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Ucture has changed or should change due to the destruction the master Of Theroretical Architecture Get theroretical architecture get in by the masterful drawings and then learn the theories that make them seem like childsplay In Radical Reconstruction Woods expands upon his ideas from the pamphlet War and Architecture and discusses how those ideas could assist in creating freespace and organic buildings in places devastated by not ust war but by economic oppression and natural disaster as well He furthers the discussion started in War and Architecture on a radical reconstruction of Sarajevo but also includes Havana as an example of an area economically oppressed by the embargo and San Francisco as an area where natural disaster has changed the landscape of the city in this case due to earthuakes The essays are well thought out and are not S and legions of students Radical Reconstruction now available in paperback for the first time contains projects that address the relationships between architecture and war political revolutionreaction.

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For me of all of Lebbeus Woods s books this one and Anarchitecture are the most important expression of his thoughts When I reconsider books this one and Anarchitecture are the most important expression of his thoughts When I reconsider the point that I find most memorable is that when one chooses to participate in the production of a work one is essentially saying Yes I agree with and support the values it and its initiators represent In this book the "Point That I Consider Most Important Is "that I consider most important is s belief that areas that have been destroyed either willfully or through acts of nature should not be rebuilt as though nothing has happened to them they should express the history that they ve gone through An important component of this idea is that the built environment is the physical manifestation of the social structure that created it To rebuild areas as they were before denies the fact that the social str. Lebbeus Woods is widely regarded as the most exciting and original architectural visionary today His body of theoretical work and extraordinary drawings have served as inspiration for architects artist. .

Radical ReconstructionBove the scope of the layman reading about for the first time The visual images absolutely stunning in color and in black and white Woods used words such as scab scar tissue and wound to describe buildings and his architecture and there s an organic uality to the images that make them seem alive and growing over the buildings though obviously made of metal concrete and wood Of the three studies Sarajevo is the most compelling followed by San Francisco with its shard houses and seismicity moving in waves with the earthuake instead of fighting it In contrast the Cuban sketches
seem a bit 
a bit done mostly in black and white and pixelated in a way you d imagine Jackson Pollock would have done had he had the benefit of a Mac Stunning beautiful futuristic in its ideas and images Visionary Virtuoso draftsman. And natural disasters These projects define new approaches to the RECONSTRUCTION OF BUILDINGS AND URBAN FABRIC DAMAGED BY UNPREDICTABLE of buildings and urban fabric damaged by unpredictable largely uncontrollable forces of both human and natural orig.