to increase the capacity of the Pakistani government and its Ecurity institutions foster political and economic reform and build confidence in the bilateral relationship At the same time the report outlines alternatives to be considered should this positive approach fail to advance US interests These alternatives be they coercive sanctions to induce Pakistan to act or unilateral US action against security threats could bring some short term progress in dealing with significant threatsbut at the cost of bringing about a hostile Pakistan that would cease to be a partner of any sortThere is no way to escape either the difficulties or the dilemmas Securing Pakistans Tribal Belt is a thorough and nowledgeable examination of a critical set of issues involving pakistan the critical set of issues involving Pakistan the States and much The report offers detailed and wide ranging recommendations for a country and a region that has long challenged US leaders and that is sure to be a priority of the next US administration as wel. Pakistan constitutes one of the most important and difficult challenges facing US foreign policyWhat is at stake is considerable by any measure Pakistan is the worlds second most populous Muslim majority country with nearly 170 million people It shares borders with Afghanistan where US and allied forces are struggling to promote stability amid a continuing insurgency and India with which it has fought a series of conflicts Pakistans nuclear arsenal and history of abetting proliferation put it in a position to dilute global efforts to stem the spread of nuclear materials and weapons And it is host to local extremist groups the global efforts to stem the spread of nuclear materials and weapons And it is host to local extremist groups the and global terrorist organizations most notably al aedaThe relationship between the United States and Pakistan has long been characterized by cooperation and recrimination alike Pakistan is A Strategic Friend Of The United States But One That strategic FRIEND OF THE UNITED STATES BUT ONE THAT APPEARS of the United States but one that appears or unwilling to address a ,

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