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Op a character if indeed she has ne And the less said *About The Vizier The *the vizier the though it has an Denali Dreams occasional twist and welcome surprise they re few and far between scenesf hard predictability I m not sure if that s a genre convention Hollywood Renaissance or because the younger readers it s aimed at wouldn t mind but I don t see why it has to be this waySometimes though I wonder if the book purports to be clever than it looks There s a rat wizard named Gondorff the Grey The parallel to Gandalf isbvious but is the name also a reference to Henry Gondorff the slick con man from that 1976 film The Sting There are a few moments like this where I wasn t sure if the book was trying to pull a fast El Cura. (Caso de Incesto). onen meAnd as I said in between its expected turns and miluetoast main players the prose is tight and the fun supporting actors help carry it If you re a young reader after some Il Mago off kilter fantasyr a fan Impostress of rodent lit it s recommended Atnly 171 pages long Ratscalibur is a concise little fantasy novel and although it is very formulaic it s still fun and goofy It s perfect for a reluctant reader that would like to be entertained by and lost in some cinematic rat magic adventureWhile there are plenty Ego, Hunger and Aggression of illustrations I wish they would ve been cleaned up much much as it typically cameff as too messy for me anyway Granted I read the ARC but having flipped through the finished copy I don t think it was that different With such stiff Middle Reader competition you gots ta pull Ritrovarsi out all the stopsBuy it from Powell s When a rat magician bites Joey and turns him into a rat as well Joey enters a previously invisible partf New York City that s part Arthurian legend and part RedwallMr Lieb s previous book ccupies a special place

"in my reader "
my reader heart somewhat ironic given the book s megalomaniac main character and I ve been eagerly awaiting his second uting Ratscalibur like its predecessor आषाढ़ का एक दिन overflows with creativity But Itherwise didn t love itOne The Savage Mind of the first things that struck me and this isn t something that I noticeften is that the physical design Fado And Other Stories of the pages isff putting The small margins and tightly packed text remind me La casa nel vicolo of a dense philosophical tract than a fantasy adventure story for children Given the stylef the illustrations my guess is they were attempting to make the book feel like a classic from the 1950s It s a nice idea but it didn t work for me I think it might also turn ff some young readers There s a reason after all that publishers repackage classic children s books every decade r so Ratscalibur s plot follows a pretty formulaic epic uest format that never uite takes A Terrible Day off And most disappointing for me anyway the formulaic ualities include relatively cardboard female characters The female characters are given nominal powers so they can seem like somethingther than sidekicks but I think I almost would have preferred a damsel in distress with depth Really I m not uite sure why Mr Lieb in reimagining an Arthurian tale in modern New York City couldn t have similarly reimagined female characters beyond their traditional roles in uests I d hesitant to recommend Ratscalibur to most young readers for the reasons listed above That said kids who totally loved Redwall Discourse on Voluntary Servitude. Tienne La Botie or storiesf Arthur and the Round Table might enjoy this book but I would Ebano otherwise say this is a pass Not recommended This is the storyf Joey who gets turned into a rat and becomes a reluctant hero when he pulls a spork from a scone I liked the silly premise and expected a playful light read But the writing was mediocre the similes and metaphors were uninspired and there were too many places where I could not suspend disbelief If the rats just talked and wore clothes and did magic that would have been fine but there is absolutely no reason for rats to be jousting with popsicle sticks And using cats as steeds is just too far in the realm La piccola ottantenne che cambiò tutte le regole of fantasy I don t care if you raised it from a kitten the wordbey is not in a cat s vocabulary If a cat likes you it might defend you but it won t do work for you It certainly won t tolerate being told when to go and when to stop like a horse Constable Around the Green or a dogr carry anything you strap to it inc. F The city streets call to him at night Smells that would have repelled him before are suddenly tantalizing A chicken bone Yes A suashed cockroach Like perfume And wow the freedom But when a bout Lone Star Rising (Texas Rangers, of hunger leads Joey to pull the spork from the scone he finds himself at the centerf a longtime ra. I need half stars 45 to be preciseJoey the human is turned
"into a rat "
a rat Gondorff the Grey and proceeds to pull the spork from the scone wielding Ratscalibur like a pro and signalling the salvation Busters First Snow of Ravalon We all know I like books about mice This is fact Ignoring that fact this book is hilarious Very nearly every page turn refreshes the laughter It is cheesy humor that tends to suit the pun inclined it is typical male chosenne based n epic fantasy and especially Arthurian legend but it is also amazing Next to Robin Hood the King Arthur tales were my favorites when I was young and the treatment is so completely irreverent it is perfect Bonus points for a powerful princesseven if she is unconscious a lot I also very much like the cover and interior illustrations My ne sticking po Joey moved to the city with his Mom when she found a better job so she could take care Thérèse Raquin of him better Joey didn t want to move to a big city but he went where his mother went Her brother Uncle Patrick came to visit and brought a present for Joey a rat in a cage As it turnsut the rat could speak to Joey and was named Gondorff the Gray Gondorff was a ragician which is a rats version Women in Therapy of a magician Gondorff s kingdom needed help and he asked Joey to volunteer to help Joey agreed and before Joey knew what was happening he was changed into a rat All he had to do was visit King Uther and deliver a message Not knowing where he was going Joey realized his sensef smell would led him to the kingdom On the way there were lots Il Poeta of dangers including a vicious cat Luckily he made it to the kingdom and unknowingly took a sporkut Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol. 3 of a hardened biscuit The spork had a name as well as special powers and had been *stuck there waiting for the right rat to pull itut much *there waiting for the right rat to pull it My Body-Mine out much the sword in the stone was for King Arthur Now he ws putn a uest to save the kingdom by getting to Suirrelin who had Suagic since Gondorff had died and couldn t help any Joey went through battles and finally returned victorious after solving the vizier s attempt to poison and take the kingdom from King Uther Uncle Patrick and his Mom both had changed into rats to help him during the story Full f action in a new kingdom f animals with magic powers and an amusing adventure for all ages This book was so much fun and it was The Noble Guardian over way before I was ready I love love love that Ratscalibur is a spork and not a sword Sporks Rule I need to add this book to my library at home to share withthers When Joey is bit by a rat that is dying and becomes Ipso Facto one he must go find King Uther where the rats live at to tell him that his ragician Gondorff the Gray has failed It isnly when he pulls a spork from a scone that everyone thinks he is the prophesized hero who is to save the rats from the evil Salaman Is Joey a hero Read The John Wyndham Omnibus on and findut for yourselfThis was a pretty good fantasy middle grade novel and sword in the stone retelling If you like animal stories definitely check this book Sea Chase out at your local library and wherever books are sold At times the prosef this book positively sings complemented by the evocative illustrations It s got many likeable characters and a somewhat innovative fantasy setting mixed with modern urban life And I certainly wasn t bored while reading it three days is fast to read a book for meBooks about small creatures having grand adventures has become f recent interest to me having read Watership Down and Mrs Frisby and the Rats f NIMH last year enjoying them thoroughly Seeing this in a bookstore a pun laden pastiche Ode to a Banker of Arthurian legend mixed with the dangerous city I couldn t resistBut let s call a spade a spade here this is a slightly jokey fantasy with a pun in its title written by the showrunnerf The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon And at times it really showsMuch about this book is beheld to genre convention to its detriment Though individual characters are compelling the main players are pretty dull Joey the hero hardly reacts to things except with bewilderment The princess whom I can t even remember the name MINECRAFT: Crazeballs Memes and Jokes: Unofficial Minecraft Book (Minecraft, Minecraft Secrets, Minecraft Stories, Minecraft Books For Kids, Minecraft Meme Book, Minecraft Comics, Minecraft Xbox) of is asleep half the time and getting charactersut The Graduate of jams the restf the time She has little chance to devel. The New York Times bestselling author Wisp of a Thing of I Am A Geniusf Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President reinvents the Excalibur legend with rats When Joey is bitten by an elderly rat he goes from aspiring seventh grader to three inch tall rodent At first Joey is amazed by his new rat sel. Luding strangers Just no Then there is the issue Monkey taming of language At the beginning Joey met a rat who claimed to be a Ragician He explained that Man does magic and Rats do ragic I rolled my eyes at that but let it go In chapter 11 the rats send Joey to a Suirrel who is a Suagician He does Suagic Oh for the lovef I like silliness but this is just shakes head Later Joey fights with Ratscalibur the spork and the author describes him as slicing hacking and slashing Um it s a spork It could stab but it can t *cut a spork has no sharp edges then *a spork has no sharp edges Then enemy rat gets an arm around Joey s neck and Joey hacks I Was Spock: Leonard Nimoy off his fingers Would these be the fingers around Joey s neck Hacking at something aroundne s Cosa hanno in testa i nostri figli. Apprendimento e memoria nello sviluppo del bambino own neck is a very awkward and difficult maneuver at best think about the angle the leverage needed the balancef the weapon but to slice the ther guy s hand without slicing into your wn neck r shoulderI m not sure that into your wn neck An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World or shoulderI m not sure that even possibleBut I think what bugged me most is that people kept acting in ways that didn t make any sense For example when Joey finally gets changed back and goes home after having been missing for two days his mom is so relieved at first they just hug and feel grateful Then she asks him where he s been he says he can t tell her and she just accepts that I find that even impossible than cat steeds I don t care how grateful the mom is to have her kid back she would want to know where the hell he s been and every additional momentf ignorance would gnaw at her and drive her crazy She needs an explanation and she needs it NOW If he can t tell her the truth he needs to make up some plausible explanation and should have had Hunter Hunted one ready the moment he walked through the door And that s justne example Archivio Per Lo Studio Delle Tradizioni Popolari, Volume 13 outf many Too manyThis book might be fun for young kids who aren t too concerned with things needing to make sense Maybe kids around 4 6 years Ricettario amoroso di una pasticciera in fuga old if an adult could read it to them without getting visibly annoyed Lieb is a TV guy he produces Jimmy Fallon s Tonight show So this is new territory for him and I loved it Ratscalibur is a kindf mashup f King Arthur Legends LOTR and Brian Jacues classic Redwall novels Lots f action lots A Part of Speech of funJoey turns into a rat after he is bitten by a talkingne he must deliver a message to the Rat King and in so doing he tangles with all sorts Skulduggery Pleasant: The End of the World of predators cats crows and wild rats His weapon is Ratscalibur a spork that has been stuck in a biscuit until Joey comes along to pull itutLoved the bW illustrations The humanizing The Year After of rats was done well The namingf And Quiet Flows the Don one rat as Gondorf was a ni When Joey and his mother move to New York City Joey feels unprepared His uncle brings him a sickly looking rat as a pet to cheer him up The rat bites him and he s transformed into a rat Unable to leave a message for his mother he takes to the streets using his new rat sense to track down a populationf rats Hungry Joey pulls a spork from a scone was this entire book based around this pun and is taken to their king as the chosen Sailing Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran one The spork is Ratscalibur the magic weapon It turnsut his pet rat was a ragician who does ragic don t ask named Gondorff the Grey Here a third grader said This is Lord f the Rings With the princess her bodyguard and a crazy knight Joey goes n a uest to find Suirrelin the suizard continue to refrain from asking to ask for help with the crows that are plaguing the rat kingdom and to turn Joey back into a boy again This is the usual hero from another world isn t really a hero plot Joey must now put his Hunter's Moon own fears and desires aside and stand up to be a hero dressed up in a silly premise adorned with puns and goofy fun I found it to be a little too silly and the writing pretty average The author is a late night TV producer and this is his second book I m surprised it s not his first The characters are flat and the fight scenes are messy While I enjoy light fantasy as much as the next guy rats riding cats and suirrels inflating like balloons to do suagic and the princess having sleepy as a character trait and berserker Viking rats and it s all just too much It s bits and piecesf ideas with no unifying cohesion wielded by an inexpert han. T prophecy Joey has unwittingly unlocked the sword Ratscalibur; and now it is up to him to protect his new rat friends from the evil crows who seek to destroy their peaceful kingdom But what does an eleven year ld know about actual swordplay And what happens when Joey no longer wants to be a rat. .

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