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Betrayals gBelieve I cringed and turned my head than once That is very clever writing I felt the evil of The Bone Collector the terror of the children the distress of the parents and the anger frustration and determination of Etta on the case An emotional read There was nothing not to love This has leaped already into not just my longest of top books of 2017 but into the shortlist already It might only be November but if this is an indicator of the uality of books being released in 2017 then it soing to be a very Betrayals: The Unpredictability of Human Relations good year I highly recommend this book It will appeal to readers of crime psychological thrillers even those that like mild horror and dark fiction It sot something just a bit special about it I hope to God I never cross paths with The Bone Collector ever 5 huge whopping well deserved stars from me I read an ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley all review opinions are entirely my own and completely unbiasedThanks so much for reading my review To follow reviews be alerted to awesome online author events and HUGE book Bat Ode giveaways and come on over to follow me on Twitter enuire about joining my VIP book reviewers team enuire about my varied and affordable book publicity services It s been awhile since I ve read something thatenuinely terrified me woot and double woot While I wouldn t Bitter Choices: Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work go so far as to say this counts in the horror category it did have a The Silence of the Lambs esue feel to it Honestly the villain in this book makes Hannibal Lector look like a kitty cat prancing on rainbows and butterflies While this in itself was enough to make it an all around disturbing read the author did a fantastic job of playing at every fear and concern I have as a parent toward my children This went beyond the typical Dear God Please Don t let my children everet kidnapped or murdered typical fears no the author introduced us to a wide array of horrifying disorders that occur in real life to worry about as wellYou should Barrio: Photographs from Chicago's Pilsen and Little Village go into this knowing as little as possible My paperback didn t have a summary on the back and while I had a very vague idea of the plot I never looked it up online and went in blind I highly recommend doing this therefore I won t be discussing any particular plot points here Instead I d like to focus on how this book as a whole made me feel and some of the things that might be triggers for other readers as this is the type of book that needs to be connected with the right type of person I ll be honest I had to put this one down a couple of times to ease my anxiety and uickly chastise myself foroogling images of the particular disorders mentioned here I found certain parts highly disturbing especially early on with descriptions of what happens to a child with Stone Man Syndrome each time they have any type of accident My heart started aching as I recalled a story last year of a little boy suffering with this and this novel Beyond Redemption: Race, Violence, and the American South after the Civil War gave me insight into the horrifying life his parents endure each day None of this is a criticism in fact I applaud the author for not only crafting such deep realistic characters in a serial killer thriller but also for shedding light and awareness on such disorders that need funding to desperately find a cureThere are many triggers found in this book so if you are one to stay away from violence toward children so implied notraphically described and are disturbed by bugs and unsettling descriptions of the disorders highlighted here this may not be for you If you can handle disturbing and Blank Darkness: Africanist Discourse in French graphic books you may really enjoy the depth and extra attention to detail found in this story It is extremely well written and done with respect to those who are disabled while not painting a fluffy inaccurate picture of what these peopleo through on a daily basis I ll be thinking about this book for a long time I m also interested in taking what I ve learned here and channeling it into helping promote a charity or funding of curing these disorders and PROVIDING HELP TO FAMILIES WHOM THIS HORROR IS A help to families whom this horror is a reality Fiona Cummins is clearly very talented and I m waiting on pins and needles to see where she takes us nextMany thanks to Francesca at MacMillan for providing my copy it was a pleasure to provide an honest review Rattle by Fiona Cummins is a decent enough serial killerpsychopath thriller written well for a debut author but unfortunately for me it did not live up to the hype of all the rave reviews I ve read about I wasn t scared at all and in no way did this compare to Silence of the Lambs and I ve read all the books in that series and was definitely spooked out with them The premise of the story was fine and it had a really original concept to the plot line it This books deserves a raw and rave review After all the books that you can read sometimes one just sticks with you and this one definitely did for me 5 big BEAUTIFUL STARS What a fantastic debut novel by Fionna Cummins definitely did for me 5 big BEAUTIFUL STARS What a fantastic debut novel by Fionna Cummins well written and engaging from start to finish WHAT a ride my friends I didn t want this to end I was so sad I NEED a seuel to this and want a series Come on Fiona What a new fresh and uniue disturbing serial killer called the Bone Collector Shoot my bones wanted to lunge at him as I was reading sick and evil man He croons to his beetles called them home In one undulating mass they warm up his arms round his neck down the back of his jacket He enjoys the sensation of thousands of insects crawling over his skin prefers it to the touch of human hands OK WTF I was thinkingEWWWW That s just the little hair on the camel s back into the mind of this deranged killer he enjoys special people that he stalks Children that have a special medical diagnosis in this case Stone Man Syndrome or Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive Little Jakey has this diagnosis and just broke my heart to watch a family s horror in taking care of child with this basically a rare disease that causes people to row a second skeleton SO our lovely Bone Collector has an obsession with collecting these different types of bonesThis novel is dark and disturbing but somehow just keeps pulling you in I definitely cringed and turned my head then once reading this but swooped this one up in days Definitely has climbed my list for top reads of 2017 Emotional and amazing debut I cannot wait to see what Fiona has in store of us next Highly recommended This started out well but it pretty uickly became clear that there s nothing new here The writing is ok the plot interesting enough but by the last third I wanted to skim whole writing is ok the plot interesting enough but by the last third I wanted to skim whole and only read it all because it was a review copy One of the main Detectives Etta becomes increasingly irrational and I was annoyed by this than I should have been because again she seemed to be intelligent and capable at the beginningAll in all just an average readThanks to Macmillan and Netgalley for the chance to read this review copy All opinions are my own. Kheath Rattle by Fiona Cummins explores the seam of darkness that runs through us all; the struggle between light and shadow redemption and revengeIt is a limpse into the mind of a sinister psychopath And it's also a story about not iving up hope when it seems that all hope is already lost. .

S that leads to the sufferer being encased in a prison of bones The Bone Collector s intention is to display their skeletons in his museum DS Fitzroy is haunted by the killing of young Grace Rodriguez and leads the hunt for Clara and JakeyThe story is delivered through multiple viewpoints So we see the marriage faultlines and despair of Amy and Miles Foyle as Clara is taken We feel the strain that having Jakey and the demands his condition has wrought on Lilith and Erdman s marriage and the excruciating impact his disappearance has on them Erdman is trying to survive the pressures of his job and failing his love for Jakey leads him to try and find the serial killer Fitzroy is driven and determined to catching the perpetrator belatedly discovering his calling card She desperately wants a child and her marriage is disintegrating We only learn the name of the bone collector late in the story lending him an insidious uality and a certain invisibility This heightens the air of menace and fear the reader experiences We are iven an insight into his disturbing family background and how he learnt his macabre craft from his fatherIt is the author s excellent skills in placing the reader right in the midst of what the characters experience that is the Black Nationalism: The Search for an Identity greatest strength of the story Seeing through their eyes ensures we feel their agonies fears stresses and frustrations You root for DS Fitzroy despite her flaws and understand the pressures she is working under I would highly recommend this character driven novel as a atmospheric and absorbing read Many thanks to Pan MacMillan for an ARC Rattle by Fiona Cummins is the first book in the new The Bone Collector series The series a dark sort of thriller read featuring a detective on the hunt for a serial killer with an peculiar type of victimThe Bone Collector is after a certain type of victim in the story which introduces readers to certain medical conditions about bone deformities A young child in the story suffers from this very rare disease which makes him a perfect target for the killer that Detective Sergeant Etta Fitzroy has linked to other disappearancesAs with most books that feature a killer this one isn t exactly for the faint of heart I was actually expecting a bit horrific myself with comparisons to Silence of the Lambs It s definitely a solid read but I often wondered if you took out the victim type would this turn into any other police proceduralserial killer book out thereThe most compelling parts of the read for me were of little Jakey and learning about his horrific disease I honestly can t imagine what those diagnosedo through or what the parents Black and White Strangers: Race and American Literary Realism go through trying to care for someone with the disease You can t help but feel for him but when reading the rest I never really felt as pulled in as during the parts with Jakey Overall though it was a decent start to the series that makes me wonder where it will head nextI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit This book deserves a rave review Out of hundreds and hundreds of books read in the last two years sometimes a few come along that just really stick with you These are the ones that you know you will remember inreat detail and have impacted you on a deep level as a reader Rattle is one such book For a debut novel this book is exceptionally well written it flows beautifully you don t stumble and stand on the words as you read you Boggs: A Comedy of Values grab on and the story takes you on it s journey and you hold on really tight until the bookenerously eventually lets you o I wanted I wanted so much I was sad when it ended I wanted an immediate seuel a series I want from this author A psychopath frightening than Hannibal LecterHe has planned well He leads two lives In one he s just like anyone else But in has planned well He leads two lives In one he s just like anyone else But in other he is the caretaker of his family s macabre museumNow the time has come to add to his collection He is ready to feed his obsession and he is on the huntJakey Frith and Clara Foyle have something in common They have what he needsWhat begins is a terrifying cat and mouse ame between the sinister collector Jakey s father and Etta Fitzroy a troubled detective investigating a spate of abductionsMake no mistake this book has a serial killer that will stick with you for a long time in your memory possibly your nightmares The Bone Collector He was so tangibly evil and messed up I felt I could almost reach through the book and touch his cold dry and wrinkled skin I pulled my hand back because I knew if I touched him I would never come back I would be a new specimen for his collection The Bone Collector collects very special people The book is well researched into a rare medical bone condition called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva FOP This is a very rare inherited connective tissue disorder characterized by the abnormal development of bone in areas of the body where bone is not normally present heterotopic ossification such as the ligaments tendons and skeletal muscles Specifically this disorder causes the body s skeletal muscles and soft connective tissues to undergo a metamorphosis essentially a transformation into bone progressively locking joints in place and making movement difficult or impossible FOP is characterized by malformed big toes that are present at birth congenital Other skeletal malformations of the cervical spine and ribs and the abnormal development of bone at multiple soft tissue sites may lead episodically to stiffness in affected areas limited movement and eventual ankylosis of affected joints neck shoulders elbows hips knees wrists ankles jaw often in that orderYoung Jakey suffers with this terrible condition his bones Berlioz and the Romantic Century grow extra bones until eventually he will be encaged within all this extra bone This is ofreat interest to The Bone Collector Building Ideas: An Architectural Guide to the University of Chicago great interest indeed The Bone Collector has a taste for unusual bones and noting will stand in the way of him adding what he wants to his collection As a young boy he was taught the skills reuired by his father thisenerational evil is passed down the lineOther children are missing really awful and at first obscure calling cards are left at the abduction sites Policewoman Etta Fitzroy is on the case and will not let o until she has caught the evil that is taking these precious children and not returning them home to their mummies and daddies I loved Etta she is very flawed and very real She likes to buck the Rules If She Thinks It Will Get Results She Really if she thinks it will et results she really put herself on the line a lot She is tenacious and determined and I loved her as one of my new female police characters i can t new female police characters I can t for books hopefully from Fiona Cummins featuring Etta There is a dark and sinister undercurrent through this entire novel that had me on edge The atmosphere is built up so you are not uite comfortable reading it moments really did disturb me and I am fairly bomb proof and I do. Bsession and he is on the huntJakey Frith and Clara Foyle have something in common They have what he needsWhat begins is a terrifying cat and mouse ame between the sinister collector Jakey's father and Etta Fitzroy a troubled detective investigating a spate of abductionsSet in London's Blac. ,

Rattle By Fiona CumminsFiona Cummins debut novel has all the ingredients of a captivating thriller and keeps the reader hooked until the final chapters After Clara Foyle is abducted outside a sweets shop the community is swept up in the panic and a search commences Detective Sergeant Etta Fitzroy is used to this panic but must work uickly to nail down some leads before the trail oes cold and Clara is all but forgotten by the public As she pokes around the crime scene DS Fitzroy comes upon the skeletal remains of some animal something she eventually learns is a rabbit Affixed to the rabbit s foot is a message some code that might refer to a biblical passage related to bones There is surely an abductor out there but no leads to offer anything concrete Fitzroy is still haunted by another child abduction on her plate one that has yet to be solved though the family remains hopeful When another young boy disappears this time from his hospital bed Fitzroy discovers another set of rabbit bones and is certain there is a connection Who might have done this and for what reason The only connection between Clara and Jakey Frith is their ageand that they both suffered from a bone anomaly Poring over the evidence and family histories DS Fitzroy concludes that the abductor must have an interest in bones Meanwhile lurking in the shadows the Bone Collector has both children held captive prepping them to add to his macabre personal museum passed on to him by a curious father With Clara and Jakey almost ready for their induction into the bone museum DS Fitzroy has no time to lose The smallest clue could crack the case wide open but one false move and two children may soon become medical specimens A brilliant novel that exemplifies just how ready Fiona Cummins is to break onto the scene Fans of a bone chilling thriller will flock to this and stay up late trying to race to the finishI always enjoy discovering new authors who seek to push their way onto the psychological thriller scene perfecting their craft with a few strong novels Cummins has done so with this single novel laying the One Touch of Scandal groundwork for a wonderful series with detailed plots and strong characters Etta Fitzroy is a decent cop who has been trying to come to terms with a work home balance and failing miserably However home is but a distraction as she is elbow deep trying to trace the path of a serial killerabductor who has an odd fascination This drive pushes Fitzroy to break away from the mould her father also a copper left her in a world where female strength is still in its infancy The Bone Collector that curious man in the shadows has an interesting backstory and drive to continue his work Able to plant himself into society he has a history that is as detailed as it is horrific Trying to continue his work the Collector seeks to find the most interesting cases and display them though only the most macabre will ever come to view the specimens on offer The story is strong and flows easily from chapter to chapter helping the reader to find their footing in short order Short teaser chapters with time prints bridge the larger and exploratory ones all in an effort to keep the reader engaged until the very end Cummins does a magnificent job and has left things hanging if only to keep the reader begging for Depending on the depth that Cummins wishes to explore I can see this series developing into something addictive for readers who enjoy the darkest side of police proceduralsKudos Madam Cummins for introducing fans to your work and showing that you belong in thisenre Your ability to spin such ruesome tales could catapult you shifting to the top amongst some of the best in the fieldLovehate the review An ever rowing collection of others appears the best in the FieldLovehate The Review An the review An Carson Pirie Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago Department Store growing collection of others appears Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge every once in a while a book comes along that takes your breath away send chills to your every being Rattle by Fiona Cummins is that book it creeped me out The bone collector was the creepiest character I ve read about his presence chilled me to my inner coreIf you like creepy novels that takes one into the inner sanctum of a deranged serial killer this is for you BUT if you have a problem with beetles deformed bones of children then DO NOT READI wontive to much away lets just say Hannibal Lector WATCH OUT THE BONE COLLECTER could take your place as the most deranged serial killer of this Charting an Empire: Geography at the English Universities 1580-1620 genreKudos to miss Cummins for writing a compelling serial killer thriller that I want to read about did not want this to end This is a seriously creepy incredibly well written debut novel Detective Sergeant Etta Fitzroy is still haunted by the disappearance of a littleirl named Grace when another child Chameleon Hours goes missing Clara Foyle is abducted outside her school playground and before long her face is everywhere while her parents struggle to cope with theuilt and loss One of those interested in the news story is young Jakey Frith a child who suffers from a rare condition called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva or Stone Man Syndrome Jakey s father Erdman Frith has been struggling with his concern over Jakey since he was born while his wife has turned bitter and resentful Stuck in a dead end job with a new boss who views him as a dead weight and a wife who sees him as a failure he has a tendency to drink too much However what he doesn t realise is that his son is in danger The Bone Man the Night Man the man is that his son is in danger The Bone Man the Night Man the man haunts Jakey s dreams has a collection of specimens and he has his eye on Erdman s sonThis is a fast paced thriller which is full of excellent characters There is Etta Fitzroy who is driven and motivated but is haunted by the fact she has no child of her own and by her disintegrating marriage Indeed there are many marriages in this book that are in jeopardy Miles Foyle finds himself viewed as a suspect in his daughter s abduction while Erdman recalls a time when his marriage was happy and full of hopeI truly hope that there will be a seuel to this book as I really feel that these characters have to offer I thought the subject matter was difficult to read about in places especially as a parent myself but the author does a wonderful job of really making her characters come alive These are not cardboard cut outs having events happen to them but real people making decisions trying to cope with what life throws at them and dealing with their emotions I loved this and if you like intelligent and well written crime books you will hopefully enjoy this too This is a chilling debut from Fiona Cummins revolving around a serial killer The Bone Collector and his obsession with collecting unusual and rare animal and human skeletal deformities They are displayed in the bizarre family museum of which he is the curator His interest extends to abducting children who have bone abnormalities like Clara Foyle and Jakey who has Stone Man Syndrome where his body rows new bone. A serial killer to chill your bonesA psychopath frightening than Hannibal LecterHe has planned well He leads two lives In one he's just like anyone else But in the other he is the caretaker of his family's macabre museumNow the time has come to add to his collection He is ready to feed his ,

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