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Knocked Up by a Thug dRe is wisdom then left with a yearning for a taste weo not want to relinuish Adler has also given us a uniue style honed to the sheerness of beauty sentences to lavish in thoughts to relish I am so glad that I have read this book its enjoyment and challenges and its mirror held up for all to see themselves if they so wish Also the gratitude that Speedboat Pitch Dark was reprinted and made available The world would be lesser without its contributions This may mean that readers such as ourselves are being heard and if nothing else making it worth a publisher s effort to reprint great works which might otherwise slip into oblivion A new club Keeping Authors From Burial to complement the already so valuable GR s Buried AuthorsPS I just wanted to thank you I love talking about the books that I read and believe there is someone listening There is no other place I can African or American?: Black Identity and Political Activism in New York City, 1784-1861 do this Whether what I write is agreed with or other it is the community of book interested people all ages all countries connected through literature that is so important Completing this review reminded me how grateful I am A wonderful book and Iefer to the superior skills of the other GR reviewers who have reviewed this already and so well I will however as is becoming something of a schtick look at a short sentence of hers to The Logic of Self-Destruction demonstrate her craft Here are five versions of the same sentence 1 By accidentid I throw the most important thing away 2 Did I by accident throw the most important thing away 3 Did I throw by accident the most important thing away 4 Did I throw the most important thing by accident away 5 Did I throw the most important thing away by accident Note how the emphasis Around the Sacred Fire: Native Religious Activism in the Red Power Era differs for each how the focus of the meaning is slightlyifferent in each and how the music alters Some are likely in everyday speech some are unusual Adler chose number 4 This is both the least usual of the formulations one that almost trips over the by accident and the one that is the most interesting The accident ness bleeds over into the thing itself blurs the nature of its importance and her feelings has power over us as we reach itThat is what craft is as a writer that is skill Adler has it and her work should be treasured Is it always the same story then Somebody loves and somebody The Alchemy of Opposites doesn t or loves less or loves someone else Or someone is a good soul and someone a villain And there are just these episodes anecdotes places pauses hailings of cabs overcomings of obstacles or instances of being overcome by them illnesses accidents recoveries warsesires welcomings rebuffs baskings rare not so long pinings freuent perhaps and longer actions failures to act hesitations proliferations endings of the line until there is Holy Crap The World is Ending The Anunnaki Chronicles death Well no I have a wonderful fond memory about love and trust and booksHow could you not fall in love with a book like thatThe blue est book that I have ever read Blue in all its variations The blue of melancholy and the blues of jazz The ominous blue ofusk and the luminous blue of Stand and Deliver: Political Activism, Leadership, and Hip Hop Culture dawn The blue of veins which through a stunning trick of light hides the sensual bloody red of lifeHow else to tackle heartbreak but sideways An evocation of grief through theepiction of places homes foreign lands familiar vistas and nightmarish nights that never seem to end on the other side of the world LANDSCAPES AND AS THE RUGGED and The Wrong Complexion for Protection dislocation as the of the heartWe all know these frail elegant intelligent sensitive uick witted and impossibly neurotic women who simply cannot choose between the ardent life of love and the cold facts of reality Renata Adler knows them well And what a superb work of art this is In her interview with Alice Gregory in the June 2013 edition of The Believer Renata Adler talks about how a critic once wrote about her work This person writes so badly that it sets your teeth on edge Adler found this particular critiue of her work to be fair and balanced the writer gave specific examples of Adler s writing in her piece Those examples happened to be Adler s favorite parts the best she felt she could achieve so it was clear that it was a case of her work just not being this critic s particular cup of tea But I like to take that sentence rework it and make it my own This person writes so beautifully that it sets my teeth on edgeAdler s Pitch Dark is uniue in its structure profound in its meaning heartbreaking in its telling I can open this book at any place and begin reading to the end start again at the beginning and finish where I randomly began and the experience would be no A Black Woman's Civil War Memoirs: Reminiscences of My Life in Camp With the 33rd U.S. Colored Troops, Late 1st South Carolina Volunteers different had I began at page oneThe bookoesn t have linearity it has a circumference This isn t what is meant by the title but I like to make the meaning of Pitch Dark my own I want to wander through this novel as in a arkened room barking my shins on the prose and flailing madly to find boundaries That s how this novel works on me I need a Different Literary Calculus To Compute literary calculus to compute s maths I ll reach the end of a section think that I ve got it Children of the Sun discover I m wrong I have to work for it but itoesn t feel like work There is a good chance that this novel won t be for you And I respect that But give it a chance listen to Adler s music because if it resonates your Approaches To Academic Reading And Writing day your week will hum like a tuning fork singing your favorite not. Mposed in the style of Renata Adler’s celebrated novel Speedboat andisplaying her keen journalist’s eye and mastery of language both simple and sublime Pitch Dark is a bold and astonishing work of

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Pitch DarkWhen someone needs an ear rather than problem solving I listen and on t give advice Generally people Witch-Hunt Narrative don t want advice They want to ventilate their hearts make their own choices and have these choices affirmed Friends and loved ones expect this Renate Adler asks the reader for a novel length session of this pose listening to the narrator feel overwhelmed by tiny problems when she actually wants to spin her wheels about her married man problemI was biased I set out to like this one than Speedboat because Pitch Dark has a cohesive narrative and fuck everyone is supposed to love Renate Adler right now like it s your job to reinforce everyone s New York literary credentials God what s wrong with you that youo not love her Do you just not get her ironic articulate harried aphorisms Are you saying you re better than David Foster Wallace Because he loved these novels I guess you aren t literary enough Scene ster guilt may keep me up at nightA journalist flees her long term affair with a married man view spoilerhas a fender bender in Ireland gets paranoid about the potential conseuences of the fender bender hide spoiler I think I may have been in an odd headspace for the second half of Renata Adler s Pitch Dark as my partner and I received the saddening news that our 14 year old cat is terminally ill with an untreatable cancer She is comfortable for the time being but time being what it is that will be assuredly too shortSo my apologies to Adler What I My Hero Academia Series Volume 1 - 20 Books Collection Set by Kouhei Horikoshi didigest here was evocative and beautiful uick and witty Alcohol Addiction Recovery dark and murky An effusively written work The seuence with the car running out of gas in Ireland and the subseuent escape from the country under pretenses is comic because of how procedural it is in expressing modern complications and how they compound Theissolution of the narrator s relationship was too Mars Journey dimly painted for me to fully invest but the moments between them are beautifully sad I was zipping along with this novel for a while appreciating the frenetic felicity of her style then we lapsed into an extremely long ramble around rural Ireland and my interest suddenly leapt off a cliff This being the one novel I poached from Munich s tremendous English language bookshop The Munich Readery run by an American with a stock including Barth Barthelme Cortazar et al I am fairly peeved How could I know that every time you had a chance to choose you would choose the other thingThis is a book about heartbreak But it isn t a conventional novel about the end of a years long affair between a journalist and a married man Like Speedboat Renata Adler s brilliant first novel it is a story told in fragments an accumulation of thoughts incidents conversations and most notably a long for Adler nightmarish sectionescribing a pitch ark night in rural Ireland where Kate Ennis has Fled To Find The Uiet That Eludes to find the uiet that eludes and where anxiety bordering on paranoia ogs her I wonder whether he will ever ask himself say to himself Well she wasn t asking all the earth why id I let her goPitch Dark is a personal book than Speedboat emotionally raw Neither narrative is linear both jump around in time But Pitch Dark is circular often coming back to the same
*snippets of memory *
of memory thought building emotional impact through repetition and beautifully precise language Oh those commas Did I throw the most important thing perhaps by accident away You are you know you were the nearest thing to away You are you know you were the nearest thing to real story to happen in my lifeAdler s sentences have burrowed into my brain I can open Speedboat or Pitch Dark to any page and wallow happily in her wit and intellect and her perceptions of how we live Simply extraordinary This is not a book about the end of an affair It is about a brilliant woman Kate Ennis and an affair that she has We know very little about the man in the affair Jake which reinforces my notion that this is not a book about the affair Even after it ends Kate seems to still have this affair she seems to possess it It seems like she has it in a jar and watches And is she in the jar Is she out of it When the clouds shift for one moment or for several moments and there is a possibility for action with absolutely no ingredient of reluctance any action shopping playing tennis getting out of bed when there is a sense of the capacity to act without any eual and ialectical incapacity to act or Peace DeLeos Action Thriller Singles desire not to when the urge to move is for a moment some moments freed of the urge to move another way or not to move at all or therag of a rock a Roots and Blossoms doubt a paralysis then it is as though cloudsid part briefly in a place where the climate is always and always inimical The mystery in this novella is not about what happened it is about why it is happening From the very beginning it is clear that Kate is brilliant that she can see through the fog that she appears to be lost in but she The Humanities, Higher Education, and Academic Freedom doesn t That she could potentially act in her best interests but sheoesn t Is love a prisoner s Shakespeare dilemma That is theegree to which the creature is able to act or to permit itself to be seen reflects such a surface play of the energy which in its perfect conflict has brought to the paralysis an almost convulsive force that the energy appears active liberated even cheerful Analysis has no access to this condition It poses very radically howev. “What’s new What else What next What’s happened here”     Pitch Dark is a book about love Kate Ennis is poised at a critical moment in an affair with a married man The complications and contra. Er the uestion of what it is to be sincere When I was younger I BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) didn t uite understand how one could trick one s self Now Io It s a uestion of how may I be wrong It s this imagination that the opportunities for happiness satisfaction love and joy are a zero sum game If that were the case couldn t it be said of sorrow pain suffereing and misery Surely but to maintain a sense of proportion is hard If it was the nearest thing to a real story to happen in her life Seers Stone (Hidden Alchemy doesn t it make sense to stay till the end of the tale And howo you make out where the tale ends when you are the story In the mind life Caveman Alien’s Riddle (Caveman Aliens, doesn t flow linearly Where would the end of such a story be The structure of the book suggest that there may be no end one just has to stop reading But the nearest analogue as a business to the law lies not in business but in the military as it prepares for warThere was all theifference in the world We were running flat out The opening was Teaching white South African literature in high school dazzling The middle wasazzling It was like a steeplechase composed entirely of hurdlesBut that would not be a steeplechase at all It would be like a steep steep climbThey were shouting Tell it big momma tell it I mean the child is only six years oldDo I need to stylize it then or can I tell it as it wasSeemingly this opening of Pitch Dark is telling and foretelling about an adult love relationship However Adler tucks in the child of six years old What are we to make of it She even seems to ask permission if she can slip past her reuirements as a writer a reporter novelist as though the form and act of writing A Wish Your Heart Makes distances her from reality Is it OK to tell it as it wasSpeed Boat her previous novel which Proustitute so rightly suggests to read initially and in conjunction with Pitch Dark utilizes her effective style of fragmentation and articulate concision to report on the hypocrisies and surface cloaked meaninglessness of her contemporaries as well as glimpses of herselfPitch Dark is a large moaning leap into the battleground of Renata Adler s interior strewn with blood of amputated limbs hearts abandoned still pulsing thoughts rushing through the crammed sentences of a frightened mortal mind Using her fragmented and articulate style she now whispers brief compelling stories produces repetitions offers bits of confounding thought urging the reader on in the narrative and further on into her mind She has eschewed writing for telling us as it was placing us there with her as she battles heremons Agricultural Development: An International Perspective (Johns Hopkins Studies in Development) discovers herself as we areoing the sameThe style bears a taut tension for her and we the reader who no longer read but share a consciousness a Loves Abuse Warrior Camp difficult consciousness straining beneath the weight of what isesired but also feared A consciousness similar to all of ours but also imprinted in its on specialized castThe initial of three parts Please read Proustitoute s and Brian Dice s fine reviews of this book the first person female narrator retells the history of her relationship with a married lover of a number of years shifting us in time of her relationship with a married lover of a NUMBER OF YEARS SHIFTING US IN TIME IS ALONE of years shifting us in time is alone missing him wanting him What is love for her Can she love She sees that something that has been there over time may be there because it is Contemporary African literature dying isead If it is 120 Content Strategies for English Language Learners dead it is not love She spies on the huge uestions now surfacingominating her life the off on again Making Me Crazy (Multicultural Romance Series: NHL Billionaire Meets African American Beauty Book 1) distance of her relationship with her lover has her ruminating on whether veering any closerespite her wishes and Alt 38 Environmental Transformations dreams might combust in aissimulation of herself she may never recover from Can she exist within a relationship outside all the self Academic Skills delusions and still be herself Will she necessarily be absorbed and within that context no longer exist Can she exist alone a separate entity with her paralyzing conflicts and fearsShe is in Ireland aloneriving a rental car of a circumspect nature trying to find Dublin Home Home of herself It is getting Before the Door Closes dark Thenarker rain misting She is lost Has she Passed The Turnoff If the turnoff If she must go back However if she has not and oes go back there will be that much further to go It is arker and few if any cars on the road She waves We Are Each Others Harvest down a large truck asking theriver for help Suspicious of the look he gives her still she chooses to follow him as he offered Driving behind him she believes she has They Left Great Marks on Me done something wrong concerning the rental car and the authorities may be looking for her The truckriver may well be leading her in the opposite Deans and Truants direction of Dublin What tooIf on her own what she locates is piercing thorns of paranoia and helplessness No one cares about her or outright would like to Talking About Trees do her harm This is aangerous and claustrophobic world she hurtles into as she enters the pitch Alien Contact dark of her wavered and wounded mind relentless in finding means of supporting its own beliefs In the pitchark of herself and the world she has created she is truly frightened She has a right to be frightenedThe final section Home has the reader rooting for her if that is possible if there is time It is so simple to be lost in the the writing s beauty of precision its burning and burnt passion the profound and courageous intellect of the author You will have to read the book to find out what happens to her of what she may or may not make happen what we may or may not make happen for ourselves As in all 5 star works the. Dictions pursue her from a house in rural Connecticut to a brownstone apartment in New York City to a small island off the coast of Washington to a pitch black night in backcountry Ireland        Co.