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FREE AUDIOBOOKS 01 How to download Free AUDIO BOOKS MP3 File Human Read or Computer Generated TKP 0027 kIs It is impossible to tell if they are stoical or merely submissively resigned to overwhelming forces It s all contaminated one of the brothers says Everything And it is The plot of land they live on the sand pit they swim in the various domestic animals theyeep the entire existential scheme in which they find themselves The na vet of 14 year old Esch the narrator is startling Her life is emotionally and physically brutal made only worse by her fantasies of Greek heroes and their lovers Even these classical myths are contaminated by the facts of her life So now we pick at the house like mostly eaten leftovers The grandparents house is at the house like mostly eaten leftovers The grandparents house is cannibalized to make Inadeuate Improvements To Their Own Deteriorating Dwellings improvements to their own deteriorating dwellings family conspires to destroy their own history plank by plank Their present is washed clean of memory like vegetables washed clean of the dirt they grow in They memory like vegetables washed clean of the dirt they grow in They lived in the coastal lowlands for generations but they have fewer roots than the palmettos they live among We live in the black heart of Bois Sauvage Is that a place of refuge or a prison It s protection against the alien white Bois and the folk who live out away in the pale arteries The family come across white folk at school and the supermarket but they don t speak except in emergencies A sort of apartheid of the heart prevails There is mutual non recognition These are my options and they narrow to none This applies not just for the pregnant Esch but also for the entire family There are no options no real choices they have to make other than to submit or not to what s presented to them Hope is not something they engage in They move on from one imminent aspiration to the next Always crazy for something They take unnecessary risks because well they just do At least something unexpected might result something different Mostly it s something worseThe spine of the story is a vicious pit bull terrier whose litter of puppies is as threatened by her as every other living thing within range of her muzzle She is like the impending storm still and silent until suddenly deadly The dog is male machismo made flesh and bone the psychological anima expressed in reality It s function is to fight and maim and cause pain so the male doesn t have to do it himself But as most men find out sooner or later the anima is very high maintenance and entirely unreliable Esch s parallel animus is not to be trifled with either she s not going to let some Jason treat her like an hapless Medea The black Athena inside her will fight for survival Like the storm she made things happen that had never happened before Whatever Bois Sauvage had been before the storm the demarcations between black and white the male competitions the designation of rich and poor no longer exist Suddenly there is a great split between now and then A way to start over perhaps It is Mississippi after all See messages 2 5 below for clarification of this point Unfortunately I felt like I was reading an extended undergrad creative writing piece not an award winning author The language is just so hard to get through everything is a simile I counted 3 uses of like to describe someone or something in one short paragraph I had to slog my way through it but I did find there were parts that intrigued me than others and did want to read on thus not a total dislike This book takes place over the course of twelve days and in those twelve days a lot happens A dog China becomes a Mother in a very detailed birthing seuence a young teen Esch learns she is going to be a Mother and Motherless children prepare for a Hurricane in between attending dog fights fighting among themselves and caring for their drunk father Esch and her brothers live in Bois Sauvage Mississippi Their Mother passed away after giving birth and they are left in the care of their father who is mainly absent from their lives The children are left to their own devices and raise each other Esch is fourteen years old and has just discovered that she is pregnant She has a huge crush on the father but the harsh realities of life are that not everyone you loveloves you back Skeetah is attempting to save China s puppies after they are born He loves his dog China is his pride and joy She is a pit bull nown in the dog fighting circuit There are some dog fighting scenes which may be disturbing to some readers Randall is a basketball player who dreams of going pro one day Junior is the youngest and is basically looked after by his older siblingsTeen pregnancy puppies being born dog fighting a drunk father poverty and a hurricane make for a raw and gritty book This family has it rough but they come together and support each other Even their father is able to pull himself together enough to try and prepare for Hurricane Katrina The beauty in this book is in the beautiful writing that and the love of a boy for his dog This book is depressing and sad but also full of familial love The descriptions are vivid and detailed See of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostco. Nd Hurricane Katrina the unforgettable family at the novel's heart motherless children sacrificing for each other as they can protecting and nurturing where love is scarce pulls itself up to struggle for another day A wrenching look at the lonesome brutal and restrictive realities of rural poverty Salvage the Bone is muscled with poetry revelatory and re.

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The audiobook narratorby Cherise Booth is
Jesmyn Ward s writing is lyricallovely as can beBetween the Jesmyn s usage of language poetic sometimes calming the issues at handand Cherise s engaging voice Salvage The Bones feels real tragic and completely heartbreaking My heart was racing the last couple of chapterswhere it was almost stopped at beginning Two extreme emotions from start to finish Most of the book takes place a few days before Hurricane Katrinaset in a small town in Mississippi A very haunting often gut wrenching story about a black poor family There is loss There is loveand this is a hard book to shake or reviewbecause nothing I say feels it can describe the experience Esch is 14 years old She s the only girl in the family as her mother died years ago She tends to follow her three brothers Skeetah Randall and Junior around as much as possible Their father is an alcoholic but when not drinking he is preparing for Katrina A believable narrator Esch describes how she easily surrendered to sex She was having sex with many of Her Brothers Friends But brothers friends but her eyes on one of the boys Mandy Esch describes being pregnant as if representing all the painful struggles of all young women everywhere who have ever been in her shoes Well at least that s how I felt It was so real and such a sad situation Plus I cringed with the dog fighting themesbut there is a purpose for them Skeetah tries to save his dog China s pit bull s litter but they were sicknot an easy scene to take inyet again themes eep tie together up to the endRandal the other brother is a gifted basketball player who dreams of having a professional careerbut it s Esch s story as the only girl in this family who I still am left thinking about For three days before the hurricane hits we see this family all trying to survive challenging situations and poverty and then THE BIG REALITY HITSsurvival at a whole new level A very powerful book I couldn t dull the edges and fall in love with my characters and spare them Life doesn t spare us Jesmyn WardThe words in this novel are wounds with fragile scabs This story is the beat of a wounded girl s heart it bleeds on the page and hurts to read These words are tears that have not been shed so they build up on the inside and fill up buckets of anguishI learned how to cry so that almost no tears leaked out of my eyes so that I swallowed the hot salty water of them and felt them running down my throatHurricane Katrina is twelve days away Enter The Pit a clearing of trailer homes in the coastal town of Bois Sauvage Mississippi Junk cars used appliances a misplaced RV and fighting pit bulls Hear from Esch a motherless child who searches for love in sex a child with a drunk and physically abusive father a girl child who lives with three brothers in a place as dark as night with some semblance of love to shine through Here love is distorted perception skewed The rest of the world exists on the other side of The Pit where it averts its face Hurricane Katrina Insurgence knows this She targets them with her fighting winds these downtrodden survivors but in them she meets her match For survivors are powerless but strong And in The Pit these survivorsnow all ABOUT FIGHTING BACK THEY FIGHT TO fighting back They fight to fight to love maybe this is what the book is about the unrelenting will to survive to fight despite the obstacle Even in the middle of scenes that made me cringe I saw Struggle stand bold and brave especially through the character Skeet These words feel tender yet tough gritty yet gentle And love exists here askew and blemished still it exists I have no clue how to rate this book It s so raw so visceral so brutal It s a hard story to read because it s so depressing It s saving grace is how beautifully it s written Esch is fourteen and pregnant Her mother is dead her father is an alcoholic basically absent We re talking extreme poverty where food is scarce everyone is unemployed and theft is a necessityThe one love affair is basically between Skeetah and his pit bull China who s just had puppies This was hard for me as Skeetah obviously loves China but still uses her as a fighter I m sorry how the hell can anyone do that Sections of this book are positively gruesome including some dog fighting scenes This was a book I literally had to eep putting down and walking away If I weren t reading it for a book club I m not sure I could have finished it Ward relies on the story of Medea to give us a sense of context Writing of Katrina Ward states she left us a dark Gulf and salt burned land She left us to learn to salvage Katrina is the mother we will remember until the next mother with large unmerciless hands committed to blood comes I thought writing this review might provide some clarity for me as to how to rate it But I m still torn It s not a book I can easily recommend as it has a lot of ugly violence But it is an important book The outstanding writing abilities of Jesamyn Ward are indisputable in this emotionally visceral powerhous. Winner of the 2011 National Book Award for Fiction A hurricane is building over the Gulf of Mexico threatening the coastal town of Bois Sauvage Mississippi and Esch's father is growing concerned A hard drinker largely absent he doesn't show concern for much else Esch and her three brothers are stocking food but there isn't much to save Lately Esch can't. E of a novel epic in scope pitching the indomitable Spirit Of A Family To Survive Against All The Odds of a family to survive against all the odds t when i finished the book i realized that the hurricane s presence in it had been much stronger than i had realized at first even though atrina occupies only two chapters it seems as if the prose breathes hurricane weather in and out in every chapter through water heat stifling humidity the stillness of the air and then the non stillness of the air as the trees sway in a wind that gives no relief hunger dirt restless sleep you now it if you ve been in a hurricane but i think having followed one on tv may be enough the tv though doesn t Give Much Of A Sense Of The much of a sense of the heat the heat and the humidity are enormousso this book is pretty amazing brave really because it tells it seems to me a rather unconventional story using the weather as the thing the book is about the atmosphere the book s events are wrapped in and a metaphor for various elements of the narrative this is a book that is rife with metaphors but they didn t seem heavy to me also i don t mind heavy the story is unconventional because these are people who are truly at the margins of representation poor rural black people appear in movies and books only as color if they play any role at all other than that it is to be bit characters in genre fiction there are just not a lot of places where you get to see rural black folks in their communities as fully developed characters with rich interesting and complex lives my personal experience proves nothing of course but i think i ve encountered these people only in slave literature and then they were not these people at all i m mentioning them only because they were black rural and poor so really this is interesting and beautiful because it opens up a space for other people to be met seen and nown it enlarges the scope of representation it enriches the cultural village there is a huge blank space in representation and this book helps fill it and these lives are interesting they are fascinating they are rich with love desire family courage survival communication growing up trying to be good trying to do good they are not alien lives they are intense and nuanced lives minus air conditioning suare meals and working televisions this should not need to be said and maybe my saying it is offensive but i think many of us just don t realize it because we never see it poor rural black people are just about as othered as people get in our society i think i feel connected to poor black folks in other countries than to poor black folks in the united states if our culture does anything about poor rural and urban black communities it teaches us to be afraid of them this book icks this fear in the teeth i think By The Way That Jesmyn Ward Did the way that jesmyn ward did exact right thing in not trying to represent accents and regionalisms in the writing because that would have reproposed the othering there is so much than can be said about this book in fact i have spoken not at all about what happens in it but we are discussing this in january 2012 over at Literary Fiction by People of Color so there will be plenty of time to get into the intricacies of the story when the discussion gets started link to come what i wanted to say here was mostly that this is a beautiful and brave novel and that everyone should read it and then maybe a movie should be made of it and that people should start getting to now each other beyond the heinous stereotypes hammered into us by the stupid news Reading Road Trip 2020Current location MississippiThis was a problematic read for meFirst off this novel reminds me of three other works of fiction Little Bee The Tortilla Curtain and Where the Crawdads Sing The problem I have with all of these books is that they scream I want a There is a moment in the beginning of this book when I want to put the book down the birthing of puppies There is a point in the middle when I breathe raggedly as though from a gut punch Ward s description of the dog fight And there are long stretches at the end of this book when I cannot take my horrified eyes from the page when I feel my insides crumbling and my heart breaki Being VulnerableMississippi is a strange place To say it is conservative is a euphemism for well you make a judgment It took about 130 years for the State legislature to approve the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution which made slavery illegal 1995 I believe I doubt Mississippi is on many bucket lists Salvage the Bones explains why it really isn t a tourist destination in addition to the horrid climateThe family Batiste exists on a nife edge starving fighting struggling in the piney woods of Southern Mississippi Any mis step can lead to disaster They are vaguely aware of this vulnerability but do little to protect themselves Their preparations for a threatening hurricane are symbolic than effective Their everyday lives are lived warily but with a haphazard casualness they seem to understand as courage perhaps it. Keep down what food she gets; she's fourteen and pregnant Her brother Skeetah is sneaking scraps for his prized pitbull's new litter dying one by one in the dirt While brothers Randall and Junior try to stake their claim in a family long on child's play and short on parenting As the twelve days that comprise the novel's framework yield to the final day ,
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Salvage the Bones