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Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America eD disappeared Their sons were in different cities and yet were called to look at the moon in that parking lot I really liked the original concept of the book and Injoyed the way that the writing flowed I just could not get over how the secondary characters had a chance to be fulfilling than our main character and then they all just faded away leaving me confused and a little agitated once I d finished the book A fantastic read I could barely put it down Poignant and beautiful I m a sucker for well written books highlighting mediocre lives and this is one of them What makes Please Don t Come Back from the Moon stand out ven farther from the pack though is its touch of magical realism The book Begins With An Unlikely Event The Mass with an unlikely vent the mass of dozens of fathers from a working class Detroit neighborhood in the span of a few weeks One of them claims to be going to the moon and the phrase sticks in their minds of the neighborhood s teenage children who grow up into rough dged violent teens and then a brotherhood of disappointed men The book follows one of those kids Mikey through years of awkwardness alcoholism and depression as he struggles to figure out who and what he wants to be The collective absence of the fathers colors all of it and Mikey often speaks directly to them as though the fathers are the readers As time goes on and Mikey becomes a father himself he and his fathers are the readers As time goes on and Mikey becomes a father himself he and his start to feel the pull of the moon too which is where the bits of magic maybe real maybe imagined come in When one of the fathers finally resurfaces surprising the whole neighborhood it sets up an unexpected and ambiguous nding It also finally brings the book s title into focus making it clear that while all of the boys want their fathers back in the abstract they don t really want them to return and break the moon illusion After all who are they without that absence And is life without any magic particularly as a blue collar provider in a crappy conomy really worth living Add in Bakopoulos s top notch writing and you have a book rich in xcellent images and thought provoking lines I ll be re reading this one for sure I really njoy when certain aspects of a story are left open for personal interpretation This book has that lement and so much There are layers of lightness and darkness and the storytelling is both Foraging for Survival easy yet heavy I have no idea how to adeuately review this bookxpect to say I loved it This book was a pleasant surprise The back cover of Please Don t Come Back from the Moon makes it seem like this is the story of a small suburban town outside of Detroit and all of the father s spontaneously leaving When I started the book I was Fragments expecting this to be thentire plot but by the Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries end of the first chapter all of the father s have left and the wives and their children are left to fend for themselves That is the beginning of the real story Over the course of these almost 300 pages Bakopoulos follows Michael and his friends through their adolescence and their 20s as they grow up fall in love find jobs and struggle to find their own way in the world in the shadow of their own father s departures As the characters age and develop Please Don t Come Back from the Moon shows itself to be a wonderful coming of age story about the complexity of coming of age as a man in a blue color community during a decliningconomy One of my favorite themes of this book is how different characters choose to cope with the situation and how to fight the xistential dread of waking up very day caring for your family and working a job that doesn t pay nough This is a problem that afflicts many people in our country but I think this book does a great job of showing how the shame of not BEING ABLE TO HAVE A STABLE able to have a stable like previous generations is a stigma that uniuely affects blue color men Bakopoulos also tackles the topic of mental illness in men and how they become increasingly isolated as they grow older Even though Michael and his friends got together regularly they barely ver talked about their problems and instead drowned their anxieties in alcohol and insulting ach other This is one of the better books i ve read that talks about the issues men face in our society today I recommend it This book was a gift from a very lovely woman at Harcourt who interviewed me for a position in the publicity department well above my level It became uite clear approximately fourteen seconds into the interview that I wasn t uite right. Shoe Wisconsin store and leaves a note I'm going to the moon it reads I took the cash The abandoned wives drink brawl and sleep around gradually settling down to make new lives and shaking off the belief in an American dream that like their. ,
Talk about a dissatisfying ndingThe premise is cool One Ticket To Texas enough all the fathers in the town of Maple Rock somehow disappear at the same time What sven interesting is that they claim that they ve gone to the moon We don t hear much about what happens to them via the narrator save for some bits and pieces that seem to be directed at his father who had gone to the moon Instead of getting clarification about this incident that happened when Michael was a young boy and how he and his friends dealt with that situation instead we get the lowdown of what is happening in Miserable Mikey s life I have to say that I couldn t help but feel that Michael was probably the poorest narrator Helpmate ever While his descriptions of familiar places in Michigan were great to read I m a Michigander this is literally the only reason I m giving this book two stars it couldn t help with his character is a whole If the author wanted to put across a character that was completely distant then I guess he checked that off his list It s sad to say that the main character was not the interesting part of the story but rather his best friend Nick hisx lover from high school Sonya his older lover Holly and ven his final flame Ella There is a part in the book where Michael gets feedback on one of the stories that he writes for his community college creative writing class he wanted to be a writer at one point and the professor says something like flat female characters and thus give him a poor grade on the assignment That part I find funny since the common could almost be applied to the female characters in this book Sonya is depicted in a slight negative light because she wants than what Maple Rock has to offer her so now she comes off as shallow when she doesn t want to be in a relationship with Michael any She only reappears when she becomes the love interest for his best friend and nds up being knocked up with his baby ultimately marrying Nick Holly the woman whose son died under Michael s watch as a lifeguard one summer seems to completely get over her son s death very uickly and then falls into this predictable side relationship with Michael While she chants about nergies and chakras Holly only seems to be relevant in the sense that she pushes Michael to start thinking about doing something with his life Even then he still whines about his predicament while making no ffort to find a solution to his situation When Holly runs off with this newfound freedom Michael sits ungratefully in his inherited for FREE home like a lost puppy dog before he throws up his hands and gets a job at the new mall Here we meet Ella a young single mom who works at the mall with Michael and Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader every Wednesday participates in a bikini model contest for uick cash The banter between the two upon their first meeting wasntertaining and it seemed as though Ella would take advantage of Michael s infatuation with her so she could get a babysitter While this happens somehow in the midst of things Michael and Ella s son bond over pizza and the foundation Of Their First Interaction She Finds Michael Annoying Is Cast their first interaction she finds Michael annoying is cast with some faux inner struggle and then suddenly they re married with kids It s unbelievable Then the situation sounds familiar doesn t it Suddenly all these Maple Rock boys are men with #FAMILIES NOW AND WE ARE PRESENTED #now and we are presented a full circle type Of Plot With Them plot with them pulling what their father s did and disappearing to the moon I wish that would ve happened It would ve given me a little bit of satisfaction if that was the route that the author would have taken Instead Nick is the only one to disappear after the boys mysteriously Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead end up meeting in the parking lot of the bar they used to freuent After that Tom another friend of Michael s has learned of his father s reappearance and death in Illinois Tom s father is the only one of the original disappearing moon crew who we learned of their fate Note not our narrator s orven his best friend s father s fateThis could have been the coolest story Bryozoan Evolution ever if we learned what had happened with the original crew of fathers I really like the idea of them just suddenly floating to the moonif I had a proper reason as to why It would have beenven cooler to see if the sons of these men were to have reunited with them on the moon and got an Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) explanation Not to mention I think there s an inconsistency with what happens with men floating to the moon seeing as in the original crew they all were in Maple Rock an. The summer Michael Smolij turns seventeen his father disappears One by one other men also vanish from outside Detroit where their fathers before them had lived raised families and in a promisingra lived One man props open the door to his.

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For the gig and that I only half heartedly wanted the job anyway So we just wound up chatting about novels and as I was leaving she made me wait in reception so that she could find a copy of this book for me It was well worth the wait and a gesture that made me re think how wishy washy I d been about the job If the director of publicity cared that much about books it probably would have been a fantastic place to work i work in dearborn across the street from The Mall With The mall with the nook and old sub shop it s not safe to go there as a young woman there ve been countless rumors of sex trafficking regardless JOSIE TOLIN WHEN YOU SEE THIS CALL ME WE NEED TO TALK THERE IS A SPOILER IN THIS REVIEW ALSO SORRY I M USING GOODREADS AS A JOURNAL IT IS LATE AND I HAVE FEELINGS AND THIS PLATFORM FEELS KIND OF SAFE IN SOME WAYAccording to U M English Department lore Dean Bakopoulos s subcon thesis was Silvers Edge entitled Please Don t Come Back From the MoonTherein lies my only complaint about this book It prevented me from working on my own goddamn thesis for days Because the fucking protagonist is so fucking flawed andarnest it actually hurts and I loved him and rooted for him and was devastated for him and I haven t read a book in SO LONG that managed to inject so much dang humanity into a characterAlso someone please let me know why the New York Times called this magical realism That s actually crazy to me like sure there s some dream imagery but let s not get carried away and start calling very wacky thing we read magical realism Anyways I m sad I m sad this book is over and that there aren t books like it and I m sad for Michael the protagonist I m sad for all of the men in this story who thought their dads were on the moon because went to the moon is palatable than moved TO ILLINOIS AND EVERY READER KNOWS THAT I M Illinois and very reader knows that I m for the dads who left because by some work of ACTUAL magic or just pure genius Bakopoulos made me feel that too This book was marketed as Magic Realism It is not Magic Realism not Going Berserk even if you have a rediculously liberal idea of what that term means It is social realism thatxplores the power of the main characters personal mythology concerning his absent father Magic realism is a term that gets thrown around too much these days which is pitiable because it is an awesome term It describes its particular ism farm accurately than most However it gets attached to a lot of things that don t ualify This book for xample A brief definition sorry to rant In magic realism fabulous things literally happen but they are not treated by the narrative as such Narrative authority refuses to justify the inexplicable These vents are literal in the context of the story and the reader is asked to accept them as such In this book the fabulous things are not literal Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America events They are metaphoricalven in context That said it s still a very readable book I would recommend to most of my friends Especially the female ones Bakopoulos creates characters who are both real and likeable without being Lowest Common Denominators as is the case with most contemporary fiction overly concerned with characters to whom the reader can relate The situations are compelling and the pace is pitch perfect Bakopoulos also manages to confront some uncomfortable contemporary political realities without alienating his audiences something that seems to be rarely attempted and accomplished rarer still Read this book When you hold Please Don t Come Back still Read this book When you hold Please Don t Come Back the Moon in your hands you know you re holding something different The premise alone has the ability to off put nearly all who read it but what Dean Bakopoulos does with it is incredible He creates a surreal world where fathers pick up and leave their families headed for the moon as most of their letters read They re never seen again never heard from again They fall off the Autobiography and Other Writings earth What s left then The people left behind to pick up the pieces and carry on In many ways the Moon is like a down toarth version of Robert Charles Wilson s The Harvest The themes are completely original just how much of a mark our parents leave on us How much our inner mythology is built in the people who create us A magical realist idea becomes social realism as Michael Smolij and his friends navigate a familiar but alien territory in a suburban town in Detroit I love this novel It found me at a time in my life when I needed it and no other novel has affected me like this one has That s why it s my favorite. Husbands has proven to be a thing of the past Unable to leave the neighborhood their fathers abandoned Michael and his friends stumble through their twenties until the restlessness of the fathers blooms in them threatening to carry them aw. Please Don't Come Back from the Moon
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