EBOOK NEW Preachers of Hate Islam and the War on America

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Dangerously chilling Timmerman is obviously writing out of a bias and with a pretty strong agenda but I will leave it to the reader to determine how relevant that is to the source material This was my first nonfiction exposure to any real analysis of radical Islam s effects and pracices Timmerman gives some chilling descriptions of how anti Semitism and violence are promoted within madrassas and there s also some good to now history h Well told I can only pray that there is a seuel that comes out in the future that will tell howwhether anything has changed to give hope that Islamist can reside peacefully in a world that is occupied by others than they Some of the material is now aging but there seems little real development to make it any less relevant An in depth discussion of anti American and anti Jewish propaganda by Islamic religious leaders to encourage terrorist actions against America The documented cases mirror the efforts of Adolph Hitler against Jews and other undesirables Written with an obvious bias against Islam but still deeply chilling Picked it up on a whim at my local library Islam and the War on America is a slightly misleading title however Islam and the War on Everybody Who s Not Muslim is accuratePlenty of anecdotal nowledge in this book but I didn t really glean any new insights into the nature of Islam Average book 35 A disturbing account of rising anti semitism and anti American "attitudes in the Islamic world and Europe The international Jewish conspiracy and the book Protocols of the Elders of Zion are "in the Islamic world and Europe The international Jewish conspiracy and the book Protocols of the Elders of Zion are but widely accepted among millions of people Hatred has become very pervasive throughout. Like no book before it Preachers of Hate uncovers an ancient hatred that threatens the life and livelihood of every American The “new” anti Semitism targets not only Jews but Americans specifically and the West in general It targets our values our lifestyle and our freedoms It is the single most important issue we face when our lifestyle and our freedoms It is the single most important issue we face when to make sense of the Arab worldMost Americans will be stunned to discover the depth and extent of anti Semitic hatred in today’s Middle East and Europe and that many Muslim leaders are not just encouraging it but spending a great deal of money to spread the lies that spawned the terrorists responsible for the September 11 attack on America In Preachers of Hate bestselling author Kenneth R Timmerman who is not Jewish contends that besides Islam itself the core unifying force in the Muslim world is a virulent strain of anti Semitism that postulates the existence of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world From the pulpits of fiery Muslim clerics to the Arab street and to the highest reaches of government and state sponsored media there is a beli. Preachers of Hate Islam and the War on America

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The world and it is something we are already facing An interesting view into what makes the average Islamist Radical tick and why they hate America with such passion Well worth a read or listenListened to the unabridged Audiblecom audiobook version Two nuggets of inestimable value surfaced in this book for me First it is the realization that the stupefying double speak of so many Islamic voices is made possible by the "fact that they say different things in English than they say in Arabic The answer to this problem as Timmerman "that they say different things in English than they say in Arabic The answer to this problem as Timmerman powerfully proves is MEMRI The Middle East Media and Research Institute MEMRI is a translation service that publishes transcripts in English of articles book excerpts speeches TV and radio programs sermons pamphlets and school books from throughout "the middle east wow i continue to be "Middle East Wow I continue to be and horrified by the things being said across the Arab worldThe second little gem that emerged from this important book is this uestion what standards of scholarship exist in the Muslim world that would allow men of advanced degrees academicians professors journalists heads of state and leaders of the most important institutions of society to believe and disseminate such an absurd collection of wacko lunatic theories that now consume the fetid minds of the Islamic world From the utterly stupid but widely reported stories of Jews distributing AIDS laced chewing gum to children to the foolish notion of Jewish widely reported stories of Jews distributing AIDS laced chewing gum to children to the foolish notion of Jewish pastries to the newest idiocy to sweep the universities of Islam Holocaust Denial It is as if entire nations were being led by the most ignorant collections of back woods hood wearing good old boys who instead. Ef that this thousand year old conspiracy has already taken hold in America and is now especially after the war in Ira about to do the same in the Middle East and beyond It is seen as no less than Muslims’ historical destiny to prevent such a takeover and to do so by any means possible To misunderstand the ferocity of that belief is to vastly underestimate the resolve of many Muslims to repel America Israel and all things WesternTimmerman explores the roots of this hatred examining its history the religious sources upon which it draws and how it is being transmitted to young people growing up in Arab societies by their leaders their teachers and their mosues He documents how US and European Union money has been used to finance hatred in Palestinian schools He exposes the double talk of Arab leaders and their supporters in the West As it so often was throughout history this new strain of Jew hatred is really about much than Jews They get attacked first when the enemies of America can’t attack Americans However what begins with the Jews never ends with the Jews“Is there a Of being rejected utterly for
"Their Racism And Stupidity Are "
racism and stupidity are credence and legitimacy on the world s stage Does the King of Saudi Arabia also believe that the moon is made of cheese Are the Universities of Egypt convening symposia to discuss why ships don t fall when they reach the edge of the flat earth And exactly how many Syrian Generals does it take to screw in a light bulbThe Truth matters and the world is burning wherever silly men are allowed to tell lies to support their irrational hatred of Jews or Israel or Bush or the US or insert object of hatred by lunatic fringe conspiracy theorists here Read Timmerman and Be Amazed Exhaustive Account Of amazed Exhaustive account of influence in the world and how Sharia law is the vehicle of choice Scary scary scary The amount of money that the official Saudi government poors into fundamentalism abroad is stunning and this is all counterbalanced by their public duplicity Their alignment with several republican administrations and their oil wealtheconomic clout has shielded them from much of the public scrutiny they have received under less favorable circumstances A very detailed look at life inside Saudi Arabia and the islamic sect called Wahabism not sure on the spelling An eye opener for those who think that Saudi Arabia is our ally Gives detailed information on what Saudi Arabia is doing to spread their sect which is one of hatred and repression Well written yet it gives a very biased look at the Arab and Islamic world s view on America Very pro Israel and anti the rest of the Middle East which is ok that is Trimmerman s choice but strongly false in what it teaches concerning the views of Muslims. Onspiracy between America and the Jews” asks Timmerman “Indeed there is A common heritage a dedication to improving the human condition through compassion and tolerance of differences a conspiracy of freedom And that is why they hate us” As with the Jews throughout history America has been “unfairly successful” As have the Jews Americans have “profited” from the misery and poverty of others If you hate Jews you must also hate America Such is the simple logic of the anti Semite Such increasingly is the logic of the Middle East It is a message that is reinforced day in and day out by the official government sanctioned Arab media from the streets of Egypt London Lebanon Saudi Arabia Paris and Gaza and in the mosues where impassioned clerics uote verbatim texts like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a pillar of anti Semitic hatred that originated in czarist RussiaAs America reasserts her role in the Middle East and attempts to bring peace between Jews and Arabs Preachers of Hate is an essential book that reframes a very complicated issue as a matter of life and deat. ,