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Thriller a page turner An interesting idea and i love the theories that bind this story love the theories that bind this story but the characters are drawn on a piece of A5 PAPER AND DO NOT SPEAK TRUTHFULLY and do not speak truthfully themselves The nding all I can say about the nding is that it is all over far too uickly after so much build up A valiant a This is a very asy book to read not too over complicated and builds a good tense thriller of a storyline from the very beginning making you want to not put it down The story stretches from Oxford England to South America and then to Egypt The climax of the story in the great pyramid at Giza is just incredible and its just a shame that the author didn t laborate a bit on the secrets kept unde So they have finally come for me after all these years These are the only lines from the prologue that I believe would have made a great story I was disappointed by this book The plot got weakened by the characters aside from Bezumov none of the other characters have vitality It s as though verything takes them by surprise So before I continue whining here s a short take of the story Professor Kent is found dead the authorities rule it as suicide xcept for Catherine who receives maps and a note from him saying In case I don t return Eureka So the hunt for the truth begins I believe that this book would have been thrilling if there was to the characters because though Catherine sets out on the journey to uncover the truth about Kent s death she comes off as a air head James on the other hand does seem suited to giving lectures "THAN LISTENING CLOSELY AND WHAT S IT WITH THEIR "listening closely and what s it with their romance and ngagement I didn t see that coming at all But to look on the somehow bright side with time and diting I reckon this story would make a great impression on me and a very positive one as such because there s nothing as thrilling as an adventure that s well laid out A good plot can do wonders to a story So it s 2 stars for the story idea and for seeing it through to publication Oxford professor Catherine Donovan finds herself chasing around the globe trying to save the arth from certain destruction after her best friend Professor Kent is murdered in Peru The authorities call it suicide but it s so unlike the professor she is A suicide Beautiful young don Catherine Donovan refuses to believe the official verdict specially after she receives a cryptic note sent just before the professor's death along with a collection of priceless antiue maps Teaming up with classicist James Rutherford she mbarks on a journey which takes them from the dreaming spires of Oxf. ,
It was a very uick read The story was progressing very nicely without any boring and drawn out partsI like all the characters the good guys and the villains There nicely without any boring and drawn out partsI like all the characters the good guys and the villains There good balance between all of themSo who build the pyramids One school will say the aliens of course the other will say the ancient civilization which lived during the great Flood And Before The Ice and before the ice Both could be true and both are impossible at this moment to proveEither way both make a great base for a story So if you like the idea of an ancient very advanced civilization you will definitely A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, enjoy this bookI havenjoyed this story from cover to cover A professor is murdered and a young lady professor who is a really good friend receives the news of the murder The verdict is that the professor had committed suicide and she doesn t believe it a little while later she receives a The Shadow Reader envelope of old maps and she decides to find out what the old maps mean that caused the professor to be murdered Shenlists another male professor to go with her they travel through old countries that leads her to being chased and someone trying to kill her and her friend I found this book very interesting and at times i had to reread pages to get the full understanding of what was happening the story line was Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies excellent and thending was a breath of fresh air Pyramid by Tom MartinWhen the news of her dear friend Prof Kent s death reaches Dr Catherine Donovan she is convinced there is to it than she is toldAs if by destiny she meets Dr Rutherford a classicist and together they chase the late professor s death trail led by gematric cluesIt takes them across continents from the plush greens of the Oxford to the crowded streets of Peru to the sand dunes of the Saharan desert running against time and invisible conspirators who don t hesitate to strikeThey realize the depth of the professor s research on the xistence of a greater civilization muchcontrasted by our orthodox history ven as the insatiable desire for power drives the vested conspirators to Armageddon Will Catherine and Rutherford avert the apocalypse that waits to strike humanity on the The Power Of A Choice euinoxMartin gives the reader bounties of knowledge with a different perception His stunning revelations make this historical. A heady mix of action thriller and adventure featuring codes cartography and ancient civilizations In case I don’t return Eureka 40 10 4 400 30 9 30 70 100 5 200 30 10 40 1 80 5 100 400 40 10 50 10 200 300 100 8 70 9 1 50 300 10 20 800 10 300 10 200 0051172543672Anminent Oxford professor is murdered but the authorities are calling it.

characters Pyramid by Tom Martin

Asily pulled into an investigation into what he was researching just before his death Also drawn into the globe hopping melee is James Rutherford an xpert on world mythol A fairly ntertaining tale that zips along at a brisk pace which sees beautiful young aren t they always couldn t we have a fat plain heroine for once don Catherine Donovan teaming up with classicist James Rutherford handsome of course he is Solving the mystery of Professor Kent s cryptic note take the intrepid duo on a race round the world taking in Peru Egypt on their travels While I Did Enjoy This did njoy this it follows the tried tested formula of so many
"of this genre "
this genre there s no surprises here once again I felt a bit let down by the nding However Peru has always fascinated me that made the book appealing to me I d heard of the Nazca lines before but thought they were worth further investigation they certainly are amazing See here incredible The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right eh What I learned from this book The uestion to ask of Tom Martin is not what you learn from him but what you don t Better yet the uestion is whether it is conceivable that there might benough in common between your pre and post having tom martin states that you could truthfully describe the transition between the two as a process of learning rather than say birth And the transition between the two as a process of learning rather than say birth And answer is No This book was really bad for several reasonsFirst of all the style in which the book was written was a really childish one as if it was underestimating the reader s intelligence There was a lot of beating around the bush pretty obvious foreshadowing and tons of really badly or cliche constructed sentences the last one might have been a bit due to the translation too though All clues were hinting to a certain direction yet the action took uite some time to take off The plot itself was uite simplistic and predictable It sort of resembled that of a typical Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling episode of the series Relic Hunter which I used to love some years ago only it was much much worse and felt suited for those action novels thirteen year old kids who just discovered the joys of reading would readSecond of all the characters were really typical and bland For some Oxford professors both Catherine and James were terribly stupid Whenever clues were presented. Ord to the ancient wonders of Peru and Egypt With a deeply sinister organization determined to stop them can Catherine and James unlock the mystery of the ancients before they become the killers' next victims And can it really be possible that these clues are warning of an imminent cataclysm one that putsven than their lives in peril. Pyramid by Tom Martin
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