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Beginning with an explanation of the nature of philosophy Peirce proceeds to illustrate his claim that mathematics provides the foundation of our logic and metaphysics We find here the clearest formulation of an idea present in Peirce's thought Since The 1860s The the 1860s the between three kinds of reasoning induction deduction and retroduction Then follows an introduction to Peirce's chief logical doctrines as well as attempts to provide a classification of the sciences a theory of categories and a

theory of science 
of science turning from reasoning to the logic. Of things Peirce called for an evolutionary cosmology to explain the reality of laws and described the kinds of reasoning he employed in developing this cosmologyAt the urging of his friend William James Peirce made an uncharacteristic effort in these lectures to present his ideas in terms intelligible to a general audience those without advanced training in logic and philosophy The introductory materials by Kenneth Ketner Hilary Putman Add and Hilary add the volume's lucidity Conseuently this book will be a valuable source for readers outside of the circle of Peirce specialists. Reasoning and the Logic of Things The Cambridge Conferences Lectures of 1898

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Charles Sanders Peirce 1839 1914 WAS AN AMERICAN PHILOSOPHER PHYSICIST MATHEMATICIAN AND THE FOUNDER an American philosopher physicist mathematician and the founder pragmatism Despite
his importance in 
importance in history of philosophy a unified statement of his thought has been unavailable With this publication readers at long last are offered the philosopher's only known complete and coherent account of his own work Originally delivered as the Cambridge Conferences Lectures Of 1898 Reasoning And The Logic Of Things Is of 1898 Reasoning and the Logic of Things is most accessible and thorough introduction to Peirce's mature thought to be found within the compass of a single book.