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Get Over It Fab Life lY her old friends to getting involved in street gangs this is one hell of a frightening tale It s just normalife Twisted inexorably to a dark fate And this isn t some novel about one single example The whole world is going to shit The riots continue *much farther than what we saw Presidents were mauled by angry mobs Poverty is rampant everywhere The slide *farther than what we saw Presidents were mauled by angry mobs Poverty is rampant everywhere The slide not so uick that people don t TRY to hold it all together But the slide happens despite everything and this made the book one hell of a horrific read There s no way out AnywhereGoodbye normalcy This SF is a supremely understated sociological SF that instead relies on great characters with great personalities driven into ever increasing bad circumstances As an idea novel it s pretty damn brilliant but as a dark realistic horror it s even better Very worth the read Scary OK this novel my second of Womack s and a sort of preuel to Ambient and Elvissey although none of the same characters the near future setting of NYC is the same Don t No Prisoners Star Wars The Clone Wars let the title scare u this isn t by any stretch just a senseless exploitative scary story it s one of the greatest most heartbreaking well written novels i ve read in aong time Even though it s along the Husband for Hire lines of A Clockwork Orange it s definitely original and way better in my opinion I m not really into coming of age books at all but i guess this is what this would be called A must read honestly Publisher s Weekly had it on its Best Books of the Yearist for 94 the year it came out I don t understand why it or Womack in general are not better known He is one of the most talented authors out there His ability to fracture the present day speak into something visceral yet completely believable and understandable is one of things that blew me away about this book A genuine masterpiece of dystopian fiction as well as a gripping relentless social commentary I can not do this book the justice it deserves just read it This book began poorly I was so very very bored and unimpressed with the story Some how or another I picked the book up not knowing that the entire work is the diary of a twelve year old girl I try hard to not read anything about a book once I have decided to read it and this kind of bit me in the butt in this case The story is acking that extra spark and I am biased against books with minor protagonists The title is misleading The shelves people have thrown the book onto are misleading This is not cyberpunk nor science fiction There is a great deal of punk flare and a depressing setting yet zero technology The book is in an alternate US Manhattan to be precise and did not feel too far fetched in my opinion Until the final uarter I was considering the book to be yuppie horror fiction This feeling essened as the story progressed The book is not truly frightening to me I did not feel enough of a connection to the setting to feel fear though I felt great sympathy for LolaTwo things saved this book One I really Cinque indagini romane per Rocco Schiavone (Il vicequestore Rocco Schiavone Vol. 6) liked Lola Iz and Jude girls stuck in horrible situations trying to survive I forgive each of them for being underage characters as they were not annoying or whiny These girls were uite strong and I found it interesting to read aboutittle punk girls running around on the streets when anything else I have ever read along these Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey lines focuses on young men Second I strongly believe that Womack did something special in this book involving the dialogue used by the girls Their slang took on aife of it s own and is unlike anything I have ever read Thankfully there was no need

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a glossary but the was uniue and took some getting used to After the rhythm of the words settled in the structure of the sentences the dialogue took on a Squash Basics - How To Play Squash life of its own and fully brought the girls toife In the end I will only recommend this to people who obsessively read every piece of dystopian fiction they can find or to people who might enjoy seeing parts of New York fall apart. Lola and her family must move over to the Lower East side Loisaida to the Pit and the new anguage of violence of the streetsThe metamorphosis of the nice Lola Hart into the new model Lola has begun. .

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Random Acts of Senseless ViolenceSo tough to rate1 Exuisite writing Mind blowingly marvelous The shifting voice of the MC is compelling and utterly believable I ve penned myself dry with all I writ You give ear when everybody deafs and end me shoulder constant if tears need dropping2The book kept me up ALL NIGHT I was unable to stop reading because I had to find out about Iz and Boob and Lola3 At the same time I hated the plot I m not saying it was a bad plot It was gripping and perfectly structured It s no mean feat to give the reader five assassinated presidents in a year and yet feel realistic But I felt constantly nauseated and on the verge of tears which freuently spilled over When I finished I had to speak rather strongly to myself because that everpresent siren call of oblivion was
"Considerably Louder Than UsualI M "
louder than usualI m it one star because I genuinely wish I hadn t read it and the world seems vastly bleaker today This doesn t mean it is a bad book It s a brilliant book that bewitched me and made me hate it This was a fantastic novel brutal distressed and kind of terrifying but at the same time electric powerful and really moving It s both a coming of age story and an intense dystopia not a Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic light read but well worth the strain I would highly recommend this one and am so glad I finally got to it The trouble with reading dystopian fiction all the time is that bad dystopias are annoying good dystopias are depressing and excellent dystopias are devastating This is the third kind Random Acts of Senseless Violence tells the story of America s implosion in the brilliantly immediate format of a tweenager s diary The writer is plunged straight into theife of Lola a twelve year old girl iving with her parents and younger sister in New York The way *that total social breakdown plays out in the background of her daily doings is nothing short *total social breakdown plays out in the background of her daily doings is NOTHING SHORT BRILLIANT THE WORLD BUILDING THROUGH TEENAGE SLANG short brilliant The world building through teenage slang cleverly done and has aged well The anguage unerringly walks the Bloodleaf line between otherness and comprehensibility the pacing is relentless and absolutely compelling Even though I wanted to read something cheering I could not put this novel down A major part of this was emotional investment in Lola who is a heart breaking and unforgettable character It s genuinely distressing to be periodically reminded that she and her friends are only twelve She is old before her time clear eyed and pragmatic When her parents try to reassure her that everything is going to be fine she knows immediately that they reying and it isn t Indeed she feels a strong sense of responsibility and protectiveness towards her parents and sister Yet she is also preoccupied with school work and friendships I won t spoil the events of the book merely comment that they are told in an unusually vivid fashion First person narration is challenging to get right but when done well it can be uniuely involving Examples from my favourite novels shelf include The Kindly Ones and The Goldfinch Political instability economic collapse and the escalation of violence are recounted subtly woven into the fabric of Lola s daily The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle life The narrative has aevel of emotional conviction that Mismatch lends it disturbing plausibility That said a few years ago I wouldn t have considered this scenario of total social implosion in the US at allikely to occur Yet here we are The significance of the title is that the book shows why senseless violence is not random Violence is systemic and its apparent senselessness conceals personal and social causes I am incredibly impressed with the nuanced analysis of social breakdown that is concealed in the format of a twelve year old s diary somehow without Lola becoming a precocious caricature I won t soon forget this novel or its narrator Pity about the Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance lurid cover design though Well in the areas of dark apocalypse fiction this one takes the cake I m reading aot of dark books starring children Test logiciel en pratique lately come to think about itThis isike a bo. It's just a Two Badges The Lives of Mona Ruiz littleater than now and Lola Hart is writing her ife in a diary She's a nice middle class girl on the verge of her teens who schools at the calm end of townA normal happy girlBut in .
Ok version of the Telltale Walking Dead game starring Clem I don t have any better description actually It s super dark Breakdown of society Diary entries of a kid Lord of the Flies ish Between this and Station Eleven I need to read a bunch of romance fluff for a while haha Dear DiaryYou are the only one I can turn too when I am troubled and have no one to talk too My friends are all reading a book called Random Acts of Senseless Violence written by a guy named Jack Womack They think it s so cool and it does have a cool name and cover and I really wanted to ike it Really I name and cover and I really wanted to ike it Really I but I just finished reading it and I feel kinda meh about it Maybe I was expecting from it or maybe dear Diary maybe I m too old to be cool any Or maybe it s just not anything very special To tell the truth I did ike it in the beginning The narrator seemed very real and what she was saying was very true Lola and her family and her friends started off very believable I cared about their trials and troubles I felt the stress of an average upper middle class upper Eastside NYC family being blindsided by a crumbling economy and an increasingly destabilized government Oh Diary I think I cared too much because Boom Powie Kablam It all went to nowheresville They move and it all goes to toilettown But the their ife went sideways Confederate Waterloo like theess I could swing with it ya dig I m hip to the slag scene and I m copacetic with cats referring it to Clockwork Orange but man I mean that cat Orwell was digging that jive with his Newspeak in 1984 And all the bigwigs in suaresville forget about a ittle tome called Riddley *Walker by a truly far out cat named Russell Hoban That was the ultimate But *by a truly far out cat named Russell Hoban That was the ultimate But ever ovin Diary this became The Eatonville Anthology like nowheresville fast man I mean I dug the fact that Lola becomes a hardcore tough chick and that she wasn t cool with guys I mean you got to swing with whatever makes you wail baby but it really didn t groove me Man It didn t make a point or add anything other than the fact she was just digging to her own groove Everyone just becameike 1D one dimensional man I just bailed on caring and just kept reading to see where it was taken me So by the time people were buying the farm and things get far out it just meant The TM Techniue An intro Transcendental Meditation Teachings Maharishi Mahesh YOgi Arkana like nada to me ya dig I m not copping a bit you know I m no tuchesecker but I was Das Glücksbüro left bummed Not depressed or sad just the whole book became a King Sized dragike boresville man And that s nowhere dad that just ain t cool Diary This is perhaps Jack Womack s unsung masterpiece Published originally in 1993 this book of America in dystopic breakdown is as sharp and alive today as it was then Told entirely through the diary entries of a sixth grader who watches her world transform as her own voic This book should be as famous as A Clockwork Orange Bodies in the Bog and the Archaeological Imagination like that one it has its ownanguage and pictures a near future urban nightmare featuring gangs of feral childrenBut it isn t Perhaps the problem is the title which is when you Daughter of Moloka'i look at it objectively completely crap Perhaps the problem is that when people see that it s about a near future urban nightmare featuring gangs of feral children they think huh I alread Following the trend so easy to see for all of us whoived through the early 1990 s this book takes everything we experienced and amped it up to a fever pitchWomack takes all the increasing poverty the general decline across the board the massive riots unrest and all the various drugs making it into every home including prescription abuse and tops it with violence on a very scary and down to earth scaleIt works so well here in this novel The gentle diary of a 12 year old girl in a money troubled middle class house slides step by step into chaos It s so easy to get The Santa Cruz Haggadah - Leader's Edition (Regular) lost in her everyday concerns but justike the proverbial frog in the stovepot it s a cinch to get boiled in the end From being hounded by true asshole collectors to moving to a rougher neighborhood to being ostracized Disintegrating New York she is a dying breed War is breaking out on Long Island the army boys are flamethrowing the streets five Presidents have been assassinated in a year No one notices any Soon.

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