School, Disrupted (EBOOK)

It s been a year since the pandemic hit and what a perfect time to reflect on how schooling has one and let s be honest not one with my

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8 and year old kids Reading this book was the perfect way to frame that examination what did we miss being in distance learning for the last year What went badly What went well And what lessons can we bring back to normal school when it resumes againEmily Greene draws on her homeschooling experience from a few years ago back to normal school when it resumes againEmily Greene draws on her homeschooling experience from a few years ago paint a compelling picture of what learnin Any parent who has ever had concerns about the uality and effectiveness of our education system before or during the pandemic would benefit from Emily Greene s book School Disrupted Borne out of personal experiences with homeschooling well prior to the current pandemic and revisited again over the past year this book pulls together many elements of the learning process and places them in a larger context while still iving each idea its own focus The almost conversational writing style makes this a very readable book yet it is clearly organized and easy to follow Ms Greene draws on personal stories as well as current literature on education and neuroscience to illustrate her points and she offers uestions and opportunities for reflection and action in each chapter A tremendous number of resources and web sites are listed throughout along with a lengthy boredom busters list of suggestions in one of the appendices This is a book that manages to be personal informative practical and thought provoking and an invaluable tool for parents who want to make a real change in how their children learn As a mother to two Bulletproof Feathers: How Science Uses Nature's Secrets to Design Cutting-Edge Technology godmother to seventeen foster mom and educator I am always searching for creative ways to enhance my children s learning experience I had pretty much run out of ideas when I discovered School Disrupted Thank you Emily Greene The list of 65 Boredom Busters and 80 Zoom Boosters is worth the price of admission I use the ZOOM Boosters with my adult learners as wellAnd may I add that as pandemic era learning is exposing thelaring deficiencies in our current educational system Greene offers that this is perhaps the watershed moment we ve been waiting for to make the critical shift from an educational model based on correct answers to one based on nurturing natural curiosities If teachers and parents had the courage to embrace the ideas that Greene brings alive in School Disrupted the world created by this eneration of learners would be a mu. THIS INSPIRING BOOK will help you revive your child's enthusiasm for learning by reigniting their curiosity passion and joy Emily Greene lays out an uplifting achievable way for parents caregivers and educators to help children thrive during pandemic era schooling and beyond Pandemic era learning exposed deficiencies in our outdated education system and left our families ment. School, DisruptedAding it I wanted to be 30 years
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and teach It incorporates all the ideas I could have used to further motivate my students The author Emily Greene not only presents the problems parents and teachers are facing today but she also highlights wonderful solutions that can be incorporated at home and in school She covers the most urgent problems like boredom rades conformity etc To me the most wonderful principle she states is You do not have to be an A student to excel The important thing is finding where talent and passion intersect If you re a parent or a teacher or a loved one of a school aged child or you just like the book s subject matter this is the School Disrupted was the best of several books that I enjoyed reading in my pandemic home time It is a very worthwhile read and it contains nuts and bolts type ideas and practical suggestions about what we all want for our kids learning relevant things that will Charlestown Blues give them an edge in livingrowing and succeeding I came away from this read as disrupted as the schools and teachers have been because the author jolted and reminded me that the only final backstop for the educational outcome is the parent Greene reminds us that there are various valid approaches to the parental involvement mandate but that lack of parental involvement is not an option pandemic or parental involvement mandate but that lack of parental involvement is not an option pandemic or I strongly recommend that you take your time and enjoy this solid and enjoyable book and keep some note paper handy as you read for the brainstorms that you ll Charlestown Blues: Selected Poems, a Bilingual Edition get for helping the kids 5 stars This book is fabulous I can t recommend it enough If you re looking to enhance your child s learning experience this is a must read It s a page turner with easy to digest activities and key takeawaysbest practices for thinking outside the box and revolutionizing our school system I highly recommend for any parent teacher or anyone looking to learn about how we can improve our education system I particularly love the boredom busters outlined toward the end of the book I will be referencing this book for years to come If you re looking for a practicaluide to educating children in an updated innovative and relevant manner look no further This book is simple to follow and offers a detailed uide to doing just that plus insights into why making learning fun matters Emily Greene has created an important resource for teachers caregivers nannies parents and anyone who cares forworks with children in a time when it is so desperately needed. Iosity Making Creativity Individuality and Joy Readers walk away empowered with a new perspective on the future of school and a better way for children to learn No matter what type of schooling your family is experiencing from distance hybrid and in person learning to homeschool unschool or a learning pod this book will help you nurture a lifelong love of learning in your chi.

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Ch different place than that created by traditional classroom learning and this pandemic would not have been for naught Highly recommend this book Without a doubt one of THE BEST most helpful and beyond practical books I have read regarding education learning and inspiring our children to enjoy and love learning again The pandemic and zoom school have sueezed out all joy that my children found in school and learning We have also allowed way too much screen time in order for them to remain connected and socialize in a safe but not so healthy manner This book provides a roadmap on how to #Reengage Them And Inspire Them Think # them and them to think of the box learning through hands on activities not just heads down rades focused curricula You won t be able to put this book down Emily speaks to the heart of the discontent we feel as we watch the love for learning fade from our children as they Bright College Years grow in our current education system The excitement and joy of preschool are replaced with apathy or even discontent as homework dominates and curiosity is suashed Emily ignites our commitment to parent through these challenges and impact our children s learning Disruption is a beautiful opportunity to reimagine the possibilities Educating our children has always been a priority and the pandemic forced many of us to confront a new education world where the foundations of what we thought we knew were stripped away Emily Greene masterfully reminds us in School Disrupted what it s all about instilling a sense of wonder in life long learning for us all and that no institution orroup of people has a monopoly on how we can create an enriched learning environment for our children regardless of our circumstances She observes that instead of fact memorizers our world needs problem finders and problem solvers who use uestions and creativity to find solutions to our world s new and emerging challenges But she doesn t leave us hanging there School Disrupted is full of practical recommendations and activities in which we can engage in now to rekindle the joy of learning In a recognition that even with the best of intentions our best laid plans may not succeed in In a recognition that even with the best of intentions our best laid plans may not succeed in first iterations Emily Greene shows us the way to embrace an iterative mindset that will bring joy to children their parents and caretakers I just finished reading School Disrupted and I can t recommend it highly enough I was a teacher and it is the most inspiring teaching book I have ever read in 50 years After re. Ally emotionally and academically fatigued With insightful research inspiring stories tips ideas activities and checklists this book helps lighten the load we feel as the world adjusts to new ways of learning Greene inspires action with practical strategies to bring back balance and optimism as we reimagine school through the Seven Wonders of Learning Unlearning Free Time Cur. .