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D in the Arctic preparing for mass destruction the only person close enough to stop them in the time frame was a group of marines and civilians led by Captain Shane Schofield call sign Scarecrow His determination and skill was legendary with Mother at his side a few other marines plus the nervous civilians they headed for Dragon Island

Knowing What Was Ahead 
what was ahead them would likely see them all killed Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves is the 4th in the Shane Schofield series by Aussie author Matthew Reilly and it was crazy Full on nonstop action killings devious plans the formidable enemy that Scarecrow faced saw him at his usual compelling best Suspense tension an unbelievable thriller which is Reilly s forte and one I definitely recommend I thoroughly enjoyed Mother s character and loved little Bertie the robot I ve had this autographed copy since December 2011 and am pleased to have finally read it What do ou get when Escape (Secret Diaries, you cross a GI Joe with an Energiser Bunny a Michael Bay movie and explosions straight out of Team America A Shane Schofield codename ScarecrowMatthew Reilly s seuel to Scarecrow is every bit as exciting and tense as its predecessor with our dependable hero once again at the coalface of worlds end with little than a maghook and small band of civilians and marines to counter an army The Army of Thieves The mission pits Scarecrow against a formidable foe and a new nemesis impossibly evil lead by deranged convictions and a skewed sense of patriotism his methodology for extrapolating information will wrench even the hardest gut This is perhaps the most defined and menacing bad guy of all the Scarecrow and Jack West books to date In crafting a montage of mayhem courtesy of a secluded island Dragon Island populated by blood thirsty heathens Reilly embodies all that is suspense and genre centric thriller That being said one of the interesting plot threads surrounds the horrific death of Gant in the previous book and Scarecrow s struggle to overcome loss Overall this is a well balanced chapter to the Scarecrow chronicles in which pervious characters return Mother and new ones emerge via a French connection from unlikely sources Riddled with twist and turnsou d be hard pressed to pick and an array of weapons so vast one suspects Reilly raided the draws of the pentagon Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves is completely unbelievable et compelling and pumped full of action Realists need avoid this one is for the adrenaline junkies 4 stars Awful rubbish even by techno thriller standardsGood grief this is terrible I have not purchased this book nor do I plan to ever buy anything written by Reilly this book really IS THAT BADFIRST HOW I CAME TO READ IT that badFirst how I came to read it rather the first thirteen pages and skimmed the rest I was waiting for my niece in a bookstore and decided to sample the book That s several minutes I d like Mr Reilly and his publishers to returnOK it s a techno thriller so characterisation plot plausibility dialogue et cetera aren t going to be emphesised but there should be at least some attempt Further the author should at least do some research those thirteen pages were so full to egregious mistakes that it s a wonder even the average editor didn t catch themHow did the AoT cram two hundred people into a pair of Ospreys How did the ECB cram ninety tonnes of banknotes onto a Gulfstream and why Does Reilly know what Spetsnatz are and what they re used forThen there s the baddies hacking an ICBM in mid flight and redirecting it to it s launch silo just silly for several reasonsI won t comment on the details of the doomsday plot except to say it mixes Tesla and the non existent uranium compound red mercury and is as plausible as it mixes Tesla and the non existent uranium compound red mercury and is as plausible as uses of those tropes Oh and there s the obligatory French bashing and shadowy government plot After reading Hell Island I was excited to begin reading about Scarecrow on Dragon Island A remote island situated about the North Pole Dragon Island is or was the Russian s secret experiment lab having been taken over by a rogue army The Army of Thieves Scarecrow is on assignment close by trying to keep a low profile but when the Defense Department says fly Scarecrow flies I swear I get half way through and I think the battle is over and Scarecrow as well as his team have saved the world again Only to be reminded that the next half of the book means they now have to save themselves God I LOVE the way Matthew Reilly thinks Just when I think he couldn t come up with anything interesting he writes us a bigger and better mission than the last Action packed as always. Arine captain named Schofield call sign ScarecrowIt's not a strike force; just a handful of Marines and civilians It's not euipped to attack a fortified island held by a vicious army But Scarecrow will lead the team in anyway because someone has to The ultimate hero is back facing the ultimate army of villain. .
No Vacancy El Amante de La Psicoanalista
To his earlier work Scarecrow Returns is a three way collision between teams of special forces soldiers at a high tech facility in a remote hostile landscape but Reilly manages to keep the material fresh and the plot and action unfold with a smoothness reflecting his now lengthy experience in telling this kind of tale The battles are as readable as any Reilly has written at least when read with the aid of the numerous illustrations while being as grand in scale and over the top as readers have come to expect which is to say uneualed by any writer working similar territory today Reilly s particular variant on the trope of the left over Soviet superweapon now on the loose is a good one and his villain is in line with his predecessors at least when we get behind the mask The novel also benefits from a number of new touches ranging from a scene stealing combat robot named Bertie to a French vendetta against our hero and a few memorable plot twists which I won t spoil here Additionally cartoonish as Reilly s characters are the characterizations are nonetheless a bit fuller and nuanced here and their personalities do have a bearing on the taleThat is not to say that everything is perfect Reilly is as casual as ever about the technical detail as in his descriptions of the KH 12 satellite and SS 23 missile and the editing falters a bit in one of the early action seuences Such nit picks aside Reilly s use of a plot of this kind to explore a real geopolitical issue struck me as less clever this time around the rationale behind the action comparatively muddled especially when compared with the almost psychic perceptiveness of the villain Still on the whole it s a very satisfying read if ou re up for this kind of adventure and fans of previous books are likely to find it well worth their time However given the extent to which events in the previous novels bear on the story in Scarecrow Returns readers new to the series might want to check out the previous installments first Never judge a book by its Hollywood grade blockbuster like cover this is an exceptionally enjoyable piece of literature Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves should win the Pulitzer Prize for best special effects or something The author stated in book acknowledgement that he writes to entertain Mr Reilly sir ou did than entertain You made Action an art form I challenge any of those award winning postmodern Latin American writers whose names I cannot spell to write a faceoff scene between genetically modified killer polar bears and a gun mounted cute talking robot Must invent new high tech weapons and fancy stream of consciousnessathingy not allowedI read Ice Station the first Must invent new high tech weapons and fancy stream of consciousnessathingy not allowedI read Ice Station the first in this series when I was in high school and Oakley wraparound shades were the pinnacle of fashion Fast forward to 2011 Captain Shane Schofield call sign Scarecrow is back to save the world for the fourth time es it s a tie between him and Bruce Willis with his trusty team of US marines My favorite character from the series has always been Mother she s a six foot two skinhead super ripped lady and the name is short for ahem Motherker but this book has a new character named Bertie who just totally stole my heart The story is supersonically fast paced although somewhat predictable if PRISM Index you had read other books by Matthew Reilly in which caseou re a fan and probably wouldn t mind anyway The gasworks scene will put Snake Plissken to shame High Speed Low Drag It s really the only way to describe Reilly s latest Scarecrow novel Reilly is the master of action not realistic action but crazy off the planet balls to the wall slightly obscene blood curdling adrenaline pumping ACTION You come away from one of his novels with a high heart rate and that woozy post roller coaster feeling This is what Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves promises and by f k it s what it deliversBeware fans of Brad Thor Tom Clancy Vince Flynn or dare I say it Jack Silkstone You are not going to enjoy this book It s not full of realistic tactics cutting edge technology life like characters and contemporary scenarios No it s full of fast paced crazy ming boggling action and larger than life good guys and bad guys It s like a Michael Bay movie on LSDTo really enjoy this novel and Professional Active Server Pages 2.0 (Professional) you will enjoy it ifou take this advice Douze nouvelles contemporaines: Regards sur le monde you need to hang upour realism hat and go into it with an open mind and a need for speed If Niemand houdt mij tegen : een avontuur in de 22ste eeuw you do that thenou re probably going to come away from it thinking Scarecrow F %k YeahNice one MattJack When the newly formed terrorist group Army of Thieves inhabited Dragon Islan. Is seized by a brutal terrorist force calling itself the Army of Thieves the fate of the world hangs in the balance and there are no crack units close enough to get there in time to stop the Army setting off the weaponOne Small Team Except that is for a small euipment testing team up in the Arctic led by a Easily the strongest book in this high octane action packed series The Shane Schofield and his sidekick Mother Gena Newman are working in remote Schofield and his sidekick Mother Gena Newman are working in a remote in the Arctic Circle in part because France has a bounty on his head Meanwhile a terrorist organization the Gang of Thieves has liberated men from two prisons and stolen what seem to be unrelated mostly military items and seized an abandoned Russian base where they seek to unleash a weapon to destroy much of the northern hemisphere Scarecrow is dispatched as s back up to a full recon force and become the only hope when the Force Is Destroyed Then A is destroyed Then a submarine arrives with its top assassin Renard to kill Scarecrow Miraculously not only does he survive but manages to enlist Renard and team s help My favorite part of the book was the robot Bertie who saves Scarecrow and others than once Reminded me of 5 from the movie Short Circuit 45 stars There is a small uote at the start of this book that sums up the great new installment in the Scarecrow seriesThe President looked at a wall clock I was now 5 pm or 6 am at Dragon Are Comment Wang-F fut sauv you telling me that in five hours an unknown force is going to set off some kind of superweapon that will ignite the atmosphere or the northern hemisphere That s correct sir Gordon said We have five hours to save the world I was looking for a fast paced adventurethriller novel a fewears ago I was recommended James Rollins His books are fast Then I discovered Andy McDermott his books are Rollins on caffeine Matthew Reilly books are what ou get from the amphetamine addicted ADD offspring of both authors Simply Matt is in a class of his own in terms of intense and fast paced thrillersSure these are a big budget action movie on the page a veritable Michael Bay blockbuster on speed but that is exactly what makes these books so great Unlike a Bay movie however ou don t feel cheap and dirty afterwardsScarecrow is my favourite of Matt s series of books The Jack West Jnr books have become steadily better adventure novels but Scarecrow is a straight up thriller and only becoming intense with each outing Fans have had a long wait for this latest adventure The Army of Thieves book was an eight Oriental Magic year wait but the 10 hour non stop thrill fest was worth the wait OkI am a great lover of Matthew Reilly s books I have read them all I find them exciting action packed edge ofour seat reads that always leave me breathless but with the urge to go and join the marinesAnd Scarecrow and the Army of the Thieves didn t disappointmuch It had all the things that make the Scarecrow novels brilliant fast paced writing huge action seuences thrilling escapes and diabolical bad guys but this one just seemed I don t know a little forced The writing just seemed a little sloppy For example there was one line that actually made me stop reading and think to myself did he actually use thatRemember that this is a book about a small group of marines that are trying to save the world They have just used SPOILER driven a truck off a cliff to enable them to use a couple of magnetic grappling hooks to create a suspension bridge To describe this Matthew Reilly used the sentence It looked totally weird The line just seemed so out of place and just no where near Reilly s usual standardsNot that I should really comment I couldn t write a novel as good as this if I had an entire lifetime and this is the 5th Scarecrow novelI guess I have just had my expectations raised so high by previous Reilly offerings that this one couldn t live up to them Though I should point out that I am not saying this book was rubbish not at all If 69 Sex Positions. 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Book II you picked this book up and read it I guarantee that after the first 30 pagesou won t put it back down Scarecrow Returns is Reilly s first Shane Scofield novel since Scarecrow 2003 almost eight ears earlier and naturally I was looking forward to it When I heard about this novel s premise though I had some doubts It felt like a return to his older books like Ice Station which I d enjoyed but which he seemed to have moved past to complex stories like Scarecrow and the Jack West books Additionally two decades after the Cold War s end the idea of a Soviet superweapon would seem to have passed its sell by date much as has long become the case with villains left over from the Third Reich while I wasn t sure what to make of the Army of Thieves who comprised the villains these seeming to be an especially senseless bunchFortunately the book exceeded my expectations in all these areas Like the books of Reilly 10 as Reilly himself refers. At an abandoned Soviet base in the Arctic the battle to save the world has begunThe Secret Base It is a top secret base known only as Dragon Island A long forgotten relic of the Cold War it houses a weapon of terrible destructive force a weapon that has just been re activatedA Renegade Army When Dragon Island. .

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